Comparison between Native and Hybrid platform for iPhone App Development


Native and Hybrid iPhone App Development both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore this question is rather debatable when it comes to choosing the app development approach for your next project. Besides the pros and cons of each approach, you should know that all of these options are progressing. Take, for example, the introduction of a Progressive Web App or React Native framework has shuffled all cards. If making the right app development decision has become complicated for you, this article will clear some dust.


According to a study, about 79 percent of consumers would retry a mobile app only once. However, many may try twice in case it fails to work the first time. But only 16 percent would give it more than two attempts. This study explains the importance of mobile app experience to end users. You might get one chance to get it right. But definitely not the other chance.


We are living in an era where mobile apps are acting as a communication instrument for business and their sales. Therefore it is necessary to build a product that performs very well. This article compares the unique aspects of native app development vs the hybrid app. By the end of the article, you will be able to decide the right approach to app development.  


Now before we dive any further into the nuts and bolts of the world of Hybrid vs Native Mobile Apps, here’s one aspect of mobile that you should keep in mind. We need to understand that Mobile Phones are very personal devices. Your mobile device is with you every minute of the day. Therefore if the device is with you constantly, it has to be responsive and reliable. The mobile should respond quickly and give you the answers you need as soon as possible. This is the bare minimum expectations of all mobile users.


Whether it is Native app development or Hybrid iPhone App Development, the user experience trumps everything else. It is a known fact that hybrid apps don’t perform as smoothly as native apps. Since every project requirement and business case is different, so the choice for Hybrid or Native will vary. Therefore the choice for app development approach should depend on the project requirement.


Just look around and you will find there’s a mobile app for everything. You will find apps ranging from dating, ride sharing, email, music, finance, gaming, insurance claims, and much more. Think of any situation for which you would need an app. Chances are that you already have an app for download. Here is an important fact from a business perspective. When users interact with companies, they expect to do business with them via their mobile devices. Therefore app these days play a critical role of a bridge between business and their customers. The most important decision any company should make with regard to mobile app development is about the approach they should take. And this decision should be based on the end users and the specific business requirement.


Whatever choice regarding the development approach you take, you should be aware of the resulting tradeoffs and hurdles one may expect to see down the line is of the greatest importance.

Native iPhone App Development

Since the app follows technical and user experience guidelines of the OS (e.g. swipes, app defined gestures, the centrally aligned header on iOS, etc), it delivers faster and smoother performance. The native iPhone app provides in-app interaction (such as look and feel) that is consistent with most of the other native apps on the device. As a result, the end user is more likely to learn how to navigate and use the app faster. Native applications deliver the significant advantage of being able to easily access and use the built-in capabilities of the user’s device such as GPS, address book, camera, etc.


Every time you send text messages, take pictures using your device’s default app, set reminders, or you use the device’s music app, remember they are using native apps. Native apps, as the name suggests, are native to the user’s OS and hence built per those guidelines.

Advantages of Native iPhone App Development

  1. Native apps are at their best when it comes to Graphical Applications, HD games, and intensive animation applications. The native app delivers high performance in such scenarios because Native code is faster than HTML and JavaScript. Even though WebGL standards help browser and hybrid app to improve performance but still native has an edge.
  2. Native apps have access to devise features without dealing with the complexity of native plugins and new device features will be available out of the box along with SDKs, whenever they are made available.
  3. There are not many dependencies on open source libraries and platforms like Cordova and Ionic.

Disadvantages of Native iPhone App Development

  1. Each platform needs separate development efforts, which increases the overall development time.
  2. Every platform code will have its own release cycle and updates. All of this adds to development time and cost.
  3. It is difficult to release the same feature on all platforms at the same time because of the different code base.
  4. Skill sets to develop and maintain the same application on each platform differs significantly. This adds to the overall development cost.

Hybrid iPhone App Development

They look and feel exactly like a native app, but ultimately outside of the basic frame of the application. They are typically restricted to the controls/navigational elements and get the data from the server to function optimally. For the simplicity of understanding, a hybrid app is a web app built using HTML5 and JavaScript. The developers wrap web-development part in a native container which loads most of the information on the page as the user navigates through the application.


The data is constantly supplied from the server, unlike Native apps which download most of the content when the user first installs the app. Some of the best examples of the hybrid mobile app include Facebook app, Twitter app, Instagram app, and chances are that even your mobile banking app is a hybrid app.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

  1. The single code base is sufficient for all platforms. Developers write once and run anywhere. But in the case of native app scenario, a developer will need to build and maintain separate app and code for each of the platforms.
  2. Many developers can deliver an app for any platform including website as well.
  3. Since Hybrid App is based on web technologies, many apps can run on browser like any other website or can even run as Progressive Web App(PWA).
  4. Interestingly, Hybrid apps can achieve the same hardware-based performance acceleration as a native app. This is where the native app loses its competitive edge.
  5. Hybrid app provides same and consistent user experience across all platforms regardless of the OS and device that a user uses.

Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

  1. For the most part, the application’s performance is comparable to the native app. However, when it comes to 3D, HD games, the high graphics-oriented apps, and other performance-centric apps do much better.
  2. Hybrid app access to all the native device features such as touched, media, etc. However, they are dependent on native plugins. In some classic case, the entire new device feature might not be readily available as a native plugin.
  3. Hybrid app has dependencies on different libraries and frameworks like Cordova, Ionic. These have to be in sync with the latest platform version changes and releases.

Hybrid Apps Vs Native Apps

  • Development Cost and Time

Hybrid apps take lesser time to develop and therefore developed at a fairly cheaper price when compared to the native app. However, building a hybrid app also means maintaining just one code base. But with native code you need an app developer for each of the platforms, therefore native app development is significantly expensive and time-consuming.


  • User Experience

Without a second thought, Native apps deliver the best user experience because they are specifically designed for a single app store. Native apps are highly compatible. From screen size to the hardware capabilities, everything is taken care of. However with Hybrid apps, it is possible to provide a good user experience with just 1 application code for all platforms, but it requires a substantial amount of work, yet less than the work needed by native apps.



We have seen the advantages and disadvantages of both the hybrid and the native app development. But the decision for app development approach should not be driven by the advantages of the iPhone App Development Approaches, but the goals and priorities of the organization and the project requirement at hand. The best approach to app development is the one that meets the project specification.

List Of 6 CakePHP Best CMS And Useful Framework In 2019

PHP is a server-side scripting language that runs 7 out of 10 websites, globally. No wonder there are a number of frameworks based on PHP. Here in this article, we will look at CakePHP. CakePHP is highly favored open source PHP frameworks among developers. That's the reason it is so easy to spot a CakePHP development company. CakePHP makes developing and managing web applications extremely easy. It is based on the MVC structureCakePHP offers a competitive solution for web development in a minimum span of time. This saves developers time and effort and helps a business go online quickly. Moreover, with the help of CakePHP based CMS, you can create, manage and promote content easily.


Widely recognized as the most effective open source web application frameworks, it offers comprehensive architectural programming for CakePHP development services. CakePHP also provides comprehensive support for maintenance, and deployment of PHP applications. It involves common design patterns that contribute by reducing the development costs and enables writing codes without compromising flexibility, and obviously including ORM and MVC.

The introduction of PHP Frameworks

In this quickly evolving world, there are myriad of the technologies that have provided robust development platforms. Widely accepted PHP is one of the most convenient and popular scripting languages. PHP programming language has made the development process easier and faster. It also helps reduce the development time and costs. This gives enough reasons why everyone is turning towards using this. PHP has significantly reduced the complexity of web projects to a point where coding from scratch has become the senseless solution.


PHP Framework brings perspective and structure to PHP development. Being the favorite development language among CakePHP development services from the very beginning, PHP enjoys various successful frameworks. These frameworks increase usability and make protective web development easy by boosting the programming procedure.

The CakePHP

PHP framework essentially helps to structure and write the code while at the same time makes it easier to scale the projects and get the benefits of MVC. Over time, a myriad of PHP frameworks has been introduced. Some of the most popular PHP frameworks include CakePHP, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii, Zend, and Phalcon.


Among all the PHP framework introduced till today, CakePHP has been the most availed development solution. With the help of CakePHP, the CakePHP application development services can develop incredible solutions bundled with the CMS (Content Management System). CakePHP framework introduces comprehensive architectural programming that prepares the foundation for maintenance, deployment, and development of the PHP applications. It includes design patterns that lead to the reduction of time and cost it takes to write the codes, but without getting the flexibility compromised.

CakePHP is the Most Effective Framework

CakePHP Framework is highly organized to an extent that it will be more apt to say that it is just the next level development of PHP. Besides being organized and flexible, it also excels in terms of offering additional support system instantly. The CRUD advantage of CakePHP makes it possible for web designers to read useful codes and implement them in an easier way. It also offers a way for extensively scrutinizing those codes. The Model View Controller (MVC) coding pattern helps developers accomplish difficult coding tasks in a jiffy while being efficient.  There is a provision whereby developers can save queries to the database. Making changes in the database for routine tasks such as insert, delete or alter, becomes quite easy with this framework.


The framework helps the development of professional website effortless and thereby helps the developers save precious time. The CakePHP application development services have to write only a few lines of code when compared to other frameworks. The framework supports reverse routing thereby making it possible for the developers to adjust the URL structure by altering code at a single spot. They don’t require to make individual changes in the coding pattern. Moreover, there is another added advantage of the CakePHP based applications - they require only little configuration and run smoothly on all devices and browsers.


Security of data is paramount for any business. CakePHP takes care of security extremely well.


CakePHP comes loaded with several inbuilt features like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and input validation making it highly focused from the perspective of security of any website. Packed with these features, the CakePHP platform is in vogue. Today, no wonder, the majority of business and services are focusing on this platform for enterprise level web development.


Here is a roundup of most popular content management systems based on the CakePHP framework:

1. QuickApps

If you want to build custom websites that are quick to load and is easy to manage, you should consider using the Quickapps CMS. This CMS is built on top of CakePHP version 2.0 MVC framework and JS library. It offers a scalable content management system that grants creative freedom to users by allowing them to build any website based on their preferences.


QuickApps provides the same ease to users that any WordPress CMS user enjoys. The CMS allows any developer to build a site with little or no technical knowledge. With the help of QuickApps, people can make changes to the website easily and manage content effortlessly. The CMS offers features such as creating content types, taxonomy, user management, menu management, and much more.

2. BEdita

It is a web development framework that features CakePHP-based CMS out of the box. BEdita is an open source framework that gives scope for extending the functionality of the CakePHP framework. It does all of this by adding several new features with the use of controllers, Smarty template engine, and a lot more. The CMS also provides native interfaces like XML/REST and JSON. Integration with external web analytics services is easy and gives way to get the statistics on content and publications.


The framework only helps in developing PHP applications, but it also contributes to building CMS based on semantic rules. Moreover, MVC or object-oriented design of BEdita makes it highly suitable for diverse projects.

3. CupCake

Next in line is CupCake. Don’t go by the name. It's pretty robust and will get the work done. The purpose behind the creation of Cupcake CMS is to bring to the web designers a relatively simple and straightforward tool that enables them to manage content on websites. CupCake comes with an easy interface and a WYSIWYG editor. This feature enables the authorized users to create and update the website content without requiring them to get familiar with the HTML programming language.


One of the biggest advantages of using CupCake CMS is that it is lightweight and therefore helps developers develop sites or applications extremely well.

4. Coderity

If out of the shelf CMS is not what you are looking for but need more flexibility but without reinventing the wheel, then you should checkout Coderity. This is for you if you want to make use of a custom CMS. You can tailor according to your needs and preferences. It is helpful in managing and publishing website content in an extremely easy way because of its straightforward back-end content management system which works seamlessly with CakePHP 2 version. Even though Coderity is simple, the CMS features an elegant design. It's a full-featured CMS that comes packed with plenty of excellent features, such as easy installer, create blog articles, set navigation menu order using drag-and-drop, pages management and much more.

5. Croogo

This is another best choice as an open source CMS based on the CakePHP MVC framework. Niche brands like HYUNDAI, CALZEDONIA, MTV, etc. use this CMS. This gives enough clue as in how popular Croogo is. You can download Croogo from Github either in the form of a zip archive containing all dependencies or you can choose to use the code from the repo.


The CMS also gives provision to define user roles, such as admin, registered and public. However, the best part of the CMS remains in the fact that it offers themes that allow users to customize the appearance of their site. Croogo also provides access to plugins which you can download from the site’s admin panel. You can also use the CMS to setup hooks, which will enable you to integrate plugins in your application without requiring to modify the core files.

