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Discussion Forum
13/10/14 08:57
Dear Member of the In-Stream Tidal Group,

You can use this discussion forum for your partner search and cosortium building activities. Just post a new thread with with your partner requests or capability offerings, so that other interested parties can respond and get in touch. 

Please note: don't post anything confidential or give any crucial projects idea details away, just enough for people to get an idea of what kind of collaborators you require, so that they get interested and contact you for one-to-one disucssions offline. 

Best regards,


RE: Discussion Forum
14/10/14 14:43 as a reply to Viola Augstein.
This is my profile for any colleague who is searching for a UK-based reaseracher. http://www.brunel.ac.uk/cedps/electronic-computer-engineering/adacemics/drahmedzobaa