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Value from copper contaminated waste wood

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We are a group of academic researchers from Imperial College London and are looking for an industry partner to help us develop our waste upgrading technology. The technology transforms a large, problematic waste wood stream that is expensive to dispose into two value added product streams. The products are a cellulose pulp that can be converted into advanced biofuels and metals such as copper and chromium, which can be sold on the metals market. We would like to take part in the Innovate UK call 'Recovering valuable materials from waste' that is open now and are interested to hear from potential industry partners. A business from the waste management industry and from the cellulosic biofuel industry might be a match for this collaboration, but we are open to suggestions. We will bring expertise in our proprietary technology (3 patents) to the table.

RE: Value from copper contaminated waste wood
29/12/14 11:23 as a reply to Agi Brandt-Talbot.
Many In-Vessel Composting (IVC) sites around the UK have this problematic waste wood stream that you mention, including us here at Envar Composting Ltd.  We are the largest capacity IVC site in the UK.  Recently we have been working on developing the best mechanical separation of our problematic waste stream and I am exploring within the biofuel sector also, a few potentials identified but not yet confirmed.    We are owned by ADAS (UK's largest independant agricultural & environmental consultancy) hence have a great network of expertise and contacts behind us.        dan.freeman@envar.co.uk          www.envar.co.uk    www.adas.co.uk