6. Baklava

This CakePHP CMS is little different from other CMS out there. It is flexible, podcast enabled CakePHP CMS that will help you to serve and manage podcasts quickly and easily. The CMS allows administrators to upload and manage their podcasts without any knowledge of HTML, MP3 ID3 tags or PHP. The Baklava CMS is built over CakePHP applications and runs on MySQL database. The CMS heavily uses AJAX in order to speed up the usage. It is a free Podcast enabled CakePHP CMS that is released under MIT License.



How Chatbots can Grow your Real Estate Business

Are you in the real estate app development company?

Are you willing to develop a successful real estate app?

Do you want tips to develop the app with AI?

If you are real estate businessman or app developer in the niche of real estate then this article will help you to understand the advantages of using chatbots in real estate apps. Chatbots can effectively help to generate leads and automate the process to a large extent.


About chatbots

Chatbot technology is in existence from the 1960s (surprising, right?). But they are gaining popularity in the recent days. It all started when tech giants like Facebook, Google launched its own chatbots and bots. After that, all industries started integrating chatbots with their apps.

So if you are from a real estate app development company, there are plenty of things chatbots can do. It is becoming a new trend. Even industries like banking, transport, and fashion are using them. Now what chatbots actually are? They are computer program based Artifical Intelligence that can converse with your users. They either use auditory techniques or textual methods for conversing with a real human.

For real estate app development, this feature is an absolute boon. This is because it helps you in lead generation. That indeed remains the focus of every business app. This is prominent in the real estate industry as it is very complex. Thus, chatbots make the process simpler and faster. Now we are clear about the importance of chatbots, let us know more about its advantages.


Advantages of chatbot for real estate

Chatbot development is sure to bring you success with your real estate app. These help you convert leads into customers in a quick way. There are plenty of other advantages like quick response, resolving complaints etc. Real estate apps will attract both buyers and sellers. They have a lot of expectations when they find an app like yours. So how do they find what they want? This is when you need chatbot development.


1. 24 x 7 availability


In your real estate app development company, you will have agents to guide the customers. But after work hours it becomes difficult to hear their queries and questions. You can start a chatbot development to assist your customers. They answer quickly and ensure that the customers are satisfied anytime. Therefore, your agents can now work on other meetings while chatbot handles your customers.


2. Enquires done on real-time


As soon as the user visits your app, they are in touch with the chatbots. They get answers to all kinds of enquiry regarding your app. This reduces the necessity for humans to get in contact with every customer. Also, this will create a good first impression for all your new customers.


3. User-specific results


Chatbots are amazing for satisfying customers. They can find what they are looking for in just a few minutes. These chatbots ask them a few questions then they will be navigated to suitable results automatically. If your real estate app development involves chatbot, your customers find what they need in a few minutes.


4. Improves time management


There is no need for you to maintain forms or information details to know about customers. They can simply interact with the chatbot to navigate themselves. The sales team also will find leads quickly. They get a narrower end towards customer management. Thus, they can easily skip to fulfilling customer requests without wasting time. They need not ask any unnecessary questions.


5. Virtual tours


Chatbots engage the customers with 360-degree virtual tours of property sites or apartments. This is done before scheduling an actual visit. The customers get a clear view of the site with this feature. This is done within the bot itself. Every customer will feel very satisfied when you have such features on your app.


6. Conversation records


Just like maintaining all the data records of the people, chatbots have conversation records. Protecting the details of every single customer with forms is daunting. This is why chatbots save every conversation for each client. This is easy to locate the necessary information whenever needed.


7. Easy engagement


Empowering and engaging customers with your services is the aim of chatbot development. Earlier either offline or online forms were used to carry your customer's details. But they consume a lot of data and is difficult. This is why a more interactive way is used with chatbots. As the user gets to type or speak to submit their details, it becomes simple for you. So this increases interaction and easy engagement of customers with your real estate app.


8. Scheduling site visits


Like we saw earlier, chatbots give a preview of property sites. If the customer is interested, chatbot schedules a real visit. This introduces the agent with the customer and the work is done. They negotiate about timings, price etc and the visit is confirmed.

As a whole, chatbots take care of the most important work that is customer satisfaction. This is very user-friendly and interactive. This is the major advantage of starting a real estate app development company.


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Enhanced customer features with a chatbot

There are several other compatible features with a chatbot. Here is a list of them.


  • Cross-platform feature

A chatbot is not only meant for your app, but it is also compatible with social networking sites. This will earn you more leads and potential customers. All your team needs to do is convert them into actual customers.


  • Any language facility

A chatbot is wonderful as the customer can communicate in any language. These chatbots can interact in all languages. So it improves the personalization of your app.


  • CRM integration

CRM is a part of every business today. If you are willing to integrate CRM with your app, you can do without restrictions. Because chatbots are easily integrated with CRM. This enables easy data handling.


  • Extra information about customers

As customers use chatbot, it detects the location of the customers. This additional information is gathered by chatbots using the IP address. It also tells about the other ads your customers have visited. This is an amazing extra feature with chatbot development. 


  • Fraud prevention

All mobile apps need to give security to the customer's details. Chatbots give them security automatically. If chatbot detects the use of unauthorized credit or debit cards, it immediately cancels them.



Now we are in the last part of this article. A quick recap along with some tips for hybrid mobile app development is mandatory. Here are some tips to help you out.

Engage only one source of communication platform. It can either be email marketing or chatbots. However, chatbot earns you more revenue than email marketing. Currently, it has an annual growth rate of 24.3%. So don’t wait for any right moment, just tap into this growing dimension to grow your real estate business.

Build a strong team that can lead your customers. They must handle the customers efficiently as chatbots ensure to complete other requirements. Make sure you engage agents who are capable enough to convert the leads into permanent customers!

Top Trends For Enterprise Mobile iPhone App Development

When it comes to iPhone application development, there is no doubt that it is booming. Gone are the days when it was difficult to book cabs. People had to have conversations face-to-face with people. However, now there are cab services available for the people. These services are hassle-free and convenient.

Such apps are always the handy options that the people go for. So, there is no doubt that the enterprise mobile app development is responsible for it. These apps are a perfect example of the services.


Enterprise Mobile App Development 

The rise in the popularity of mobile apps is also due to enterprise mobility standards. So, we need to know a little bit more about these. In the near future, the world will be running through the apps. So, the enterprise mobility concept is the future of mobile app development as well.

So, it is really important for a mobile application development company to know about the concepts. Not just that, but they also need to know about the latest trends in enterprise mobility as well. This article is going to discuss exactly that in huge details. So, it is a recommendation that each and everyone reads this.


Some Major Trends In Enterprise 

Here are some of the important trends that people need to know about. These are the trends that would decide the future of enterprise mobility services. These trends will govern how the entire concept will work for different businesses as well as the users.


More Focus On The End User 

The applications are all about employees and customers. So, the end users are the ones that hold the most importance. These end users will provide the best results for the applications. It is important for companies to know that in order to make progress with the enterprise mobile applications.

When there is an application in the market, it needs to be about the needs of the users. So, the developers need to focus on that particular aspect. Whether the app is able to provide the users with what they require is very important to decide. This can help in fixing all the major problems that might be present in the application.

Mobility is certainly prevailing in the current scenario. It provides effective communication and real-time connections with the people. So, the usability of these enterprise mobile apps is of utmost importance.

That will provide the users with a more productive and efficient application, to begin with. So, there is no doubt that in the near future all apps will be like that.


Center Focus On Employees

Collaboration and communication with employees are very important. This is especially the case for enterprise mobile applications. So, this is something that the developers need to look into.

So, the future will see the development of collaboration and communication with the employees in a much better way. This is one of the most important trends for enterprise mobile apps. With the help of this trend, employees can choose the projects that they want. Plus, it is possible to do so from anywhere in particular.

So, there is no doubt that it will increase the enthusiasm and the efficiency of the employees. In a way, it will also improve the iPhone application development process. Now the question is how?


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Well, the employees will have more attractive opportunities to work on the projects of their choices. So, the companies will have more talented and expert professionals working for them. If the employees have the freedom to choose, then they will be more enthusiastic about the execution of the project. This will also ensure the success of the projects of iPhone app development as well.


Checking The Activities Of The Competitors

There is no doubt that one needs to have a particular road map before hiring professionals. This is especially the case for mobile app development. So, there are certain things that companies need to do. They need to finalize the goal or objective of creating the application. This is one of the most important steps for a mobile application development company.

Also, they need to focus on the functionality of the app that they are providing. Apart from that, they need to look for the end users. Also, they have to choose a proper platform for app launches as well. But there is one other thing that most companies tend to forget. It is monitoring activities of the competitors as well.

The companies need to focus on the market trends that provide the competitors with their strength. So, there is no doubt that the enterprise mobile app development trends will be a great help in that. This is another one of the most important trends to look into.


Wrapping Up

These are some of the trends that will help companies a lot. With these, they can easily leverage the profits and benefits from the enterprise mobile app development. The mobile apps will be able to properly cater to the needs and requirements of the customers. This will certainly provide businesses with more and more profits.

Not just that, but these trends will also help in increasing communication between people as well. Apart from that, they will also help in monitoring activities too. All of that can lead to the proper development of the applications. So, for those who want to have their mobile apps developed, the concept of enterprise mobile app development is a good idea.


How Have Mobile Apps Developed After PhoneGap And Cordova?

PhoneGap had been involved in helping the web developers create mobile apps that do not have much friction. These mobile apps from PhoneGap have native device capabilities, and developers can develop apps for Android and iOS. A developer could manage to create the best apps using the known JavaScript libraries and their skills. One of the main paths to mobile app development includes the combination of web skills along with native device access. Every PhoneGap app development company offers the best apps that do not have much friction.

However, the work on the evolution of PhoneGap has slowed down, along with the Apache Cordova, which is an open source project. However, the cross-platform mobile app development is now looking for hybrid mobile development up next.


The Apache Cordova would not be going away as an open source project. Many companies have been investing mostly in Cordova, and the community is growing continuously. The community is growing and filling up the gaps while the corporate committers swerve along the path.


Two superior options that are replacing Hybrid 1.0 and PhoneGap are the JavaScript native apps and progressive web apps.


The Javascript native apps

Many companies started building a solution to the performance problems that had plagued the hybrid mobile apps. This came around about five years ago, and the goal was to create frameworks that could offer a rich UI and a 'native' performance. Not only that, but the solution should also be familiar to the web developers and work across platforms. The two popular options include NativeScript from Progress and React Native from Facebook.


The new frameworks allow the developers to reuse the web skills continuously. However, the new approach uses a native user interface. The simple wrapping in the native app shell of the web browser is over. Thus the mobile applications from the top mobile app development companies in India perform better and feel like single-platform native apps. In spite of this, the cross-platform productivity for the apps is gaining.


A few names have popped up that describe this new approach - 'cross-platform native,' 'native hybrid or 'Hybrid 2.0'. , and though the name is not very catchy, the name offers a proper description and seems quite accurate. Web developers get most of their requirements fulfilled with these native app frameworks that they could get with PhoneGap. Along with that, they get better performance and more power.


To take up an instance, both Vue and Angular have deep integration with NativeScript. This means that the developers would be having full access to every one of the native APIs through JavaScript. To make it simpler, if it is possible to do so in a native app, NativeScript is the answer. That is why every cross-platform mobile app development company is now trying it out as a possible option. The cross-platform modules bring down the time and effort needed for the job.

Once the coding has been done on the cross-platform modules, it can be used on both Android and iOS. It feels as if the PhoneGap plugins are on steroids. Both NativeScript and React Native are very popular open-source projects at the moment. Both of them have the power to be the successor of 'Hybrid 1.0'. They can be very useful in cases where it is not possible to achieve the task with the help of progressive web apps.


Progressive web apps

Web developers had always tried to be able to make better apps for mobile phones. This is what has always been the objective of PhoneGap against the limits of mobile web browsers. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML - PhoneGap reuse everything that is available on the web. The developers create reliable plugins in native code with the help of languages like Java, Swift, and Objective-C. This is in order to allow them to have specific native device features through JavaScript.


The exciting feature is that there is a shallow learning curve. However, the web browsers embedded in PhoneGap goes through a lot of struggle in terms of performance. This is particularly due to the default webview of Android and Apple. In spite of that, PhoneGap has offered a solution whose results are pretty impressive for most of the users.


The evolution of the web standards have continued through the years - the last 4 or 5, to be exact. The urge to improve web standards is aimed at creating mobile apps that can work offline and offer better performance. This is where the term 'progressive web apps' have come from. The PhoneGap development company now offers solutions that can deal with all kinds of problems and keep users happy.


The global web platform is taking another step forward with progressive web apps. These applications, unlike the ones in the older generations, have complete control over the network stack. This is how it is possible to perform offline operations and advanced caching. Now developers have created web apps that have the power to achieve other tasks linked with native mobile applications. All the top mobile app development companies in India offers to create apps with such functionalities. These jobs include sending push notifications, a splash screen launch and accepting the payment information from the users.


