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Live chats vs. chatbots: Which one to include in web development for best customer experience?



Developing a business app and website is not enough. Businesses hire best mobile app developers and website developers for the organization. As we know, every business needs a website. There are many advantages to having a website for your business. It offers brand recognition. A website increases the online presence of the brand.


Users can interact with your business anytime they want through websites. Websites offer complete information about the brand and business for 24x7.


These were the benefits of having a business website. Having a website indicates professionalism. Even a small business can benefit from websites. It helps you get global brand recognition. Hire a professional team for web development company.


But just developing a website is not enough. Before starting the web development company, businesses must consider some facts:


  • Users form an opinion about the websites in just 0.05 seconds. That is too fast!
  • The reason behind 94% of negative website feedback is poor web design.
  • Just like mobile apps, 88% of users are less likely to return to the website after a bad experience.
  • As per a study report, 96% of Americans shop online.
  • 82% of smartphone users research online before making any purchase. Source: Forbes.

All the above stats indicate the importance of high-quality websites. While developing a website, it is important to take care of content, design, UI, UX and much more. There are certain must-have features every website should have.


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These features include notifications, search option, call option, and chat option. Every business must have a support option. Honestly, this is least needed in small-scale business websites. As these websites do not have a big team to manage. Such small businesses are run by very few people and do not require online chat supports.


When we talk about support, it means we are being available to solve all customer queries in real time. There are various ways a business can provide support to the customers. Emails, chats, and calls are used for support.  It is highly important to offer great support to the end users. If not, the user can run to the competitors.


Most of the users are liking the option of chats instead of call and emails. The reasons are simple. Email interactions are time-consuming! As mentioned, users require real-time support and cannot wait long for answers. The calling option is also not so in trend as users need to pay for calling. Plus, there can be several disturbances in the calls.


For above all these reasons, the main reasons are that people avoid talking personally. They find it easy to communicate through chats. Online chat support has increased customer satisfaction rate by 73%.


Why customer experience and customer satisfaction is necessary? The above-mentioned stats indicate how difficult it is to impress users. Developers should take care of every minute detail. Social media has made it easy to spread the popularity of any brand in less time. Vice versa, a user can post bad reviews about the company or website. Hence it is highly important to offer an excellent user experience.


If a customer is satisfied, he will tell fewer people about the good experience. whereas, if the customer has had a bad experience, he will tell more people about it. A user who has had bad customer experience will tell more and more people about it.


There are two ways organizations can offer chat support. Chatbots and live chats. Gone are the days when companies hired resources for chat support. With the growing technology, companies can use chatbots for the same purpose. Chatbots are nothing but robots.


How live chat works?


Any user with some query or complaint can initiate the chat. The query is answered by a live chat agent. A certain amount of queries are assigned to every live chat agent. The executive analyses the issue or query and suggests the best solution to it.


How do chatbots work?


In chatbots, machines interact with users. It works independently from human operators. Developers formulate the chatbots with a certain set of answers. These machines are trained in such a way that they analyze the query and find out the best suitable answer for it. Though chatbots understand the only programming language, it interacts in natural language and responds like a real person.


In this article, we are going to explain the advantages of both; chatbots and live chats.




1.Fast response:     


The best part about chatbots is the fast response it offers. As these are machines working on artificial intelligence technology, the response time is much faster than human operators. Any customer using chatbots expects an instant solution. Real-time problem solving an important feature. This feature can definitely improve the customer experience. Users get real-time solutions to their queries.


Chatbots answer before the question is even completed. That's why response time is better in chatbots. Chatbots can solve more queries in less time due to high speed. No need to keep users on hold for a long time.





In live chats system, if an agent has to solve a hundred queries in a day, there are high chances of many queries being unanswered. Customers can get frustrated due to this experience and can run to your competitor. Chatbots are the saviors. You need not to install more than one chatbot. A single chatbot can take care of the multiple queries at the same time.


3.No human supervision:


The biggest benefit of chatbots is that it does not require human supervision. In any business, the biggest problem faced is lack of skilled resources. Companies find it difficult to hire skilled support executives. In such cases, chatbots can be the best option. Chatbots once installed do not require any kind of supervision. It works on its own as programmed for several hours.


Many live chat agents get bored of answering same queries again and again. Plus, operators need some breaks such as tea break, lunch break, etc. Chatbots work constantly without human support.


4.Ease of use: 


It is easy to chat with an agent as well with chatbots. Users find it convenient to chat with chatbots as the process is easy. Many times predictive queries are provided. User clicks on the relevant query and does not need to type anything. Companies need to invest money and time to train live chat agents. This is not the case in chatbots. Once the program is fed, chatbots work smoothly. Companies can offer training to chatbots also.



It is difficult to find skilled resources for the live chat. The recruitment becomes more difficult when you are hiring for night shifts. It is hard to find skilled live chat agents for different shifts. Chatbots can operate anytime and as long as you want them to work. This is suitable for global clients. If your business is available for 24x7, it can enhance customer experience.

6.Cost efficient: 


A company which gets around 2000 queries a day, needs a lot of skilled live chat agents. Hiring the big number of resources requires a lot of investment. That is not all. Companies need to train each one of them about the processes. Companies can avoid recruitment cost and training cost. Because Chatbots are cost-efficient. As compared to live chat agent costs, buying a chatbot is an effective solution. Only one chatbot is enough. Once installed, chatbots work efficiently.

Live chats:


1.Difficult queries: 


A chatbot can answer only specific and easy queries. After all, the chatbots are AI machines and work as programmed. In case of some difficult questions, chatbots might fail to answer. The ability of a Chatbot to reply a query is limited. If you need to give extra training to the chatbots, it can take several months.
Live chat agents can provide a solution to any difficult and complex query. The agents can also put their advice to help the business.

2.Human touch: 


Though chatbots are trained to answer like a real human, it might sometimes annoy the users. The way human interacts and bot interacts is different. What if the query is not about some technical issues? What if the customer is asking for suggestions? Bots cannot offer suggestions as they cannot think out of the box. Developers cannot pre-program such questions. That's why chatbots are not able to answer them.



The biggest benefit of live chat support is that humans can understand languages properly. Assume a scenario. A user has bought a t-shirt and now he wants to return it as the size is not right. He does not know the procedure of returning. He starts a chat with a chatbot. The chatbot communicates in English.
The user’s English is not so good and he has done grammatical mistakes in the query. Will the chatbot be able to answer? Same is the case in spelling mistakes. Live chat agent can assume what the person is trying to say and answer accordingly.


The chatbots are amazing. There are various mind blowing features in chatbots. But it is a fact that support cannot completely rely on chatbots. There is still a solution. Nowadays, AI chatbots have become more advanced. In case of any ambiguities, it connects a call between customer and executives.