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R&D projects "recovery of valuable materials from waste streams"

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Hi there,

We are trying to develop a common multi-stakeholder platform focused on a limited number of key raw materials across their whole value chain. 

We are trying to get a research partner or another company that has made relevant works of Mass Spectrometry in other to develop a solution that allow to perform a basic secondary material quality assessment from a smartphone or tablet.  

Something like https://www.google.com/patents/US7420663

We believe that using a high-end camera installed on mobile or tablet will allow this
task but we didn't have any chance to establish a partnership with a major mobile manufacturer to further explore this opportunity.

About our company

RECYCLE2TRADE - Connecting waste material suppliers & buyers for open and reliable trading 

Recycle2Trade is a new name in the UK recycling and resource management sector. 

With experience in mainland Europe, the organisation plans to leverage its combined waste management and online experience by developing and launching a new materials trading platform which specifically addresses the difficulties experienced by those with low volume or low value resource streams."

We just finished a market research funded by the UK Innovation Agency ( the new name of the Technology Strategy Board ).
and we are now working on a low-fidelity wireframe prototype of the basic functionalities of our app platform that will be released by the end of February 2015.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I send our best regards.

Yuri Ponzani