If all of these functionalities combine with the HTML5 web APIs, the web browsers become very powerful. The web platform can do a plethora of jobs when it has a connection to the camera, accelerometer, and other sensors. In earlier cases, developers would need a native app to handle all these functionalities. This is why PhoneGap lags in some departments. However, this is not the case anymore, and the hybrid training wheels have set sail.


In spite of all the advancements that are coming up, there are limitations on the Internet. You cannot do much as this is the property of the standards-based and slow platform. Even though the progressive web apps have been a great leap forward, they cannot be a perfect replacement yet. This is when web developers require JavaScript-driven native apps. They offer complete access to native device APIs.


What should the developers use?

Developers should be questioning themselves if they really do need PhoneGap any more. It is true that a PhoneGap app development company can do wonders, but there are better options now available. The JavaScript-driven native apps and progressive web apps can do so much more now. These techniques have the technology to be solutions for the future. They are easy on the developers who are creating hybrid web applications in today's market.

It should not be very difficult to choose between the two options:

● A progressive web app should be the answer when a lot of API access is not required. The answer remains the same when  the app does not need to be in the app stores, or there can be some extra limits on iOS.

● However, if the requirements move beyond the limitations offered by progressive web apps, the answer is a JavaScript native app platform - React Native in case of React shop and NativeScript for Vue or Angular.


Final Thoughts

PhoneGap has done its job over the years, and it is time for the developers to move on to something better. It is time for the JavaScript native app frameworks and the progressive web apps to take over the wheel.

The Pros and Cons of Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development


The internet might be a fabulous method to associate clients, share information and trade thoughts, however with regards to capitalizing on a figuring gadget; nothing beats local applications. Made to exploit particular equipment necessities, Application Program Interfaces and a various stage is driven advancements, local applications are the best productive route for clients to benefit from their telephones, tablets, and PCs.


So, what do we mean by Xamarin?

Xamarin refers to a stage created by Xamarin organization. In the year 2016 Microsoft obtained it. The purpose of it is to make applications for iOS, Android, macOS etc. with a single shared .NET coding base. Developing applications with Xamarin enable engineers to create apps for every single significant stage all the while that is undefined from local applications.

Xamarin applications are local, taking the full preferred standpoint of local UI controls, stage particular APIs and stage appropriate equipment increasing speed. They are also quite efficient to use in hybrid mobile app development.


To whom Xamarin is helpful?

Organizations are accepting Xamarin to streamline their improvement procedure. The world's biggest telecasters of live wearing occasions, Fox Sports employed Xamarin to help build up its mobile games application and test it crosswise over many different Android gadgets. The Frozen North Carriers likewise utilized Xamarin to construct its mobile traveling application, enabling clients for having a consistent ordeal crosswise over the work area and cell phones for boarding in, loading up or changing data for an airways travel.

Forrester directed research with the end goal to discover the cost of reserve funds and company profits empowered by Xamarin for cross-platform app development. The exploration discovered that Xamarin decreases mobile application improvement and administration costs while streamlining the use of existing designer assets. Forrester directed meetings and dissected the budgetary measurements of four enduring clients that put resources into the Xamarin:

1. A worldwide diversion organization with a yearly income of more than two Billion USD.

2. The counseling organization located in the United States with 500 specialists giving mobile system and application                  improvement for big business clients.

3. The Worldwide mobile application improvement organization with about forty mobile engineers.

4. A Universal arrangement of easygoing feasting eatery networks (1000+ eateries, 100k + representatives,  more significant than four billion USD in yearly income


The benefits of Xamarin development

Developing applications using Xamarin is an incredible route for improvement groups to spare time and assets. In case you're a hybrid app developer hoping to build an application on another stage, disentangle your technical stacking or streamlining your improvement functions, following are the absolute most significant points of interest in picking Xamarin:

  • A solitary technical stacking for quicker improvement:  One that you can make with VS, there is a possibility to build Xamarin-centric applications utilizing a solitary dialect: C#
  • Xamarin applications use C sharp and sharing coding base that concealment to 90% of every stage's specific dialect, APIs and information structure and enclose them by a .NET layer that empowers cross-stage advancement. By creating in C# and enabling Xamarin to deal with cross-stage usage, improvement groups will have the capacity to achieve significantly more with less.
  • Fast prototyping: With Xamarin.Forms, engineers approach a total cross-stage UI toolbox to manufacture interfaces that work on any gadget. It takes into consideration the production of single UI overall gadgets, empowering engineers for sharing codes, but not modifying the User Interface for each stage.

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Local execution and client encounter:

In the case of Xamarin one can think of getting to every last local Programming interface; hence, you can utilize local User Interface, Bluetooth, and so on. Since Xamarin takes a full favorable position of framework and equipment particular APIs, applications assembled using the product will keep running and also apps accumulated in every stage's favored dialect. Clients won't have the capacity to differentiate between your application and a local application because there isn't one.


Diminished time to advertise:

Building applications with sharing coding base dispose of time span which a hybrid app developer will require interpreting, changing or re-composing codes for working at various stages. It cuts-offs weeks, months and perhaps years out of the advancement cycle, permitting applications for every one of the three noteworthy stages produced at the same time.

Furthermore, due to constructing these applications together, it implies highlight equality won't gradually stream down from the crucial stages to the last. You can prepare for an arrangement for the majority of your platforms immediately. 


Less support:         

Keeping up and updating applications fabricated utilizing Xamarin needs little exertion. If the improvements to the core document are complete, you can explicitly connect it to your application, wiping out the requirement to refresh the main coding of your applications separately should any changes, error fixing or new highlights end up fundamental.


Applications for all stages:

What occurs once you have an exceptional work area application that requires a mobile adaptation or the other way around? With Xamarin, it's not an issue — engineers can make apps for mobile and PC encounters at the same time. It likewise helps hybrid app development groups slice back on choosing whether to produce for only one single stage, like iOS, Android, and Windows.


It is straightforward to update:  

Xamarin exploits local structures, and ordinarily, it requires one to three days for iOS and Android stages to make up for lost time to the most recent highlights. It is the reason it is possible to acquaint new stage particular highlights with your application once updating Xamarin.


The Demerits of Creating With Xamarin

1. It's costly for undertakings. Xamarin is charge less for people and small organizations, be that as it may, ventures need         to buy a permit for Microsoft's VS. For stripped-down access to Visual Studio without cutting-edge Sky blue DevOps             highlights or cloud administrations, single-client licenses begin at $499.


     Venture clients requiring every one of the fancy odds and ends pay up to 3000 USD for a yearly membership to VS                 Undertaking. Contingent upon the composition and requirements of your engineers, the expense of these licenses can         include rather rapidly.


2. Utilizing all open-sourcing library may be difficult. Xamarin supports the vast majority of .Net library, and it doesn't                 bolster the majority of the available outsider libraries for Android and iOS without particular wrappers. Not                               reasonable  for applications with overwhelming illustrations.     


3. If the app has a rich User Interface, one needs to actualize it locally.


4. Bigger Application Estimate. Xamarin includes three to five MB for the discharge and around twenty MB for                                troubleshooting manufactures.



In case you're a designer demonstrating any suspicion of requiring applications created for different cross-platform app development stages, Xamarin is extraordinary compared to other devices accessible to make your job less demanding. Because of Xamarin's ground-breaking C# condition, local and cross-stage athenaeums and application program interfaces, and simplicity of sending, it's the best decision to keep iOS and Android, applications that one builds in a state of harmony. Thus, it diminishes the general time of advancement and conveys new highlights to your clients quicker.

Learn Top 9 facts About Feature Driven Development


Feature Driven Development or FDD is aligned with the methodology of Agile development. It is an agile process which is design-oriented that has been refined and developed by Jeff De Luca, Peter Coad, and a team. In this methodology, the project is divided into features. These features are segments of the complete project. One of the main benefits of FDD is the fact that it allows creating code, design, schedules for code inspection without getting involved in too much of paperwork.

Here the emphasis is given on the functions of the individuals and the role that they play towards the development process. Whether it is Android or iOS app development companyFDD has become very popular among the app developers.

Essential Facts about Feature Driven Development

Here are a couple of important facts that you need to know about FDD:

  • Overall Model Development: 

  • The iOS app development team and the client design an overall model. Then the details domain models are designed which are then gradually merged in the overall model. With the help of guidance from the chief designer, the members of the team get a good idea about the model.
  • Features List:

  • That information which was gathered in the 1st step is now used to make a list of the features that are required. The feature is nothing but an output that has been valued by the client. Most of the top mobile app development companies in India divides the entire project into several features. It is important to make sure that a feature gets delivered in every two weeks. This will ensure that the features on which the team has decided to work on will not take more than two weeks to get implemented.

  • Feature Plan: 

  • Once the development of features is being planned, it is up to the team to decide the order in which the features will be implemented. Teams are assigned different feature sets.

  • Feature Design: 

  • The chief programmer chooses the domain class and the features, which will be involved in the process of designing the features. Sequence diagrams are used. The process of finalizing the general design is also done. Method and class prologues are written. Then it is designed inspection that follows it.  

  2. FDD is a Short Iteration Process: 

  4. FDD is a short iteration process which is model driven. The overall shape of the model is established before the beginning of the process. Then the development features are said to be on track with build by feature iteration. The developers focus on the features that would attract clients.

  6. Agile: 

  8. FDD is nothing but an agile methodology. These days, the businesses refuse to wait for a long time for the results. The success of this mechanism depends on the two weeks cycle. The features are developed within a span of 1 to 12 days. If any features require a longer time to develop, it is broken further and extended for another two weeks.


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  2. Best of Methodologies: 

  4. Different types of agile methodologies are being used in FDD like Scrum and Extreme Programming. It uses techniques which are model-centric that includes “Domain Driven Design” and “Modeling in Color." 

When it comes to Domain Driven Design, it focuses on domain logic and core domain. It is the model of the domain that determines the complex designs. It is essential to collaborate constantly with the domain experts in order to improve on the application models and to resolve the issues which are domain related. 

There are different UML standards for colors. There are a set of 4 different colors which is associated with UML or Unified Modeling Language diagram.  The color is indicating the archetype that is applied to the UML object color.


  2. Class Ownership: 

  4. Every single class of a developing feature belongs to a particular developer. It is the responsibility of the class owners as far as all the changes which are done during the phase of implementation of the features. When the developers take ownership of the class, it helps to improve the code's quality. Thus, the class owners are experts. When it comes to the concept of collective ownership, XP is one prime example where the developers are capable of updating any artifact, if required, the source codes as well.

  6. Feature Teams: 

  8. When it comes to a feature team in FDD, everyone has a role which is assigned to them. It is on different viewpoints on which FDD thrives. It makes sure that different minds and ideas are taken into consideration while every single design decision is being made. This allows the option to explore varied viewpoints. A feature team typically consists of a project manager, development manager, chief architect, class owner, domain expert and a chief programmer.
  10. For every single feature, it is a good idea to choose an ad hic feature team with the members who are best suited for the roles. The team can either be cross-component or cross-functional in nature. The focus of the feature’s team is on the process of implementing and developing the different features one by one which is listed on the project

  12. Tangible Results: 

  14. This is another aspect of FDD. In FDD, features are developed and planned as incremental units one after another. It is possible for the developers to see the implementation and the results in a very short period of time, in every two weeks as a matter of fact. It helps in the process of quality control and also enables the developers to have a stronghold and a firmer grip on the entire process.

  16. Scalable to Larger Projects: 

  18. The fact that FDD can is scalable to larger projects gives it an added advantage. It can easily scale as it contains enough processes. Moreover, they are capable of going simultaneously domain wise which ensures the development of quality. There are short implementation and design cycles. It is after every two weeks; the stakeholders will be able to see the results. There is a mechanism of proper tracking and reporting of the progress.
  20. This can ensure that the roles of all the team members have been defined clearly. The Modeling phase in FDD is basically JEDI, or Just Enough Design Initially. It makes sure that the process moves forward quickly to the next step. Domain-driven design techniques are used here. When it comes to working with large teams, it becomes very easy with FDD. It becomes very easy for new members to join the processes.

  22. Inclusive Methodology: 

  24. FDD is a comprehensive, yet simple methodology. The mechanism is so simple that the organizations can easily adapt Right from the beginning of the project when the feature list is designed; all the stakeholder get involved in it. There is no room for any sort of unpleasant surprises. All the way, from the phase of the lifecycle of software development through FDD there are mechanisms for proper reporting. It allows everyone to be in the loop. Everyone gets involved because of the iterative designs. Every single member works towards achieving the same goal

These are the few facts that will enable you to receive in-depth knowledge about FDD. If you are into any app-development business, then you should definitely adopt the model of FDD for gaining speedy progress and satisfactory result. If you follow the stories of top app developers, then you will surely get to know that they adopted FDD for acquiring swift responses. 

