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5 Must Know Facts To Keep You Updated with Google Play



Google services are really quite valuable and highly appreciable as they entertain the users to the fullest extent. If you are looking for different kinds of exciting Google services under one roof then nothing can be the best option other than relying on Google Play. This specific entertainment-hub combines Google applications, movies, books, and music.

Digital contents of Google Play are easy to download, and you can enjoy them for long on your android devices. Google LLC has developed this outstanding platform for Google services.  It is nothing but a fully furnished and updated digital-media store. You can find both free and chargeable applications in this store.

The features of Google Play are incredibly flexible to deal with and thus smooth application downloads are possible.  Payment options offered are also quite flexible and secured, and thus users can safely complete transactions for buying different useful applications for entertainment.

Fact no. 1: How Google Play operates?

Now, Google Play has become the heartbeat of the Android world. It can be accessed from many countries, and the best part is that it has greater compatibility with any sort of Android-based Smartphone in this world. This feature has made Android users all across the globe much happy and satisfied. It has now led to an improved cross-platform mobile app development.

Android market, Google ebook store, and Google music together have created Google Play. If you think that you can only get the facility of buying apps, books, movies, and music from the store of Google Play, then the information is incomplete. Purchased items can be even stored over the cloud. In fact, this is one of the most vital reasons that most Android-users are finding Google Play store so very interesting.

Moreover, both mobile and web stay synced if you purchase anything from the store. On the other hand, if you take a movie on rent over your Android device, then the same will get available over your desktop as well. Since the purchases from the Google Play store are completely on cloud, therefore they will not eat-up your phone, laptop or computer's storage-space at all.

Fact no. 2: Real facts about Google Play services:

Many users still think that Google Play services are nothing but any form of application, but this is completely untrue. These services are utilized for updating Google-applications and other applications available over Google Play.  This specific component offers absolutely core functionality especially Google services authentication, access to updated privacy-settings of users, synchronized contacts, and low-powered and high-quality location-based services.

Your app experiences will become much better with Google Play services. Furthermore, it improves experiences of gaming, offers highly immersive-maps and facilitates offline-searches. With the uninstalling of Google Play services, your downloaded applications might stop working. Google Play services have brought great smartphones revolution in the modern era. Google Play services updates Google-maps and Google-apps especially chrome is automatically.

However, if your application of Google Play services is eating up your battery-charge a lot then, in that case, you should follow a perfect guide from experts.  You can also implement different useful strategies in this regard. It is due to the advantage of Custom ROMs especially LineageOS that smartphones can be now smoothly operated without Google applications and services. Google Play services enable users using the upgraded app versions without making any manual efforts. But all applications are not included rather only Google-brewed applications are found in the list.

To be more precise, if you want to enjoy using Google-applications for long, then you have to use Google Play services by default.

Fact no. 3: Easy app installation because of Android and Google Play store integration:

Google Play has now facilitated free and smooth download and usage of desirable applications of games, music, movies, books, and others. Within a few seconds, users can download any application without any hassle. Above 20,000 songs can be stored within Google-Music. Only their names will be changed, but their contents will remain intact. Uploaded movies from Google-movies can be now easily accessed within the cloud. The application of Play-Movies functions solely as a rental movie service. You can now avail Google-services directly from your Android-store.

Initially, play-store was the only shop for Google-services, but now Android-store is also providing the same facility. It is really quite an excellent advantage for all Android-users. In the upcoming days, Android-market will be represented by Play-Store, Google-Music will be treated as Play-Music, Google-Movies will get converted into Play-movies and e-bookstore will get transformed into Play-Books.

Google will automatically push all these updates to you; otherwise, you can surely install all of them with manual effort. Cross-platform mobile app development has resulted out of the outstanding integration of Google Play store and Android.

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Fact no. 4Google Play for non-Android users:

Now, non-Android users can also get the privilege of using Google Play, and the news has really created a massive buzz in the market of smartphones. Cloud-based content-management has made it possible for non-Android-users to make the fullest use of Google Play and its valuable services. Now, your rented music or movies can be easily accessed over your personal computer. You have to keep constant vigilance on the sites of reputed top mobile app development companies for receiving latest updates regarding how non-Android users can gain more advantages from the usage of Google-services.

Fact no. 5Impressive user interface:

The interface of Google Play is very much user-friendly in nature, and this is the very reason that users smoothly operate it without experiencing any obstacles or inconveniences. This is how Google Play has gained a high rating and ranking online. Millions of satisfied customers have given positive reviews about it which have inspired a lot more prospects. The strategies of app-store optimization have improved its ranking day by day.

Now, searching desirable app under specific category is no more a difficult task rather it is pretty easier than ever. In fact, app-store optimization has encouraged the growth of more and more advanced applications that have automatically improved user-experience at the end of the day. Developers cannot always regulate off-data factors of this optimization procedure but of course, can influence the same.

On the other hand, consistency of app-performances has improved customer-experience to a great extent. Google Play developer is always ready to resolve the customer queries, hence, sees an increase customer-engagement. Here, incredible backlinks also contribute to the overall functionality and credibility of Google-apps.

Every moment something new is getting added, and this is one of the most predominant causes for the popularity of the Google Play store. Top mobile app development companies are now including the valuable services of Google Play for attracting more customers from the different target audience.

The developer of the Google PlayStore follows a perfect guide for arranging the applications properly. Special app-analytics are applied for improving the user experience. If you want to make your business popular within a short tenure, then you can definitely take the assistance of Google PlayStore.

Current records have revealed that many businesses have already gained enormous success from this store. You just have to utilize the platform in an optimized manner for gaining success. Your concepts or ideas will be showcased prominently and transparently with the help of this popular platform for digital contents.