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Biosensors to detect antibiotic resistant bacteria

The problems associated with the overuse of antibiotics and the rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria are well known. In recent years, targeted action has resulted in a reduction in infections of MRSA andC difficult, but infections with other types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are now increasing, including strains of E coli and Klebsiella (which causes pneumonia). Half of the 5000 UK deaths from sepsis per annum are due to infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Recently, the UK has seen the appearance of multi-drug resistant forms of Tuberculosis. This form of TB is extremely difficult to treat and requires the application of last-line antibiotics.

In partnership with the Health Technologies and Medicines KTN, the ESP KTN Biosensors group is holding a workshop on new biosensing technologies to identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the challenges associated with implementing these into clinical practice.

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