Ready-Made Script or Custom Software Development – Which fits your business?

There has been a boom in the Software development industry over the past decade. We have seen the use of software for various brands and businesses. Applications have been developed that fit the requirements of a specific demographic of people or certain brands. In such a situation, app development companies need to find the most efficient ways of software development.

The same is important in order to cater to the growing demands of the market. The use of a ready-made script or custom software can be confusing. There are various factors that determine which is better. We need to make this choice depending on the type of project we have. If we have a simple project one script is better, but for a complex one, the other is. Both these scripts have some positive points and some negative points.

 Here are a few pros and cons of ready-made scripts and custom software. App development companies can consider these while making their choice:


Easy Implementation:

Using a ready-made program script is generally a faster process. It needs very little or no alterations to carry out the implementation and need not be enforced immediately. Ready-made scripts are a good option when businesses cannot afford time lags. Custom software development company, on the other hand, require a longer period of time for coding and development. 

This is because the code is supposed to specifically cater to the needs of a particular brand. That is the code needs to be customized according to the brand. Therefore, the quality testing and final launch process can be quite time consuming.

You need to consider how much time you have in your hand for the project. Depending on your time requirement you can choose the script which is more easy or less easy to implement.


Access to free versions and modes:

In the case of ready-made scripts, several free versions can be accessed in the initial stages. This is to try out how a particular script will work out for the project. The same creates room for experimentation during the demo phase. 

Full stack development company can then decide if they want to invest in a particular script for a project. This is not possible in the case of custom software. They are tailor-made to cater to the needs of a particular project. Even if they are unsatisfied with the implementation, they will have to bear the initial costs of development.

You need to also think of the long run outcome. You must consider if it is more important to cut costs in the short run development process. If you need to make many changes in your project then spending more, in the beginning, might be the smarter choice.



The ready-made script is the solution for customers working on a tight budget. They are available at fixed prices, which makes it easier to allot funds during budgeting. This is not possible in the case of custom software. This is because the cost can vary greatly from one project to another.

The more specifications one needs, the more expensive the project development is. Custom software development company have to consider the upcoming needs of the project. Therefore, it is not possible to build a large project at the same cost as a smaller project.

Depending on how big or small your budget is you can choose the script. However, it is important to keep in mind that the budget should not be the only consideration. Sometimes you have to spend more to give yourselves the best chance. However, in other cases, it may be foolish to spend more on a script you don’t need. So look at the purpose of the project and then choose the script.


Ease of access:

It is always desirable to have a software interface that is user-friendly. Ready-made scripts are designed to be easily understood by a wide range of users. It does not matter if they understand the technical aspects or not. This can be a selling feature for a lot of app development company. However, this user-friendliness is not always available for custom software. Custom software development avoids the use of any templates or generic forms of script. Because of the customization, the technical aspects might be difficult to understand for a user who is not tech savvy.



Ready-made scripts can be seen in different forms- customizable scripts and stock scripts. You cannot make changes to stock scripts, but customizable scripts are flexible. The user is free to decide which process they want to go for. As the name suggests, customizable scripts are made to cater to the needs of the user and the project. The entire software is made as per the needs of the user and the project. Therefore, this makes the process of software development extremely flexible.


Scale flexibility:

It is very easy to scale ready-made software scripts as they use cloud support. This often proves to be problematic. This is because many a times, the software's implementation needs some scaling. In the case of ready-made scripts, no extra change is charged in this process. They are flexible to scaling at any stage according to the requirement. This is not always possible for custom software development company. They employ the use of servers and other hosting services. For any increase in capacity, an extra charge will be added to the process.


The various pros and cons when it comes to ready-made or custom scripts are quite understandable now. However, both these processes offer advantages in different spheres. You need to choose the script depending on the kind of project. Ready-made scripts are good for simple projects.

When you don’t have a high budget and don’t need much training this script is the one to go for. If the budget is not a concern then you can go for custom software development. Especially if your project may need many changes, you need to go for this option. For complex project this is the more beneficial script.


Reshaping the Education Process with Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality has helped in overcoming all barriers of the traditional education system. Now, the education-model has completely changed, and this change has created a positive impact on the minds of the students. This technology has enabled the educators to establish a healthy interaction with students, which was missing before.

Presently knowledge can be absorbed in quite a deeper-level. On the other hand, students' concentration, and dedication levels have also increased. It was just because of the education system that the students used to feel boring but now with AR-generated education-system students are showing higher interests towards studies.

 Augmented reality mobile app development has recently created a considerable sensation in the industry of education. Both location and time barriers can be now easily eliminated with this education system. Students can now remember things in a better way. As a result of which their grades have gone up. More and more parents are now also introducing this education-technique at home as well. 

How augmented-reality creates an impact on education?

  • Students can easily access and avail learning-materials anytime and anywhere with AR-education. Now there is no need for maintaining printed manuals and physical textbooks. The materials can be stored easily, and the cost of maintenance of these materials will also get reduced. This invites more accessible and mobile education with portable learning-materials.
  • Moreover, expensive hardware is not involved in this modern education rather smartphones are treated as the best medium. It is easier accessing smartphones than any complicated hardware or devices. In addition, smartphones can also be carried everywhere.
  • The best part is that the AR-education is highly motivating in nature. Innovative features of this education are so very attractive that the students are automatically getting attracted towards the same without any external encouragement. Now learning has become much more interactive and exciting than ever. Students can enjoy great fun throughout the whole session.
  • High-end collaborative capabilities of students have been explored especially with the development of Augmented Reality IOS. This learning procedure has made the students collaborate with one another closely which has finally improved teamwork. Teamwork works great for quality study.
  • AR-education has guaranteed the faster and effective learning process. Initially, the education methods were so dull that students were not eagerly paying attention to studies, but now they are showing greater interests and learning faster. To be precise, this process has invited productive learning.
  • AR-education has invited practical learning. Now, the students are not in need of any coaching center or private tuition rather they are learning in a much-advanced manner at schools only. Their queries are getting practically resolved by teachers at school with the use of AR-technology. Those skills that are really in need of applying at the professional-field can be now easily acquired from the school itself. Therefore, parents do not need to spend cost on additional training for children.
  • Not only students but staffs working at different corporate units are also receiving an intense education about companies via AR-based training. Staffs are learning faster how to tackle probable challenges or risks within the organization. They are also gaining the capability of fighting extremely dangerous situations.
  • Unlimited applications have been now developed with AR for making education-sector much more sophisticated and advanced. These applications are easy to download and operate, and thus students would enjoy using them for learning various useful educational things or stuff.

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How is AI reshaping education?

It is worth mentioning here that hybrid mobile app development is a great blessing of AR-technology. This gift has encouraged more students toward receiving remote education. Technical knowledge or skills of students have increased with AR. Students can now comfortably use smartphones for extracting different valuable facts. These facts have enabled their minds making many new inventions or discoveries. Intense impacts of AR have been recently noticed over different education-related sectors, and those sectors are as follows:

  • Excellent learning by using AR-textbooks

Moreover, AR-textbooks are also easy to read and understand. Just by having access to online-applications these books can be accessed. You can now receive books at your desirable formats by using AR-technology. Innumerable universities or educational institutions are now using these books for teaching students.

  • AR-gaming for students

Nowadays, many gaming-apps have been invented based on AR-technology. These AR based games are completely knowledge-based, and thus they can easily fulfill the educational requirements of students. Students would also love playing these games as they are highly enjoyable and full of fun.

  • Advanced and customized learning ambiance

Distance learning

Online-learning can be easily promoted With AR-technology. Students are interacting with virtual-teachers for receiving online-classes on their respective subjects.

AR in classrooms

AR-apps have transformed traditional classrooms into absolutely advanced ones where students are receiving all kinds of solutions from the apps only.

Advertising in Marketing

AR-tours are now getting organized for increasing enrolment and for finding students finding out best ways around campus.

Interactive learning

Interactive-exercises can represent learning materials to students in the best possible manner. This kind of learning is mostly useful for biological, physics and engineering students. In this case, highly interactive and advanced AR-applications are used for studying illustrated-books properly. This is how active-learning can be easily stimulated.


Visual-imageries are used for communicating both concrete and abstract ideas. Both 3D models and 2D illustrations are included for representing these imageries. Nowadays, colleges, schools, universities or other related education institutions are using these advanced imageries for comfortable and easy learning of students. Students can easily understand these imageries.

How is AR utilized in education?

For better education, now students are using some of the most advanced and technically sound AR-applications. These applications enable students grabbing learning-materials in a significant way. Some potential applications are as follows:

  • AR-applications seem to be the best tools for modern learning. Hybrid mobile app development has given birth to these applications. These applications get automatically upgraded without involving any manual effort. Moreover, the settings can be easily customized for satisfying learning requirements.
  • Simulations are being equipped with multiple amazing characteristics like trial-and-error, ease and availability learning, cost reduction and safe practices. Any situation can be understood with clarity by means of these automated simulators.
  • Real-time translators can be used for translating texts into images. Advanced AR-apps can help you in recognizing presented images translated from texts.
  • 3D-models are very much supportive in modern-day learning. These models are simply amazing and can create great inquisitiveness in students.
  • Educational itineraries have been considered as the best AR-tool for education. These itineraries can add information about exhibitions, museums, place, and others. Also, these itineraries are utilized in varied educational projects in formats like audios, videos, images, and animations. The best thing is that these are quite cheap and thus can be easily used in classrooms of all types.

Students of all levels can grab endless educational scopes with the introduction of AR-technology. Moreover, the solutions are not only inexpensive but are also robust indeed. AR-capabilities are enormous, and recently AR strength is getting enhanced with the outstanding efforts of specialists working on it.

As a result, both teachers and students are getting highly inspired and motivated by AR-applications. These applications have restored study concentration of students. Students can now even use these applications at home for easy learning in private. They can remember chapter contents for a long time. Visual images create a massive impact on students' minds.


Live chats vs. chatbots: Which one to include in web development for best customer experience?



Developing a business app and website is not enough. Businesses hire best mobile app developers and website developers for the organization. As we know, every business needs a website. There are many advantages to having a website for your business. It offers brand recognition. A website increases the online presence of the brand.


Users can interact with your business anytime they want through websites. Websites offer complete information about the brand and business for 24x7.


These were the benefits of having a business website. Having a website indicates professionalism. Even a small business can benefit from websites. It helps you get global brand recognition. Hire a professional team for web development company.


But just developing a website is not enough. Before starting the web development company, businesses must consider some facts:


  • Users form an opinion about the websites in just 0.05 seconds. That is too fast!
  • The reason behind 94% of negative website feedback is poor web design.
  • Just like mobile apps, 88% of users are less likely to return to the website after a bad experience.
  • As per a study report, 96% of Americans shop online.
  • 82% of smartphone users research online before making any purchase. Source: Forbes.

All the above stats indicate the importance of high-quality websites. While developing a website, it is important to take care of content, design, UI, UX and much more. There are certain must-have features every website should have.


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These features include notifications, search option, call option, and chat option. Every business must have a support option. Honestly, this is least needed in small-scale business websites. As these websites do not have a big team to manage. Such small businesses are run by very few people and do not require online chat supports.


When we talk about support, it means we are being available to solve all customer queries in real time. There are various ways a business can provide support to the customers. Emails, chats, and calls are used for support.  It is highly important to offer great support to the end users. If not, the user can run to the competitors.


Most of the users are liking the option of chats instead of call and emails. The reasons are simple. Email interactions are time-consuming! As mentioned, users require real-time support and cannot wait long for answers. The calling option is also not so in trend as users need to pay for calling. Plus, there can be several disturbances in the calls.


For above all these reasons, the main reasons are that people avoid talking personally. They find it easy to communicate through chats. Online chat support has increased customer satisfaction rate by 73%.


Why customer experience and customer satisfaction is necessary? The above-mentioned stats indicate how difficult it is to impress users. Developers should take care of every minute detail. Social media has made it easy to spread the popularity of any brand in less time. Vice versa, a user can post bad reviews about the company or website. Hence it is highly important to offer an excellent user experience.


If a customer is satisfied, he will tell fewer people about the good experience. whereas, if the customer has had a bad experience, he will tell more people about it. A user who has had bad customer experience will tell more and more people about it.


There are two ways organizations can offer chat support. Chatbots and live chats. Gone are the days when companies hired resources for chat support. With the growing technology, companies can use chatbots for the same purpose. Chatbots are nothing but robots.


How live chat works?


Any user with some query or complaint can initiate the chat. The query is answered by a live chat agent. A certain amount of queries are assigned to every live chat agent. The executive analyses the issue or query and suggests the best solution to it.


How do chatbots work?


