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Launch of a roadmap for non-animal technologies

BBSRC in partnership with five other organisations – NC3Rs, Innovate UK, EPSRC, MRC, and Dstl – has published a roadmap on developing and applying non-animal technologies (NATs) to improve the methods and tools available for the safety and efficacy testing of pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, chemicals, agrichemicals and consumer products.

The roadmap sets out a vision for the UK as a market leader in NATs and the steps to delivering this. It brings together a unique collaboration between the major public funders of the underpinning science and technologies for NATs, with the capabilities of those driving innovation in the UK economy, and the 3Rs “know-how” and leadership of the NC3Rs.The roadmap is part of a wider programme which has already seen the launch of an online NATs forum and £10M invested in business-led NATs research and development.

The NC3Rs head of innovation and translation, Dr Kathryn Chapman, said: “The NC3Rs networks across industry and academia have been critical in demonstrating the case for expanding the UK’s efforts in the area of non-animal technologies. There is much to be gained by harnessing and exploiting technologies from the science base to improve the safety and efficacy testing of products, not least because this provides a fantastic opportunity to replace and reduce the use of animals.”

More information on the background to the NATs programme can be found at


Story source: BBSRC press release, 10 Oct 2015

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