Health Expectancies at birth by Middle Layer Super Output Areas, England - 2009-2013

Estimates of health expectancy for small area populations based on self-assessed health and self-assessed activity limitation. Differences between small areas allows the scale of inequality to be determined and which areas are statistically significantly higher or lower than the national...

Horizon 2020 Health, Demographic Change & Wellbeing – EU Funding, Research and Collaboration Opportunities for 2016/17

We would like to invite you to an event hosted by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), the Knowledge Transfer Network, the Medical Research Council and the NHS European Office, which is aimed at increasing and encouraging...

Working Time Directive

The European Court of Justice has dismissed, for lack of evidence, the case brought by the European Commission against Ireland for alleged failure to comply with the Working Time Directive for non-consultant hospital doctors. This judgement came as a surprise as it is in contrast to the...

Work-life Balance

The European Commission has developed a roadmap combining a number of initiatives to address the challenges of working parents and work-life balance, including maternity leave.  To read further, please click here . 

Data Protection

EU proposals to revise data protection rules The European Commission is revising the existing EU Data Protection Directive to ensure a more harmonized approach to data protection and privacy across the European Union.  The existing Data Protection Directive has been in...

EU Models of Care

The NHS European Office is working with NHS England to provide support to the Integrated Care Pioneers, vanguards, and Integrated Personal Commissioning sites.    To read further, please click here . 

THE FORWARD VIEW INTO ACTION: Paper-free at the Point of Care - Preparing to Develop Local Digital Roadmaps

Towards the end of last year, the national leadership of the NHS set out in the Five Year Forward View its collective vision to drive better outcomes for patients by harnessing the information revolution.   To read the full guidance, please click here . 

Moving Healthcare Closer to Home

Support for providers and commissioners to make evidence-based appraisals of how the benefits compare with the costs of various approaches to move care closer to home.   To read the full guidance, please click here . 


Code4Health is a programme managed by NHS England to enable the best use to be made of digital tools and technology to deliver safe, high quality, efficient and compassionate care.   To read more on this, please click here . 

Supporting New Models Of Care

There are two things it is certain that we need to do to help address challenges that an ageing population creates for health and care. Firstly, we have to get much closer integration of health and care and move care nearer to the patient. Secondly, we have to leverage digital technology to...

The Future of Digital Health & Care Symposium May 2015 – Event Report

On 22nd May 2015, The Future of Digital Health + Care Symposium brought together representatives of NHS England, the Scottish Government, SMEs, academia and Innovate UK’s ‘dallas’ projects (Delivering Assisted-Living Outcomes At Scale) to discuss the future of Digital...
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