New frontiers in tech: Intel refocuses on big data, the cloud and IoT

IT giant, Intel Corporation, is undergoing a massive shift in strategy. While jobs fall by the wayside, Intel has its eye firmly on what analysts are calling ‘new frontiers in technology', and there are signs that the other tech behemoths are set to follow suit. 

US leads a robotics investment boom

Rapidly increasing activity in the robotics sphere has led the Financial Times to herald an investment boom time for one of the hottest new markets in tech. And, as robots break free of factory production lines, the US and China are poised to take the lead from Japan and Germany. 

Pushing silicon to its limits: the UK research putting a superspin on Moore's law

We're currently skirting the limits of Moore's 40-year-old law. But, thanks to new spintronics technology coming out of the UK's Cambridge University, tantalising new architecture opportunities are opening up.


EU "science cloud" aims to give Europe a global lead in big data

The EU has launched a mega "science cloud", intended to better exploit the continent's academic research via big data.

Industry 4.0 is setting sail, is the UK on board?

Industry 4.0 is set to drive up manufacturing's share of GDP in Europe by 20 percent over the next five years. With its expertese in software and sensors, the UK has a golden ticket. Are its manufacturers on board? Because the ship is about to sail.  

How can we improve the UK's robotics and artificial intelligence policy?

The Science and Technology Committee is asking for contributions to inform an inquiry into robotics and artificial intelligence. 



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