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Patient Safety 2012: Creating Quality Care for All

Patient Safety 2012: Creating Quality Care for All

Ensuring and safeguarding the safety of patients is an extremely important priority for the health sector. At a time of transition and change for the NHS, making sure that patient needs are prioritised and guaranteeing the best outcomes have been key drivers for reform.
Following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act, the government has put in place plans to reform the structure of the NHS to ensure that it is built around the needs of patients. By putting the patient first, the government believes it can achieve better healthcare outcomes. Key to the governments’ NHS reforms is the introduction of the NHS Commissioning Board. Its key role will be to champion patient involvement. As a result, the patient safety function of the National Patient Safety Agency transferred to the NHS Commissioning Board Authority on the 1 June 2012.
Furthermore, the NHS Operating Framework 2012-13, published 24 November 2011, prioritises the achievement of the MRSA and Clostridium difficile objectives. In January this year the government set new objectives set to reduce MRSA and Clostridium difficile for the NHS. The NHS is being asked to collectively reduce the numbers of infections in 2012-13 on MRSA by a further 29% and Clostridium difficile by 17%.

For more information: http://www.insidegovernment.co.uk/health/safety-patients/

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