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Tech Companies Hiring Interns and Recent College Grads Face Tough Recruiting Hurdles

Thankfully the economy is recovering and companies are beginning to expand their recruitment efforts. For some companies, expanding recruiting means handling additional strains on resources and personnel. After all, it isn’t just a matter of advertising a job opening or intern slot. It’s an entire process to thoroughly screen and then onboard a new employee or intern.

Heavy Competition from Big Brands and Names

For medium sized businesses and startups looking to lean on the valuable free labor of interns, there’s a tough path ahead. The best candidates are being inundated with advertisements for internship opportunities at large firms that offer valuable career prospects. If your company is small, or still scaling, a qualified intern may be tough to win over.

Motivated Job Seekers: Where Are They?

By motivated job seekers, I’m talking about the people that have the experience your company needs, and the work ethic necessary to add value. There will always be people available that can simply show up, but you need the best of the best to fuel your company’s engine. How does your company reach the best and brightest?

Job boards (online and physical) are great places to start. But, for the best candidates, lean on university and college staff to put you in touch with motivated students and recent grads looking for initial career experience. A counselor at a university will be able to match your company’s opportunity with a motivated student who has the background to contribute to your company’s bottom-line; even if they require a little bit of on-the-job-training.

Keeping and Recognizing Quality Talent

Once you find great employees and team members, how do you keep them? It starts by building a culture of excellence. A pack only runs as fast as its leader. At the end of the day, if your company isn’t operating at peak performance, you only have your company’s leadership to blame. Build a culture that rewards hard work, provides opportunities for advancement and creates excitement in the office.

Part of building a culture of accountability is testing for compliance. Is an employee’s phone conversation with clients up to standards? Are you enforcing company policy uniformly across the board? Pick up some drug testing supplies to properly enforce your drug policy. After all, just having employees sign a piece of paper at the beginning of employment is only a first step towards compliance. Regular testing will keep your company’s team members running at peak performance in every aspect of their daily work.

Ongoing Training

Your company needs to stay current on everything that impacts your industry. Part of this is keeping your team up to date on the latest technology and processes that impact your clients. To maintain proficiency, your team should be required to continue their training. Just because an employee recently completed, or is in the process of completing their education does not mean they have the practical knowledge to contribute in a meaningful way. Get your team back in the classroom and tested to proficiency on the tech and solutions impacting your industry. Your clients will thank you with repeat business.


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