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Why Your Gut Health Matters?

You cannot ignore your gut when it is about healthy living. Most of the people don’t give emphasis on their gut health and how important it is for their well being. People generally overlook gut because for them the major concerning issues are joint pain, weight, belly fat, scars, pimples, hair loss, eye sight and many other things to mention here. You gut health is directly in relation with your immunity. The better your gut health is the better is your immunity at fighting against different ailments. So if you don’t take your gut health seriously then you must know the importance of keeping the gut health at the highest level always.

Gut health research has concluded that if your gut health is not good then you are prone to fall sick more often than a person with good gut health. Read below to understand the importance of good gut health.

If your gut is not at its best your body cannot digest food properly.

Your immune system is at high risk if your gut is unhealthy and imbalanced.

When you fall sick the doctor prescribes antibiotics to help your body fight against the virus or bacteria. But not many people know that taking antibiotics kill the good bacteria that regulate digestion.

Your metabolism is directly related to your gut health and if it’s not right it will have a huge impact on weight gain.

Believe it or not but if you have bad gut health your mood will get affected severely. People with bad gut health often suffer from anxiety and depression.

So how you can improve your gut health? Well it’s very simple just like you stick to a healthy diet to lose weight similarly you have to eat recipes or products that improve your gut health. So what to eat to improve your gut health is mentioned below:

Probiotics like yogurt, kimchi are one of the best ways to supply good bacteria to your gut. If you really want to boost your gut health then take tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha along with yogurt and kimchi.  

Along with probiotics start feeding your good bacteria with prebiotics because if probiotics is like planting what you desire in your garden then prebiotic is similar to fertilizing them. Prebiotics are generally food products that are rich in fiber and these fibers don’t get digested all the way and their left over is eaten by good bacteria. The leftover fiber also help keep things moving in your gut and that is quite essential to maintain your gut health. There are many foods like Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions, raspberries, beans, asparagus, garlic, bananas, pears, watermelon etc. that you can include in your recipe to boost your overall gut health.   

As per gut health research along with good bacteria there are bad bacteria also that enjoy feeding on sugar and saturated fat which generally causes allergies, obesity and many other ailments. So for a healthy gut you need to starve out bad gut bacteria which directly means you have to stop your cravings for junk food and sugary meals.