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Simulation and training devices in surgery: Responding to needs – will surg

9.00 am
Registration, tea and coffee

9.30 am

  Professor Mansel Griffiths, President, Technology in Medicine Section, RSM

9.35 am

Presidential introduction
  Mr Peter Brett, President, 
Technology in Medicine Section, RSM

10.00 am

Will surgeons respond
  Professor Bob Woodwards, Professor of Simulation, The Royal College of Surgeons

10.45 am

Tea and coffee break

11.00 am

Experience of simulation in the aviation industry
  Captain Barney Barnett, Deputy Head of Training, CAE Gatwick

11.45 am

Experience in the veterinary field
  Dr Sarah Baillie, The Royal Veterinary college

12.30 pm


1.30 pm

Simulation in surgery, the Imperial College experience
  Professor George Hanna, Imperial College London

2.15 pm

Bristol simulation centre
  Dr David Grant, Director Bristol Paediatric Simulation Programme, Bristol Simulation Centre

3.00 pm

Tea and coffee break

3.10 pm

Advancing technology
  Professor Brian Davies, Imperial College London
  Professor Peter Brett, Brunel University

3.45 pm

Cost implications
  Dr Rajesh Aggarwal, Imperial College London

4.15 pm

Panel discussion

4.40 pm

Closing remarks
  Professor Mansel Griffiths, President, Technology in Medicine Section, RSM

4.45 pm

Completion of evaluation forms

4.50 pm

Close of meeting


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