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Technology meets Creativity workshop – MIPTV, Cannes 6/4/2011


The Technology meets Creativity workshop, staged as part of the Connected Creativity / Content 360 strand of MIPTV in Cannes, sought to explore the dimension of the impact of technology infrastructure on creative content development.


The theme of Connecting Creativity was the digital era of social, connected experiences – but through this workshop we sought to understand the challenges and cultural differences between international markets, can you take the technology infrastructure for granted?


In the previous workshop a producer stated “don’t think about the platform” during creative development, we wanted to explore whether that was both possible or positive.


My table featured participants from India, Canada and Australia – all large countries – which raised some interesting themes.


The key message was that your primary goal is to connect. The task is to adapt the creative to the appropriate technology. Our Canadian participant was from the Aboriginal People’s TV network, so smartphone apps would not be the primary delivery platform. Our Indian TV station broadcasts in 18 languages, which brings its own issues., so you start with the consumer and work backwards.


A repeating theme was the value of radio as an interactive media with wide reach, which echoed a presentation earlier in the day pointing out that only 17% of the 5.2Bn mobiles in the world are smartphones, SMS enables you to reach the most users. An oft-repeated phrase in the digital media world is “go to where the people are”, this gave a different slant to that idea.


There was also a belief that truly global cultural content was still some way off, and that it was likely that brands not TV would be the driver.


These were interesting lessons at a TV event which was showcasing some spectacular new content and technology ideas – but the comment “speak to me, not my device” nicely encapsulated the necessity to connect, and to define “device“ appropriate to your target audience.

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