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Personalised diabetes education and care / Open day for applicants

A new Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition is being launched by the Scottish Government and Scottish Diabetes Group, in association withScottish Enterprise, Innovate UK and NHS Scotland, to find innovative new solutions focused on diabetes education and mobile health.
The competition will have two phases.  Phase 1 is intended to show the technical feasibility of the proposed concept. The development contracts placed will be for a maximum of 6 months and up to £30,000  (inc. VAT) per project.  A total of up to £150k (inc VAT) is allocated to phase 1.  Phase 2 contracts are intended to develop and evaluate prototypes or demonstrators from the more promising technologies in Phase 1, and it is anticipated that funding will be up to £150,000 (inc VAT) per project.  A total of up to £300k (inc VAT) is allocated to Phase 2 .  At this stage contracts will be let for Phase 1 only.  Phase 2 is dependent upon successful completion of Phase 1 and may be awarded to selected Phase 1 contractors.  
Applicants should state their goals and outline plan for Phase 2, as an explicit part of the path to full commercial implementation, in their Phase 1 proposal.

Open day

It is intended to hold one Open Days for potential applicants in November in Scotland.   Interested organisations should register interest by mailing sbri_diabetes@gov.scot by 10 November 2015. 

How to apply

The deadline for applications is 12.00pm (noon) GMT on 6 January 2016. In order to apply you must register with the SBRI for the competition by 12.00pm (noon) GMT on 30 December 2015.
When you register you will be sent login details for the FTP site where you will be able to download the guidance documents, you will also be sent an application form with an assigned reference number.  You will need this reference number for all subsequent enquiries.
Questions related to the Challenges themselves should be addressed to sbri_diabetes@gov.scot  
The application forms are suitable for ONE application only.  If you intend to make multiple (differentiated) proposals, you will need to register for each proposal you intend to make or have any other questions about the application process please request further information from the Business Support Group using the contact details below.

Supporting documents & links

Open Date: 19 October 2015
Registration Close Date: 12.00 (noon) GMT on 30 December 2015
Close Date: 12.00 noon (noon) GMT 6 January 2015
Phone number: 0300 321 4357