In chatbots, machines interact with users. It works independently from human operators. Developers formulate the chatbots with a certain set of answers. These machines are trained in such a way that they analyze the query and find out the best suitable answer for it. Though chatbots understand the only programming language, it interacts in natural language and responds like a real person.


In this article, we are going to explain the advantages of both; chatbots and live chats.




1.Fast response:     


The best part about chatbots is the fast response it offers. As these are machines working on artificial intelligence technology, the response time is much faster than human operators. Any customer using chatbots expects an instant solution. Real-time problem solving an important feature. This feature can definitely improve the customer experience. Users get real-time solutions to their queries.


Chatbots answer before the question is even completed. That's why response time is better in chatbots. Chatbots can solve more queries in less time due to high speed. No need to keep users on hold for a long time.





In live chats system, if an agent has to solve a hundred queries in a day, there are high chances of many queries being unanswered. Customers can get frustrated due to this experience and can run to your competitor. Chatbots are the saviors. You need not to install more than one chatbot. A single chatbot can take care of the multiple queries at the same time.


3.No human supervision:


The biggest benefit of chatbots is that it does not require human supervision. In any business, the biggest problem faced is lack of skilled resources. Companies find it difficult to hire skilled support executives. In such cases, chatbots can be the best option. Chatbots once installed do not require any kind of supervision. It works on its own as programmed for several hours.


Many live chat agents get bored of answering same queries again and again. Plus, operators need some breaks such as tea break, lunch break, etc. Chatbots work constantly without human support.


4.Ease of use: 


It is easy to chat with an agent as well with chatbots. Users find it convenient to chat with chatbots as the process is easy. Many times predictive queries are provided. User clicks on the relevant query and does not need to type anything. Companies need to invest money and time to train live chat agents. This is not the case in chatbots. Once the program is fed, chatbots work smoothly. Companies can offer training to chatbots also.



It is difficult to find skilled resources for the live chat. The recruitment becomes more difficult when you are hiring for night shifts. It is hard to find skilled live chat agents for different shifts. Chatbots can operate anytime and as long as you want them to work. This is suitable for global clients. If your business is available for 24x7, it can enhance customer experience.

6.Cost efficient: 


A company which gets around 2000 queries a day, needs a lot of skilled live chat agents. Hiring the big number of resources requires a lot of investment. That is not all. Companies need to train each one of them about the processes. Companies can avoid recruitment cost and training cost. Because Chatbots are cost-efficient. As compared to live chat agent costs, buying a chatbot is an effective solution. Only one chatbot is enough. Once installed, chatbots work efficiently.

Live chats:


1.Difficult queries: 


A chatbot can answer only specific and easy queries. After all, the chatbots are AI machines and work as programmed. In case of some difficult questions, chatbots might fail to answer. The ability of a Chatbot to reply a query is limited. If you need to give extra training to the chatbots, it can take several months.
Live chat agents can provide a solution to any difficult and complex query. The agents can also put their advice to help the business.

2.Human touch: 


Though chatbots are trained to answer like a real human, it might sometimes annoy the users. The way human interacts and bot interacts is different. What if the query is not about some technical issues? What if the customer is asking for suggestions? Bots cannot offer suggestions as they cannot think out of the box. Developers cannot pre-program such questions. That's why chatbots are not able to answer them.



The biggest benefit of live chat support is that humans can understand languages properly. Assume a scenario. A user has bought a t-shirt and now he wants to return it as the size is not right. He does not know the procedure of returning. He starts a chat with a chatbot. The chatbot communicates in English.
The user’s English is not so good and he has done grammatical mistakes in the query. Will the chatbot be able to answer? Same is the case in spelling mistakes. Live chat agent can assume what the person is trying to say and answer accordingly.


The chatbots are amazing. There are various mind blowing features in chatbots. But it is a fact that support cannot completely rely on chatbots. There is still a solution. Nowadays, AI chatbots have become more advanced. In case of any ambiguities, it connects a call between customer and executives. 


5 Must Know Facts To Keep You Updated with Google Play



Google services are really quite valuable and highly appreciable as they entertain the users to the fullest extent. If you are looking for different kinds of exciting Google services under one roof then nothing can be the best option other than relying on Google Play. This specific entertainment-hub combines Google applications, movies, books, and music.

Digital contents of Google Play are easy to download, and you can enjoy them for long on your android devices. Google LLC has developed this outstanding platform for Google services.  It is nothing but a fully furnished and updated digital-media store. You can find both free and chargeable applications in this store.

The features of Google Play are incredibly flexible to deal with and thus smooth application downloads are possible.  Payment options offered are also quite flexible and secured, and thus users can safely complete transactions for buying different useful applications for entertainment.

Fact no. 1: How Google Play operates?

Now, Google Play has become the heartbeat of the Android world. It can be accessed from many countries, and the best part is that it has greater compatibility with any sort of Android-based Smartphone in this world. This feature has made Android users all across the globe much happy and satisfied. It has now led to an improved cross-platform mobile app development.

Android market, Google ebook store, and Google music together have created Google Play. If you think that you can only get the facility of buying apps, books, movies, and music from the store of Google Play, then the information is incomplete. Purchased items can be even stored over the cloud. In fact, this is one of the most vital reasons that most Android-users are finding Google Play store so very interesting.

Moreover, both mobile and web stay synced if you purchase anything from the store. On the other hand, if you take a movie on rent over your Android device, then the same will get available over your desktop as well. Since the purchases from the Google Play store are completely on cloud, therefore they will not eat-up your phone, laptop or computer's storage-space at all.

Fact no. 2: Real facts about Google Play services:

Many users still think that Google Play services are nothing but any form of application, but this is completely untrue. These services are utilized for updating Google-applications and other applications available over Google Play.  This specific component offers absolutely core functionality especially Google services authentication, access to updated privacy-settings of users, synchronized contacts, and low-powered and high-quality location-based services.

Your app experiences will become much better with Google Play services. Furthermore, it improves experiences of gaming, offers highly immersive-maps and facilitates offline-searches. With the uninstalling of Google Play services, your downloaded applications might stop working. Google Play services have brought great smartphones revolution in the modern era. Google Play services updates Google-maps and Google-apps especially chrome is automatically.

However, if your application of Google Play services is eating up your battery-charge a lot then, in that case, you should follow a perfect guide from experts.  You can also implement different useful strategies in this regard. It is due to the advantage of Custom ROMs especially LineageOS that smartphones can be now smoothly operated without Google applications and services. Google Play services enable users using the upgraded app versions without making any manual efforts. But all applications are not included rather only Google-brewed applications are found in the list.

To be more precise, if you want to enjoy using Google-applications for long, then you have to use Google Play services by default.

Fact no. 3: Easy app installation because of Android and Google Play store integration:

Google Play has now facilitated free and smooth download and usage of desirable applications of games, music, movies, books, and others. Within a few seconds, users can download any application without any hassle. Above 20,000 songs can be stored within Google-Music. Only their names will be changed, but their contents will remain intact. Uploaded movies from Google-movies can be now easily accessed within the cloud. The application of Play-Movies functions solely as a rental movie service. You can now avail Google-services directly from your Android-store.

Initially, play-store was the only shop for Google-services, but now Android-store is also providing the same facility. It is really quite an excellent advantage for all Android-users. In the upcoming days, Android-market will be represented by Play-Store, Google-Music will be treated as Play-Music, Google-Movies will get converted into Play-movies and e-bookstore will get transformed into Play-Books.

Google will automatically push all these updates to you; otherwise, you can surely install all of them with manual effort. Cross-platform mobile app development has resulted out of the outstanding integration of Google Play store and Android.

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Fact no. 4Google Play for non-Android users:

Now, non-Android users can also get the privilege of using Google Play, and the news has really created a massive buzz in the market of smartphones. Cloud-based content-management has made it possible for non-Android-users to make the fullest use of Google Play and its valuable services. Now, your rented music or movies can be easily accessed over your personal computer. You have to keep constant vigilance on the sites of reputed top mobile app development companies for receiving latest updates regarding how non-Android users can gain more advantages from the usage of Google-services.

Fact no. 5Impressive user interface:

The interface of Google Play is very much user-friendly in nature, and this is the very reason that users smoothly operate it without experiencing any obstacles or inconveniences. This is how Google Play has gained a high rating and ranking online. Millions of satisfied customers have given positive reviews about it which have inspired a lot more prospects. The strategies of app-store optimization have improved its ranking day by day.

Now, searching desirable app under specific category is no more a difficult task rather it is pretty easier than ever. In fact, app-store optimization has encouraged the growth of more and more advanced applications that have automatically improved user-experience at the end of the day. Developers cannot always regulate off-data factors of this optimization procedure but of course, can influence the same.

On the other hand, consistency of app-performances has improved customer-experience to a great extent. Google Play developer is always ready to resolve the customer queries, hence, sees an increase customer-engagement. Here, incredible backlinks also contribute to the overall functionality and credibility of Google-apps.

Every moment something new is getting added, and this is one of the most predominant causes for the popularity of the Google Play store. Top mobile app development companies are now including the valuable services of Google Play for attracting more customers from the different target audience.

The developer of the Google PlayStore follows a perfect guide for arranging the applications properly. Special app-analytics are applied for improving the user experience. If you want to make your business popular within a short tenure, then you can definitely take the assistance of Google PlayStore.

Current records have revealed that many businesses have already gained enormous success from this store. You just have to utilize the platform in an optimized manner for gaining success. Your concepts or ideas will be showcased prominently and transparently with the help of this popular platform for digital contents.

Top 7 Features of Every HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine App

We all are aware of the fact that most of the Android app development services have at least once developed a healthcare app. The percentage of healthcare apps is increasing every year. In this category, the fitness apps are also involved. The HIPAA compliant healthcare apps are all about hospital data storage apps, fitness apps, diet apps, fasting apps, sleeping apps, walking tracker apps, and telemedicine app.


As per a research, the mHealth technology market is all set to grow by 30 percent by the year 2020.

As per the same research, the mHealth technology market will reach 60 billion US dollars by the year 2020.

93 percent of doctors stated that mobile healthcare apps can improve the health of patients in an effective way.

In 2016, 70 percent of physicians used mobile devices to manage their appointments and patients.


What is a telemedicine app?


A telemedicine app is something that allows doctors to treat their patients on phone. As per a research, 75% of cases are very basic and can be easily treated on phone. The users can get treated with a telemedicine app in a convenient way. Almost all apps have a common objective of saving cost and saving the time of users. Similarly, the telemedicine apps also have this objective. With these objectives, the telemedicine apps are offering many more features. In this article, let us discuss the important features of a telemedicine app and why you should develop one. Be it Android app development or iOS app development, telemedicine apps have a great scope in the IT market.


1. E-appointment:

The telemedicine app should allow every user to book an e-appointment. Users can follow simple steps to get an e-appointment. The user can select the available doctor and request for an appointment. If the doctor is fine with that timing, the appointment gets booked. The app should show all the timings and shifts of doctors with their specializations.


2. Video calling:

Would not that be great if you can talk to your doctor on call instead of personal visits? There are many patients who are not able to visit the hospital due to one and another reason. The best way to help such users is to offer a video calling facility. In this feature, the user of the app can interact with the doctor and get the treatment. If the issue is nominal and does not need immediate action, the doctors can give temporary solutions.


3. Messaging:

Just the way you can call your doctor, the app offers a messaging feature. The app development services can allow doctors and patients to interact with real-time messaging. Most of the patients visit hospitals and clinics for nominal problems. If the user can simply chat with the doctor, he can get the best treatment over the problems. Make sure the app offers real-time messaging features. Offer set of messages to deliver extra ease in the app. The messages can be greeting messages such as Hi, Good day, Good morning, etc. Or there can be basic questions such as "When is the right time to contact you?", "What do these symptoms mean?” All such set of messages can offer greater ease in messages. Make sure you keep it simple and easy to understand. Because the users of this app can be anyone from old citizens to less qualified people.


4. Photo based consultation:

Patients with skin problems can use this feature. Since the feature allows you to share images, you can ask for any abnormal skin patches, or eye problems, etc. Photo based consultation one of the most effective features since it is very convenient. If there is a skin problem or eyes problem, the calling or messaging cannot be impactful. In such cases, the patient can send photos. The doctors can analyze the problem through images and suggest medicines.


5. Prescriptions:

It is observed that most of the medicine confusions occur due to unclear prescriptions. There are so many cases where patients did not understand prescriptions and bought incorrect medicines. The handwritten prescriptions can be confusing. Also, patients might not understand the lengthy prescriptions as it is difficult to remember. In such cases, the e-prescriptions can help patients understand the exact medicines. The app should be able to offer prescriptions in a systematic manner.


