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Valueform use their 2015 IBLF Award for analytical services from the Biorenewables Development Centre

Valueform Ltd were provided with analytical services by the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC), after winning a 2015 IBLF Award.

Valueform makes food packaging from 100% cereal waste, such as straw.

BDC examined Valueform’s single use disposable products to see if they were suitable for further second use. They also investigated a new potential biomass waste resource for Valueform, examining its mechanical and chemical characterists and ingredients.

Prakash Korde of Valueform said, “IBLF award has helped in doing valuable work that Valueform would not have undertaken in the short-term for want of own resources. The outcomes open up business growth possibilities.”

Fabien Deswarte, Business Development Unit Manager at BDC said, “The IBLF award allowed the BDC to work and develop a long-term relationship with an innovative SME in the biorenewables sector.”

Following on from the IBLF Award, Valueform is now looking to new product supply chains that may involve larger investment and further collaborative research.


This IBLF Award was sponsored by the Scottish Government.



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