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The e-Infrastructure Special Interest Group is an industry-led activity sponsored by the Technology Strategy Board to build on UK strengths in the design and exploitation of high performance computing.

The SIG promotes interaction and engagement from all points of the e-Infrastructure compass to facilitate the wider adoption of, and accessibility to, high performance and data-intensive computing within the UK. It will perform these duties by engaging relevant UK stakeholders both in the supply of, and demand for, e-Infrastructure, in order to facilitate economic growth, promote excellence in scientific and industrial research, and impact on societal challenges.



* Capturing and Validating the future requirements for e-Infrastructure

Delivering solutions to business, scientific and societal challenges requires new technologies, methods, software and infrastructure to be readily available. While public and private investments provide opportunities for increased activity in both the supply and demand of e-Infrastructure at all scales, the requirements for new organisations to gain access to these new capabilities at an appropriate scale must be captured. With a validated road map for future e-Infrastructure investment, the SIG can advise public and private stakeholders on a coordinated approach for optimal investment.


* Democratising e-Infrastructure

Capturing UK capability to deliver e-Infrastructure, bringing its exploitation to new markets, and especially reducing the friction for business take-up and delivery. Promotion of skills and know-how within education to nurture and maintain knowledge within the UK.


* Defining and Ensuring the UK's place in the World

The UK already has significant status and capability in e-Infrastructure and the application of high performance and data intensive computing techniques.  This capability needs to be further promoted at all levels within the UK and extended to European and International programmes to maximise the UK's return on its investment.

Other initiatives

Other relevant organisations and initiatives to the topic of this SIG are,

e-Infrastucture Leadership Council 
Horizon 2020



e-Infrastructure SIG workshop - 22nd May 2013

Jonathan Mitchener - TSB

Derek McAuley - CDE Catapult

For a look at the outcomes of the workshop, click this link to download the excel spreadsheet containing all your post-it comments. 

• Easing access to HPC • Designing the Future • Succeeding Worldwide

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A little about e-Infrastructure

An industry-led activity sponsored by the TSB to build on UK strengths in the design and exploitation of high performance computing.