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Making Wastewater Safe to Reuse or Discharge. Is There a Role for Graphene?

Arvia Technology Ltd, based on The Heath in Runcorn, has been developing waste water treatments for 8 years. The project began at Manchester University and with a lot of hard work and the help of Innovate UK funding and private investors has continued to grow.


Arvia’s patented technology successfully reduces the chemical oxygen demand of water by removing organic pollutants in an extremely efficient and effective way. This water quality is achieved through Arvia’s patented technology, which combines the advantages of adsorption and advanced oxidation within a single unit. Arvia’s technology is suitable for a wide variety of waste streams including pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food processing industries.

The Arvia Organics Destruction Cell (ODC) is a water and wastewater treatment system designed to reduce recalcitrant Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and remove problem pollutants as well as colour. It is a modular system that can be scaled to achieve required flow rate. At the heart of the Arvia ODC technology is Nyex™ – it’s proprietary adsorbent. The wastewater flows through a bed of Nyex™. Contaminant organics are adsorbed onto the Nyex surface and a low voltage electric current proportional to the organic concentration is passed through the Nyex causing the adsorbed organics to be oxidised. Further information on Arvia’s technology can be found here.

Arvia Technical Manager, Dr Andrew Campen, recently spoke about the challenges of growing a technology start-up to be a successful, global commercialised business. Arvia now wish to develop the next generation of their novel graphitic adsorbent Nyex by exploring the opportunities that Graphene offers and are currently seeking partners, either a graphene supplier, or a company with an intractable wastewater problem who is interested in working with them for the Advancing the Commerical Applications of Graphene Innovate UK call. Interested parties can contact Arvia through the KTN’s Graphene Special Interest Group.

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