New graphene oxide biosensors may accelerate research of HIV and cancer drugs

Longing to find a cure for cancer, HIV and other yet incurable diseases, researchers have already tried out hundreds of drugs, each requiring preclinical and clinical testing with live...

Glitter from silver lights up Alzheimer's dark secrets

Scientists have caught a glimpse of the elusive toxic form of the Alzheimer's molecule, during its attempt to bore into the outer covering of a cell decoy, using a new method involving laser...

Nanoporous gold sponge makes DNA detector

Sponge-like nanoporous gold could be key to new devices to detect disease-causing agents in humans and plants, according to UC Davis researchers.   In two recent papers in...

Nanotube fibers being tested as a way to restore electrical health to hearts

Rice University, Texas Heart Institute will study soft, conductive fibers’ ability to bridge scar tissue    Rice University and Texas Heart Institute researchers are studying...

Toward nanorobots that swim through blood to deliver drugs (video)

Someday, treating patients with nanorobots could become standard practice to deliver medicine specifically to parts of the body affected by disease. But merely injecting drug-loaded...

Strong teeth: Nanostructures under stress make teeth crack resistant

Human teeth have to serve for a lifetime, despite being subjected to huge forces. But the high failure resistance of dentin in teeth is not fully understood. An interdisciplinary team led by...
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Thu 11 Feb 2016

Designing in Plastics Now and Then

09:30 until 16:00

Designing in Plastics Now and Then: a hands on workshop for designers and industrialists at MoDiP MoDiP, the Museum of Design in Plastics February 11th 2016 – Arts University Bournemouth The KTN is...

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Tue 23 Feb 2016

Energy Game Changer - Brokerage Events

09:30 until 15:00

Innovate UK is to invest up to £1.5 million in technical feasibility studies to encourage new entrants to the energy sector and stimulate the adoption of disruptive technologies. The aim of this...

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Wed 24 Feb 2016

Internet of Fashion Speed Networking

17:30 until 20:30

Innovate UK's IC tomorrow programme, in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network, is hosting an exclusive Internet of Fashion Speed Networking event to bring industry leaders together with...

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