6. Online payment:

This feature is extremely important. Android app development and iOS app development services build telemedicine apps to save patients’ time as well as doctors’ time. When the treatment can be done online, there should be an option of online payment too. Developers can integrate third-party payment apps. Developers can also offer debit card payments and credit card payments. If the client requires, the developers can offer the in-app feature of online payment. The mobile apps should display the bill and also offer a receipt after successful payment of the bill. Later the user can download the receipt and submit it to claim for insurance.


7. Make it HIPAA compliant:

Now you must be wondering what is HIPAA? HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This is an excellent step taken for fighting with fraudsters. The regulation is created by authorities and has made health insurance coverage more efficient. You can offer transport encryption and storage encryption.



The technology is helping every sector and the telemedicine apps can serve excellent solutions to the patients as well as doctors. Make sure you offer excellent user interface and try to enhance user experience. Always hire app developer to develop telemedicine apps. Make sure the app is HIPAA compliant to achieve great success.





What you must know about keychain and hashing while considering iOS app security

iOS App Security

An essential part of iOS application advancement isn't the structure. It is not the highlights you include or even the client encounter. Unquestionably the, most important piece of iOS application improvement is application security. Information robbery is a noteworthy risk in the present advanced scene. The whole Cambridge Analytica disaster is an eye-opener in regards to information robbery and cyber security. The iOS app developers need to take care of their application security now like never before.

So today, we will discuss the essential iOS security measures. They are the ones each engineer should take. In this way, they can protect their application from cybercriminals strike. If not, then it can be hugely risky for users. Apple considers security as an essential point. It subsequently gives a few APIs that protects iOS applications. They also utilize an arrangement of cryptographic hashing techniques and the iOS Keychain.

In this post, we will plunge into the rudiments of iOS security. You'll know some fundamental cryptographic hashing techniques. It will help you to store client contribution to the iOS keychain safely. In this way, you can keep your clients' information private and protected.

Let us go ahead and acquaint you with additional about these security components:

  • Keychain:

iOS Keychain is a specific database for securing metadata and delicate client data. They are like encryption keys, passwords, endorsements and other little bits of information. You can define keychain as the ideal approach to store small pieces of necessary information. If an application demands access to a keychain, it will perform some security checks. It will ensure that some other apps it doesn't trust, can't get to the info secured in its keychain. You can make, include, erase and alter keychains.

You may think of utilizing more comfortable arrangements like base-64 encoding client secret phrase. For you, installing them in User Defaults might be sufficient to secure your application. Is it so? You need to re-evaluate. Cybercriminals can, with ease break into that dimension of security and remove essential data. Regarding iOS application security, you must utilize the most noteworthy iOS apparatuses accessible to you.

Keychains, notwithstanding passwords, additionally store cryptographic keys. They also possess content strings and declarations. You can lock a whole keychain, making it unthinkable for anybody to open it. Decoding it without a secret password is impossible. It guarantees that applications with authorization only can gain admittance to the protected information. Irrespective of any situation, it could be just you who can access it.

When a client signs in, there will be a request for a secret keychain password. Once the client keys-in the password, the information will open subsequently. For helping clients, the keychain unlocks while opening the gadget. It implies that the client can utilize as long as he/she is there.

For making things significantly more helpful, a solitary keychain is open to all applications. It is accessible to inside an iCloud keychain. When the client signs out, the keychain clears. It eradicates all information that one can re-enter again or download from a web server.

Utilizing keychain in quick could turn out to be a marginally repetitive undertaking. Here, Apple makes things favorable for its iOS app developers. You can abstain from utilizing low dimension APIs and security systems written in C. You may use a Quick wrapper from Apple's example code GenericKeychain. 

  • Cryptography:

Keychain is a sure shot approach to store touchy information safely. However, it no way means you are complete with iOS security. While putting away information in a keychain, you have to scramble it exceptionally well. Saving your passwords is never a smart thought. Once an assailant figures out how to hack Apple's keychain, it is real trouble. He can discover your passwords and other touchy data lying open in that spot. That is the reason you have to utilize a solid encryption technique. 

There are a couple of methods for doing this. Initially, you could utilize Apple's CommonCrypto structure to do this. It gives low dimension C support to encryption and unscrambling. CommonCrypto can be somewhat hard to associate with, mainly if you are running Swift.  Regardless of the dimension of security and adaptability, keychains add a layer of multifaceted nature. Here it can be bit complex for iOS engineers of app development companies.

On the other hand, you could go for CryptoSwift. It is a well known and developing an accumulation of standard and secure cryptographic calculations. All of their implementations happen in Swift. CryptoSwift is an open source framework. It gives far-reaching backing to the vast majority of your application security concerns.

  • Hashing:

A cryptographic hash takes every one of your information and changes it into compact size yield esteem. An excellent hash work should be trying to reproduce or rearrange. It should likewise be interesting, ensuring that no other information esteem could create a similar yield. In Swift, there exists a convention called Hashable. It necessitates that each component that is agreeable with Hashable must have a hash value.

The hash value is a whole number that is the equivalent. SHA-1 is the most ideal in hash work. It is a calculation created by the US Government. SHA-1 produces a 160-piece hash from any information up to 2**64 bits long. Then again, you may likewise utilize SHA-2, MD5 or elliptic-bend based calculations among others.

Salting is the other piece of hashing, to make your information significantly more indistinguishable. It doesn't matter even if a programmer manages to rupture it. Salt is arbitrary information that is a contribution to your knowledge. It subsequently hashes it into undecipherable letter set soup for any individual without a key. Utilizing Salt consequently builds the intricacy of the hash. It makes a programmer's activity considerably more troublesome.


There are a vast amount of other security practices available. It can keep your iOS application advancement in a state of harmony with the most recent security conventions. You can call keychain and hashing as the essential touchstone of iOS security. The article is an introduction for illustration your consideration towards iOS application security.

We share a large measure of data about ourselves on the web, particularly applications. Today, app development companies have a mammoth errand on their code-using hands. Fortunately, there are some unique instruments, calculations, APIs and libraries available.

They will enable you to carry out your activity well. Presently is an incredible time to be an iOS engineer and you will appreciate it. Never overlook anything on keeping your applications safe. After all, protection should be the primary concern for your data. It can be the determinant of the rise or fall of your business. 

Must follow trends of SEO for 2019



Do you have a website? Did you develop the website to get more leads? Have you spent a lot of dollars to design and develop the website? Do you regularly add amazing blogs on your website? Do you offer amazing services or product line? Still, you are not getting any leads? You need SEO!


Search engine optimization is a world-famous term. Organizations hire SEO experts to get good rankings. SEO executive is a great career option. But that's also a big responsibility.  


Search engine optimization is all about keywords, rankings, backlinks and unique content. The process of bringing your web pages on the first page of Google search is what you call SEO. If your business is not shown on the first page of Google, you are not going to get any leads from the internet. The best part about search engine optimization is that you can have your web pages on the first page of Google.


Almost 90 percent of people refer internet for purchasing. People not only buy regular stuff by researching online but also search on Google for big purchases.


Browsers have a certain algorithm that decides the working procedures of search engine optimization. Let us see some interesting statistics about search engine optimization.


  • Google accounted for around 79% of all global desktop search traffic.
  • Google receives around 63000 searches per second every day.
  • Most of the Google searches take place on mobile.
  • As per the report, high-quality content and link building are the two important factors that decide your ranking on Google.
  • As per a research was done by Moz, articles of more than thousand words rank well on Google.
  • 82% of marketers stated that search engine optimization is the most impactful digital marketing form.
  • Google has noticed two times increase in “near me” searches.
  • As per a report generated by HubSpot, 30% of mobile searches are related to a location.
  • In the year 2018, most of the companies allocated 41% of marketing budget to online marketing.

Since all the browsers keep updating the search engine optimization algorithms, it is important for digital marketing people to keep track of all the new trends. digital marketing is all about following the latest trends and applying them in the campaigns.


In this article, we are going to see what are going to be the trends of SEO in the year 2019.


1 Voice search


Google's voice search capture ability is 90%. The famous voice assistants are Google Assistant, Siri Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, etc. it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020. The first trend to notice in their 2019 is voice search optimization. The voice assistant devices are smart devices that work on voice recognition technologies. Developers have used artificial intelligence and machine learning for voice assistants. Imagine that you are driving in traffic and you are lost.


To get the correct directions, will you be typing the destination on your phone? Isn't that easy to talk to your phone and ask it for the right directions and keep your both hands on the steering wheel? SEO executive needs to focus on featured snippets, schema metadata, local SEO and long tail voice-oriented keywords. As per research, it is found that voice-oriented keywords are long tail. People try to keep it short when they type and like to keep it long when they say it. Marketers should focus on optimizing local voice search and conversational keywords.


2 Video content optimization


Companies experienced 41% of increased web graphics after involving videos in their strategies. The popular types of videos input explainer tutorials, brand films, vlogs, etc. YouTube is the most used video sharing platform. Marketing should use the video sitemap to inform search engines about metadata. Since the most active video audience is millennials, it is important to focus on that age group. Video content will be crawled directly.


3 Linkless backlinks


We know you all try hard to earn backlinks. Let us tell you how backlinks work. Businesses get backlinks from other businesses. Google entertains only backlinks from relevant websites to avoid paid backlinks. Whenever a website link is used in some blogs or any other content, the website gets better rank.


But in the year 2019, you will not see the typical backlinks. If your website is mentioned anywhere without a hyperlink, it will still help you get a better ranking. Bing has already allowed this and Google has started working on it. This epic change will change the backlinking game broadly.


4 Quality content


We know this is the most famous trend. Though this sounds old school, the content is going to be there in the list of trends of SEO forever. As mentioned previously in this article content is the only way to get better ranking. Make sure you offer quality content. Don't just post for the sake of ranking. Write unique content that will help you get more traffic. Users prefer reading only informational content. Make sure your content marketing techniques are inbound.


5 More focus on mobile


Accelerated mobile pages are still over of the most used trends in SEO. More than 50 percent of searches are done on mobile. It is obvious that amp gets an entry in the list of trends for SEO 2019.


6 Top 5 spaces on Google searches


It is getting difficult every day. First, it was all about the first page. The last space was also fine. But now it is the first 5 spaces. The latest research shows that most of the users select services that are in the first five spaces of Google.


7 Artificial intelligence

How can we miss artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence has always been a priority for all marketers. Artificial intelligence is used to gain users data and analyze it. AI helps marketers to understand what are preferences of users, their browsing history, their details such as age, gender, economic status, etc. Marketers can understand the users and their needs. As per the needs, the marketers can offer exact services. AI helps in improving the user experience.




SEO is all about the latest trends in the market. The higher rankings can help you more quality leads. SEO is preferred since it offers organic leads and the cost involved is minimal.

Ultimate Tips to Develop a Mobile Survey App


Mobile screens are relatively smaller. Hence, planning for a mobile overview application is not the same as outlining a review for the website. The Android App developers must remember the underneath practices when designing a survey for a mobile application:

In the first place, distinguish whom you are focusing on the mobile overview application, so you recognise their necessities.


Make your inquiries shorter, expel unnecessary words.

Maintain a strategic distance from expansive content boxes, long drop-down boards, and a great alternatives list for a different decision question. These are difficult to oversee on small screens.

Try not to make the client look here and there for reacting to your overview.

=> Break the review into little segments.

=> Dodge pictures and recordings, they may devour battery and mobile information.

=> Utilise a mobile information gatherer application rather than an internet browser-based overview.

=> Test your review of all critical mobile stages.


Distinctive ways to deal with making a mobile review app

There are diverse ways to deal with the build up a handy review application. You and your ios app developer's decision rely upon how rapidly you have to get it up and to run. It also depends on and how gifted your group is.

If you need to reveal your mobile review application quick, you would probably need a methodology that requires a minimal measure of improvement. Then again, if you need a lot of customisation, at that point, you should need to code everything in-house.


Here, you have to make the accompanying choices

=> Standardise a configurable mobile study application to execute your overview prerequisites;

=> Fabricate a mobiles study application utilising accessible programming improvement units (SDKs);

=> Utilise a study instrument Programming interface and a Mobile Backend as an Administration (MBaaS);

=> Do everything yourself.


Make a Mobile Review Application utilising Overview Supplier SDKs

A few mobile survey suppliers offer their SDKs. In this methodology, Android App developer can make a mobile review application sing an SDK of your decision. You require an advancement group and your group needs to take in the SDK. Notwithstanding, it's altogether less demanding than the Do-It-Without anyone's help (DIY) approach.

Construct a Mobile Survey Application WITH APIS AND MBAAS

You can construct your mobile survey application with study supplier APIs. The methodology is harder than utilising SDKs if you have to incorporate overview APIs yourself.

Additionally, you presently need to deal with your mobile backend. Mobile backend administration can be convoluted if your group isn't exactly experienced in it. You have to oversee the foundation, stockpiling, client administration, and client validation. There is also a simpler alternative, i.e. MBaaS.

