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Collaboration opportunities

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Collaboration opportunities
08/08/14 11:10
Please use this forum to post collaboration requests. Don’t forget to mention what you have to offer and what you are looking for.

RE: Collaboration opportunities
07/10/14 16:50 as a reply to Natasha Sim.
Hello, I am director of We All Design. We are we design services and integrated product systems. 

Offer: We use human scale research to creatively help shape the your value preposition and the intangible decisions that stem from and support it. Examples include things like customer experience, business models, value chain engagement and working across silo's so the experience and thinking of organisations is more cohesive. You can see more details on our website Wealldesign.co.uk

We have already previously won TSB funding on a number of projects.

We are looking for: We are looking for collaborators to work with either on more InnovateUK funding or non-funded projects. we are interested in working with big and small organisations. But its not just consumer facing brands / organisations we are interested in working with, we would also be keen to talk with anyone involved in the circular economy, including waste processors who we see as having big challenges around getting the right information on products / components so they can be recycled and repair things to a higher quality. Or councils, who have huge potential to cut landfill costs and help marginalised sections of the community by seeing waste from things like civic amenity sites as a valuable resource. We see some of the most interesting challenges are the ones that come from people and situations that most often overlooked. Get in touch with us if you want to chat something through.


Twitter - @RobMaslin
Email: Rob@wealldesign.co.uk

RE: Collaboration opportunities
08/10/14 09:56 as a reply to Natasha Sim.
Response to Natasha Sim from Norman Swindells, ns@ferroday.co.uk
Hi, Ferroday Ltd own a British Patent no. GB2366430B 'Methods and apparatus for recycling' which describes a method of identifying components at the end of life or in the waste stream together with a means of conserving the information about these components by means of an international standard implemented in software.  We are the developers of the standard and have developed its software implementation.  We would be pleased to collaborate with companies interested in bringing the provisions of this patent and our expertise in the computer representation of the product information into commercial exploitation for recovering valuable materials from waste . More information on the standards for information representation can be found on our website www.ferroday.co.uk.

RE: Collaboration opportunities
10/10/14 11:54 as a reply to Natasha Sim.
I am the group Head of Research at Devro, a company specialising in the manufacture of collagen based food films. We are an international business with manufacturing facilities in Europe, N America and Australia, with an extensive netowrk within the meat industry, also having expertise in collagen and manufacture of processed meat products. I am interested in recovering materials from food-chain waste, particularly materials rich in collagen from tissues/products that do not currently go into the food chain although obtained from which from animals fit from human consumption i.e cat 3 waste.  Recovering of collagen and other biopolymers from food waste to be use outside our core business is also of interest .