The Graphene SIG is led on behalf of Innovate UK by Knowledge Transfer Network.

Our initial activity focused on supporting Innovate UK's funding competition for feasibility studies: "Realising the graphene revolution". We organised consortium building workshops and supported potential competition applicants in forming consortia and developing their proposals.

Membership of the Graphene SIG network is open to those interested in contributing to the realisation of Graphene enabled innovation. To join the network, simply click join group in the top right hand side of the page 

Meet the team

Paul Huggett

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Electronics in the Applied Domain.

Paul's main interests are power electronics and power conversion from DC to microwave with a little bit of photonics on the side!

Paul has an innovation exploitation background which includes experience with large companies, SMEs and RTO's.

In the Graphene SIG, he represents the Electronics and Photonics Community including:

  • Electronic Devices
  • Semiconductor physics
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Wide Bandgap devices
  • RF & Microwave Devices



Steve Fletcher

Head of Sustainability and Resource Efficiency and acting Head of Chemistry


Steve is a chemist by training with extensive knowledge of the chemical industry and process manufacturing.   He has held various roles in the KTN and its predecessors following many years working in the chemical industry.  In his current role Steve aims to help UK industry become globally competitive through developing sustainable and resource efficient products and processes, and to capture the value of the excellent research which has been carried out in the UK. 



Maureen Laughton

Administrator for the Graphene SIG, working on the administration and enquiries for the SIG.



Stephen Morris

Smart and Emerging Materials Manager for the Materials Domain of the KTN Ltd. Other roles include materials expertise for both the Energy Harvesting and Graphene Special Interest Groups.

An experienced manager of business and market development in technical products and the building of networks of third party support in business and market innovation.

Other experience and skills include project, team, interim and change management.

Graphene interests include:

  • Enabling materials technologies
  • Multifunctional systems
  • Energy harvesting and storage technology
  • Graphene and metamaterials



Peter Clark

Knowledge Transfer Manager in Chemistry (Raw Materials). Peter brings more than 12 years experience across academic research, industry consulting and policy (in the UK and Australia) with technical expertise in: high-pressure continuous flow chemistry; application of supercritical fluids; green chemistry; sustainability; and environmental management/assessment of industrial processes.
In regards to graphene, Peter is interested in helping UK businesses and researchers overcome the chemical processing and application identification challenges that will help accelerate the commercial application of this material.  .  



Rachael Rowlands-Jones

KT Manager for Design & Functionality. Rachael has over 10 years experience of optoelectronic and advanced materials within academic and industry settings, including translating laboratory processes to pilot production. 

Rachael's role is cross-cutting and includes interests in renewable energy (power generation and system integration), built environment and building envelope to formulation, composite materials and High Value Manufacture (HVM).

Graphene interests include:

  • Optical properties
  • Electrical and Barrier properties
  • Composite materials
  • HVM and formulation 



Martyn Cherrington

I am working to maximise this conversion by connecting the emerging flexible electronics sector to new market opportunities.



Mike Holmes

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry in the Materials Domain.

Mike has worked in knowledge transfer for over ten years following a career in the chemical industry. In his current role he is responsible for connecting companies with innovation requirements in materials chemistry to the KCMC University Partners and facilitating the development of the most appropriate collaboration to support innovation by the company. 

Mike has been actively involved in supporting the exploitation of graphene since 2012 with a particular focus on the chemistry-using industry. This includes the use of graphene in applications as diverse as:

  • Membranes & barriers
  • Coatings
  • Composites
  • Energy storage
  • Catalysts



Siwan Smith

Siwan coordinates marketing and communications activities for the Graphene SIG.  She has a degree in PR and Events Management, and holds over 4 years PR and Marketing experience within the B2B and Charity sectors.    


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