Since you have your mobile survey programming interface, we have to come back to the subject of MBaaS!

Here are a few choices on which you can settle

  • Google Firebase:

It's a notable MBaaS supplier, and the might of Google will most likely make it far more grounded in the days to come. They offer their administrations in three classes, i.e. 'Create', 'Develop', and 'Win'. They provide a complementary plan, and afterwards, there are excellent designs.

  • Apple CloudKit:

 It's useful for the iOS stage and lets you effectively coordinate with other Apple stages. Nonetheless, it doesn't bolster some different scene.

  • Kinvey:

Gartner Enchantment Quadrant 2018 report names them as a "Visionary" among MBaaS suppliers, and for valid justifications. They give an exceptionally expansive arrangement of MBaaS administrations. They likewise give extraordinary learning assets, making it simple for you.

  • AWS MBaaS:

Amazon is incredible with the cloud, and that usually settles on the AWS MBaaS a decision worth considering. They likewise offer a vibrant arrangement of administrations. MBaaS isn't anything but difficult to learn.

  • SashiDo:

Parse was an exceptionally well known MBaaS supplier; however, they shut in 2017. SashiDo bases on the Parse code base and merely works like Parse. Numerous ios app developers were incredible aficionados of Parse, and they cherish SashiDo! Notwithstanding offering all standard MBaaS administrations, they likewise have an excellent client bolster!


How to construct a Mobile Reviews Application at a basic level with no outside help?

Notwithstanding planning your mobile application review, you first need to construct a skilled improvement group. You ought to have the accompanying aptitudes in your group:

1. UI/UX plan.

2. Programming interface advancement – It is advisable that you create Tranquil APIs, they have demonstrated their strength.

3. Portable backend programming.

4. Portable backend framework administration.

5. Testing and QA.

6. Administering Projects.


Contingent upon your topography, labour cost could be high, and the general sticker price for your venture could thus be high. Once more, contingent upon the nearby work showcase, a portion of the above abilities could be premium aptitudes, and sourcing assets could be a test. Consider getting expert help.

You have to get the correct devices for your task, e.g: 

Think about experienced development groups for your undertaking administration and group coordinated effort.

A testing structure for your Soothing Programming interface is recommended. If you want, you can consult with experienced professionals regarding this as well. 

Since this is portable overview application improvement starting with no outside help, you have to design your Programming interface well and report it for future simplicity of administration. Swagger is a good option for recording your APIs.

The above isn't a thorough rundown, contingent upon the multifaceted nature of your app; you may need to utilise more devices.

You have to run the undertaking with a couple of parallel tracks, e.g. front-end improvement, programming interface advancement, and back-end coding can continue in parallel. Excellent venture administration is essential, for legitimate coordination among groups.

Similarly, as you are building up your front-end, APIs, and back-end code without any preparation, you currently likewise need to deal with another critical perspective all alone. You have to get a decent facilitating answer for your mobile survey application.



Your expense to assemble a mobile review application shifts fundamentally relying upon the methodology you take. For the first two methods, SaaS suppliers give their valuing table. MBaaS suppliers likewise give valuing stands, so that you can get a reasonable thought of your expense for the third methodology.

In any case, you have to construct a group and oversee it in the fourth methodology, not at all like the other three where specialist organisations give you their costs. Your expense for the suitable methods will depend significantly on your topography and local work situations.

How Mobile Banking Apps Can Help Banks Lead Competition?

Mobile Banking App development company

55.1 percent of the world's population is having internet access. Most of the internet users access it on mobile and smartphones. The smartphones have so many so many interesting apps that bring an ease in the user’s life.

There are different types of apps in the play store of Android and app store of Apple. There are different types of mobile apps. There are financial apps, on-demand apps, event apps, games, real-time messaging apps, etc. since the number of apps is increasing, the competition between app developers is also increasing. But in this run of best mobile app development, one industry is taking maximum advantage of apps. Banking sectors have now started focusing more on mobile banking apps rather than physical services.

In the USA, banking apps are in the list of most used apps. Some banks in the USA are even reducing the number of branches. The main motto behind the reduction of physical branches is to offer users with all the facilities at home. The best advantage of banking apps is time-saving features.

Almost all bank apps have certain amazing features that can save a lot of time of customers as well as bank employees.  In this article, we will see how banks are using mobile banking apps to sustain the high-level competition. Banks can not only sustain the competition but also lead it with the help of mobile banking apps.

1. Fast loading apps

People no more tolerate slow processing. Users are spending dollars on smartphones with good RAMs. the reason is that they need great speed. While developing a mobile banking app, mind the speed. Make sure your app is loading faster.

2. Improved customer experience

The mobile banking apps offer some amazing features that certainly improves customer experience. Mobile banking app users can send and receive money in real time. The mobile banking apps work on the internet and hence can process the payments faster. It is important to make sure the transaction features are easy to use.

Not all bank app users are tech-savvy. Make sure that even a non-technical person can fall in love with the app. The app users can access the app and transact the amount any time of the day. Customers need not visit banks in working hours.

3. List of monthly expenses

This feature is gaining good space in the mobile banking app development market. The feature simply calculates all the transactions of the month. It calculates the total and displays a report. This feature can be beneficial for people who have a poor sense of saving. Those who want to track their monthly expenditures can use this feature of apps.

4. Reminders

Every regular banking app user does some transactions of a fixed amount every month. This transaction can be for bills, rent, insurance premium, SIP of mutual funds, EMIs of loans, etc. It becomes a headache when we forget our monthly financial liabilities.

The bank can even fine users for not paying the expected amount on time. The banking mobile apps are offering reminders for all such expenses and bills. The user gets a pop-up notification about the bill payments. In this way, the user can never forget to pay monthly financial liabilities.

5. Auto pay features

You can see this features in many banking apps. This feature asks users if they wish to turn on the auto-pay option. Apps ask for auto pay option for fixed monthly transactions. By turning on this option, the user need not log in every month and pay the amount. The app itself does the payment from available balance in the account. The user just has to maintain the amount in the bank account.

6. Security

As we know, bank apps are at higher risk of cyber attacks and other security problems. The app developers add different levels of user authentication to ensure the user identity. It uses artificial intelligence to do so.

7. Improved ROI

The mobile banking app development is a cost-effective solution. It reduces the cost of banks and improves operational productivity. The visits to physical banks are decreased by 30 percent since the year 2017. Since the year 2016, bank app usage has been increased by 33 percent.

The USA has 57 million mobile banking users. Banks can decrease the paperwork and get more eco-friendly. Banks can also eliminate the need to hire additional workers. Banks can save operational costs of running bank branches. Also, inventory expenses can be reduced with the help of mobile banking apps.

8. Personalization

Every bank app developer understands the importance of personalization. Depending on customer behavior with the banking mobile app developers can offer personalized services. It has been observed that users who get personalized services are more loyal to the bank.

9. Chatbots

These are robots chatting on behalf of banks. Any customer with certain queries can chat with the bots. These chatbots are developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The chatbots are trained on thousands of queries so that it can answer properly. Chatbots are used for minor queries. Also, allow the user to have chat or call with an executive.


It is clear that the mobile banking sector is having a cut-throat competition. It is important to sustain this competition. There are so many banks in the market with great deals. Some of them offer low-interest rates on loan EMIs. some of them offer excellent services. In such a highly competitive world of banks, mobile banking apps can help you lead the competition.


How to Become a Pro WordPress Developer

Become Wordpress Developer


If you have been in the internet world for a while, you know how popular WordPress is these days.

Today, almost every big shot company hires a WordPress expert because they don’t want to settle in for the ordinary. If the concept of WordPress has intrigued you, and you are thinking about becoming a WordPress developer you are in the right place.

It is likely that you might have no clue how you can excel in your path in towards becoming a WordPress developer. You will find some online information on how you can become successful at this, but when it comes to the practical application, it is better to do it methodologically.

To simplify your journey, you need to narrow down your focus and identify your niche. Start with learning as much as you can about web developing and WordPress.

You will be able to achieve the best only if you have that idea through in your mind.

In this article, you will be explained what you will be expected to do as a web developer and what skills you should possess to excel in this particular platform. So before getting into any of this, it is essential to understand:


What a web developer does?

A WordPress developer performs all the necessary coding and develops the website on the WordPress platform. The developer creates and customizes the plugins and themes which help in making the site user-friendly. They have high technical knowledge about CMS codes and tools to develop a website that caters to the needs of the businesses.

A developer works closely with clients and helps them design and maintain their WordPress websites.

Why would you want to become a WordPress developer?

If you have a creative mind, immense passion for coding and designing themes for a website- then this job will be worth the while for you. Whatever your niche is, it will be widely accepted in the WordPress world as different clients have different requirements.


A step by step guide towards becoming a WordPress developer

Step 1: You must understand the skill-set required

Being a WordPress developer can be fun if you know the correct logical ways of doing things. The most vital skill-set required is the knowledge of various programming languages and you should be able to identify which one to implement when. You must be pro at PSD to WordPress services.


Let us understand each one of these languages, one by one:


a) HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

This language is comprised of markup codes, and these codes determine how your website is used. This is the most straightforward language, which helps in designing the title page, paragraph text, headlines and the essential elements which comprise to form the overall first look of your website.

A semantically valid HTML ensures the consistency in the web pages in different web browsers. This requires writing correct syntax which means a developer should have excellent knowledge of HTML syntax and codes.  

b) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is the language of style. This language decides the font size, font style, page layout, click effects, and various other stylistic facets. It makes your website presentable to the audience and helps to adapt to various devices with different screen sizes.

c) PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP does not quite justify its name. It is not only concerned with how your homepage will look, but it is also related to various other functions, including auto-generating files, accessing databases, encrypting data, and much more. With PHP, pages can be password protected which is impossible for other programming languages without implementing extra complex things.

d) MySQL

MySQL stands for Structured Query Language and it is an RDBMS i.e. Relational Database Management System. It is mainly used for storage. WordPress retrieves data from PHP, and it gets stored in MySQL. It is available in two edition: the open source MySQL community server and the proprietary enterprise server.

Step 2: Learn and gather information about WordPress as much as you can.

The more you know the merrier. It is essential to understand how WordPress works and all the vital functions it has to offer. The first thing you should do is set up a Word press sandbox which will allow you to get a first look at the dashboard. You can then play around with the functions in a secure environment. There are many online courses available from where you can expand your knowledge and skills.

Step 3: Find the area of your interest.

The three main components of WordPress are - WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugin.

Theme: How your website looks and feels.

Plugins: Future extensions or modifications in WP.

Widget: appear in the sidebars and deliver specific information.

Once you enter the WP market, you need to focus on any one of the main WP components. It is essential to focus on the aspect that you find intriguing to work upon.

Step 4: Join the WordPress community

Working in isolation can be demotivating. To gain additional development skills and learn new things, it is important to be a part of the WordPress community. You can come across various new ideas of plugins and themes from the developers across the globe. Moreover, it will help you to know about the latest trends and technology in the market. Also, it will open the new opportunities for you by letting you grow your network.


Final Thoughts

WordPress is a vast subject domain which requires a lot of time to learn. The easier it looks the tougher it gets when you understand it deeply. But it is an interesting programming language and comparatively easy than other languages.

If you are passionate about working in a web application development company, then you need these basics skills of developing a prominent website. If you are working as an individual then, you need to be able to deliver the fundamental web development services to your clients.

Developing a basic skillset is the primary asset you need to possess and then gradually widen your skills by analyzing the market trends.

How iPhone App Development Can Help You Increase Your Business Reach?

iPhone app development

How Can iPhone App Development Help You Increase Your Business Reach? We live in the world of instant gratification. Everything we want needs to be delivered to us quicker than 30 mins or one business day. Irrespective of what kind of business you are into, extending into the digital landscape should be considered.  It can be done it multiple different ways, having a social media marketing plan, becoming part of Google AdWords network or creating an app for your business.

For the purpose of this article, its considered that you already have a business. And that you want to take your business into a more tech-savvy route. And, your mobile app is not actually your business venture like Uber or Tinder. This article focuses on exploring how a mobile application can transform or supplement your already exciting business venture. Before you jump on the bandwagon of Mobile apps, a solid word of caution is a must.

You need to do some serious vetting whether or not you really need it. Think about how it's going to increase sales or improve brand engagement. Creating an efficient mobile app is a tedious task. and requires a lot of research about your target market and their consuming habits. For example, if we are talking about US and UK, iPhones have taken over the market. Even though it being second in line to Google's Android when it comes to the sheer quantity of apps.

But with the increase in income and affordable installment schemes, owning an iPhone is a reality for everyone. Apple with its brand identity has managed to become the first preference for most businesses as the go-to platform for Mobile App Development. But I would still recommend that you do a proper vetting of your marketing and sales objective before you get into iPhone app development. So, begin by getting in touch with few consulting and/or iOS app development companies.

