The SIG promotes interaction and engagement from all points of the e-Infrastructure compass and we are working with vendors of software and hardware; academics developing new capabilities and small companies that want to use high performance computing.  

We are starting with three key objectives:

* Democratising HPC for SMEs 

Capturing UK capability to deliver HPC, bringing its exploitation to new markets, and especially reducing the friction for SMEs in finding and using HPC resources that could help their businesses

* Capturing and Validating the future requirements for HPC 

The current technology roadmaps do not deliver the sorts of performance that are in demand for future big science projects such as the Square Kilometre Array (hyperlink to, but what are the other requirements? These range from crime science to climate modelling and financial services. With a validated road map for the future technology, the SIG can advise public and private investors.

* Defining and Ensuring the UK’s place in the World 

The UK already has significant status and capability in HPC, but international benchmarking; promotion of UK capability and coherence with international programmes will be vital to maximise the return to the UK.