Always have an array of companies to choose from when choosing your developer team. Here are few ways in which iOS applications transform your business and help you achieve your goals. Ways in which apps help your business: If your app is not the center of your service, you will have to find ways to get your customers to get onto your app. So, creating additional value must be on your mind when you start conceptualizing the app for your business.

Introduce discount coupons and vouchers over the app so that people become more likely to interact with your service via the app. In this way, you will develop a direct communication channel with your customers. This channel can be used to gauge the consuming habits of your target segment in real time.

Just imagine people using ordering from Dominos or McDonalds because they received a discount coupon for the weekend, or for their birthday. Mobile apps have the functionality of accessing your Phones GPS and other sensors and can, therefore, enable more intuitive active customer service.

Also, special features can be innovated with the kind of raw data that will be generated on the user end in the form of log files and unstructured data. Mobile Apps can serve as portals to take your business offerings digital. Imagine being a moving company with your own app and instead of people booking orders only through call they can also do it via an app. Creating mobile apps also help to solidify your business, imagine a laundry app, the app displays the fixed price per 15 lbs of dirty load.

It creates partitions in offerings whether you want to go for the regular service or the express service. In this way, the app clearly lays out the flow of the service they are opting for. They trust the app more because there are no hidden costs, they will get a receipt in their mail, and they can book for the pick-up literally from anywhere. Strengthen your brand image using your app. It will become a hook to get your customers and channel them to our landing pages.

Apps will also enable new dimensions for expansion and even monetization. We also need to keep in mind that iPhone App Development is not just limited to native apps because many people discover your service through the internet. This creates a demand for our web landing pages to be compatible with our mobile screens and provide the same seaming less service experience.


We can go on about the ways you can use a mobile application and integrate it with your business. Even though we are talking about iOS app development most of these solutions can be translated over to other OS. The closing remark should be more about how affordable and practical it is for you to take your business online.

Applications are “front-end” manifestation of data in the “back-end”. So, it's important to understand where this data is coming from. We need to device how to filter this bulk to reach to the required specific data.

Do you know the exact method to valuation any mobile app? Read this out

Do you know the exact method to valuation any mobile app?

Streamlining the activities of the application business will expand the esteem, and add to the more significant achievement of the industry. The vast majority realize that building and maintaining a financially feasible business is stage one, in the end, offering the market for a benefit, yet which particular factors add to application valuation? At the end of the day, how can one esteem an application business?

Understanding the valuation procedure and the different drivers influencing its cost is foremost if you need to base business choices around making esteem.

There are business organizations who have sold more than 500 companies with a joined estimation of countless dollars, running from mid-five figures to $20 million in esteem each. Amid this time they have idealized what has become the online M&A industry's most complex and dependable technique for building up how to esteem an online business.

Understanding the Approach:

The methodology drives the market in its utilization of genuine information and is in a general sense dependent on setting up a figure to precise speak to the business' yearly income, regularly EBITA or SDE (contingent upon the measure of the company) and afterward increasing it by a number dictated by many factors and practically identical organizations sold.

  • The most intricate piece of any arrangement anyway is in the master explore and investigative procedures associated with setting up these two factors. It is here that our valuation procedure demonstrates its actual worth. Every android app development company has as an all-encompassing element while esteeming an application.
  • The ideal approach to comprehending what goes into deciding an application's real cost is a technique that android apps development companies use to play out a valuation on application organizations. Having secured how to esteem a SaaS Business, the latest post in the valuation arrangement covers how to value an application in an extensive investigation of application valuation.


Set up Income as a Standard:

There are a few different ways to decide a business' yearly profit. Companies have discovered that the two most solid techniques to locate the most accurate valuations for application organizations are Vender's Optional Profit (SDE) and Income Before Intrigue, Charges, Devaluation, and Amortization (EBITDA).

Vender's Optional Income is utilized for most applications under $5 million, and can be ascertained using the accompanying abnormal state equation:

As such, SDE is the thing that remaining parts once add up to working costs have been deducted from gross pay, and the proprietor's compensation included back.

The EBITDA Formulae:

The principle explanation behind depending on SDE is that most independent ventures are proprietor worked and, subsequently, proprietor dependent. In this way, a proprietor will frequently pay themselves pay and buy individual things through the business for duty purposes. For uncovering the genuinely hidden benefit capability of a company, you must include costs back to income.

  • Other qualifying strategies incorporate one-time costs, for example, website architecture for the business' site. The business' esteem ought not to be imperilled by a contingent cost that bears no continuous importance to its profit.Esteeming organizations worth more than $5m is more mind-boggling, in any case, so Profit Before Intrigue, Assessments, Deterioration, and Amortization (EBITDA) is a standard solution in such cases.
  • In acquisitions of organizations with over $5m in esteem, EBITDA products are being used only, with income products used additionally in more significant, more key deals.

The EBITDA recipe underneath can be utilized to figure income:

EBITDA= (Revenue – Expenses)+Depreciation+Amortization

Once the SDE or EBITDA esteem figures out, you can move onto building up the valuation various by which the income will be increased to decide the deal cost.

Set up the Valuation Multiples

To ascertain the market value, the dealer ought to expect for the application; a number increases the profit benchmark figure got from the business' development potential, conceivable dangers looked by the new proprietors and other significant variables. Such a factor is alluded to as the valuation different and requires master investigation of each viewpoint encompassing the application business to be figured.

An application's valuation will dependably be most exact when dependent on accurate information as opposed to just theory or the proprietor's pledge, in this manner a quality counsellor will dependably demand proof for the data for each progression of the valuation procedure. If you are questionable about the components that can be utilized to make this confirmation, connect with a mergers and acquisitions consultant for direction.

It’s about showcasing Your Commercial centre Application:

The limited focal point of a specific commercial centre implies that relatively every one of its clients will be a potential client.

A dominant and favourable position of building up a commercial centre application is that numerous clients will routinely peruse a commercial centre searching for exciting applications with which to upgrade their business.

It implies your application will probably be unearthed by watchers who may never have gone searching for it, yet who may think that it's valuable regardless. If your application has an unmistakable depiction of its incentive, is intensely evaluated, and has positive audits, you will probably arouse clients' interests. Every android app development companies understand such logic.

Apply Promoting Best Practices:

It doesn't imply that you can basically get your application into the commercial centre and sit tight for the cash to come in. Showcasing best practices still apply to these sorts of applications, and it's essential that you investigate the ideal advanced advertising choices:

  • Keep up a blog on your application's site and distribute top-notch content on there as often as possible.

Guarantee that you're constructing your substance choices concerning all around looked into catchphrases.

Spotlight on changing over site guests into leads and get them into fitting sustaining efforts. One approach to enhance your client transformation rate is by using demonstrated site improvement apparatuses like GrooveJar.

Have functioning web-based life nearness where you try collaborating with your devotees.

Make utilization of influencers via web-based networking media. Giving prominent social evidence is quick getting to be a standout amongst the best strategies for picking up permeability.

In case you're in a commercial centre that has audited, urge glad clients to abandon your surveys.

Email promoting remains the savviest advertising component, with most as of late accessible numbers demonstrating an average return of $44 for each $1 spent on a very much actualized battle, as per CampaignMonitor.

Include a specialist advanced showcasing office to assist you with the above.


Anything is possible for android apps development companies who need to fabricate a general application business. For whatever length of time that you have recognized a typical agony point and figured out how to convey an incentive to clients in this space, your only requirements are the specialized know-how and the advertising execution.

Settling on a capacity, picking the OS, and discharging an MVP will be the start of the venture; from that point, it's essential to centre around an advanced showcasing system, split testing what valuing models and advertisement methodologies work best for your group of onlookers, and streamlining internal procedures. These are what will, at last, make your application significant.

Certified Developer or Market Approved? Which one to consider while hiring your App Development Agency – The Ultimate Battle

Hiring app development agency

A decade before, every business required to have their website to have a better and visible online presence but many things have now changed. Today mobile phone has become one of the most vital sources for people to look for anything on the internet; mobile apps are making it even more suitable to navigate.

Now all businesses are approaching with their app to race and persist in the market. Mobile apps have made people's life faster and more convenient, and they want to have apps for the whole thing they access on the internet to evade the pain of inaugural the link in the browser continuously. However, opting for the best mobile app agency can be very challenging.

Here are a few essential tips on how to opt for the top mobile app development agency for your business:

Which one to consider while hiring your app development agency?

  • Prior Experience and Work

Experienced and competent developers must be willing to express, what the entire masterwork they’ve crafted till now. Their previous work will provide a clear understanding of whether or not they have the efficiency. Similarly, one can evaluate the quality of plans they’ve worked previously.

Certified developers: Although they have proper certification but lack better work experience sometimes.

Market Approved: It works more like an audience poll, which illustrated on the work experiences.

Market Approved takes the lead, on account of the prior experience.

  • Technical Certification

For every mobile app developer, technical know-how is the primary element, and if they have achieved a certification into a niche technology, nothing can be superior to hire that developer instantly. Because when people evaluate the earlier work, they are not sure whether the entire determination was of that specialized. For a reliable verdict, it’s always best to know if they hold a certification, which genuinely makes a profile very powerful and influential that can assist in the generous assortment.

Certified developers: No matter, they are the top developers in the market, a certificate is what speaks for them.

Market Approved: Every market approved developer may not have a proper certification always.

Here, certified developer counts to one.

  • Can develop apps that work on various platforms? 

Many people have a specific plan to offer only the Android audience? Well, both the platforms are walking parallel to each other with an almost equal number on App in the Stores. The customers are varied and so are their requirements. Also, with the growth in technology, everyone wants an app with good speed and a compatible for various platforms for which they hire app developer that is skilled in developing apps that can work on multiple app platforms, numerous devices and several versions of operating systems.

Certified Developers: One can easily trust the certified developer for specialized work.

Market Approved: It is hard to trust the market approved one no matter the audience poll is 99%, 1% or doubt remains

Certified developers count two.

  • Greater potential to communicate

A seamless project can successfully be achieved, only if the communication between the app owner/client and developer/designer is all-in-one. For each small query or worry, clients need to interact with their developers. So, this call is for smooth communicators, who are always evident in their language, understand well what the customer demands and can respond with the proper insights.

Both the developers may have similar prototypes.

  • Updates on progress/status of the work

Reliable developers are well-intentioned than a remarkably brilliant but careless one. With the variance in time zones, particularly for mobile app developers in India and clients outside, always meet is quite a task. Therefore, make sure that the developer you working with will keep you informed about the work and development of the project.

Although certified developers are right, one cannot get an idea about the workflow, market-approved developers can be considerably more reliable.

  • Understanding of Agile methodology

All top IT companies work with an agile methodology. Developers who are knowledgeable with an agile methodology to app development must be the first choice.

Certified developers are strong sound in the agile methodology.

  • Technical transparency

The superiority of any developer shouldn’t be umpired only on the experience and qualifications. What’s hands-on here is the domain knowledge. Don’t just trust everyone with expertise but watch for developers who are precisely sound. You can talk to them before the ultimate hiring.

In our development process, once a client chooses on a developer, they have excellent control over the doings and tasks for the project development growth.

Certified developers take the lead.

  • Level of innovation

Innovation is a customer-centric economy, and everything that’s valued and demanded by clients is a success, whether you are a startup or any top brand. To stick out, one has to be inventive from the beginning.

Thus, if you opt for an innovative mind, you always achieve efforts to actively and professionally advance with your project, thus enticing more audience base and delivering maximum ROI.

Both can be equally innovative.

  • Explicit coding, standards, and practices

However, for a constant achievement, you should make sure that the developer firmly fulfils with the coding standards and practices.

When you take to interview them, always try scrutinizing more about their coding knowledge. There are myriad instances of poor code damaging a good product, thus never try to fall in that trap. However, it isn’t a one-day interview job but continue checking on the quality of code provided by the developer.

Lead: Certified developers

  • Rapport with Project manager and colleagues

A certified who knows how actually to start working in a team can only continue in the IT industry. The developer you choose should listen to the administrators for the best app development. When there is a chunk in the developer’s mind, he/she should achieve to obtain the assistance of Project manager or any associate who can show up the right solution.

Not in every case, your project development must go through, and for that, a developer must have strong associations with equals and seniors are always the right choice.

Lead: Certified developers.

Certified app developers count six upon 9 which probably states you should opt for it but, should not totally ignoring the market app development agencies.

No matter it is an iPhone app development company or an android, it’s almost similar. Go through comprehensively what are your requirement and analyze the developer from pins mentioned above. It's is quite apparent, no any firm is flawless in itself. You, as a business proprietor, have to bring to light their aptitudes and then deal with their drawbacks.

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