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Silicon Roundabout? Silicon Gorge? Where are the UK innovation hotspots?


In November 2010 David Cameron delivered a speech in East London which identified the aim of the UK “becoming the most attractive place in the world to start and invest in innovative technology companies”. [Full transcript]


Over the next few weeks the CIKTN will be working with UK Trade & Investment to explore the current landscape, issues and necessary actions to deliver the development of the UK as a global centre of digital innovation.


But any discussion on this has to identify and answer some basic and fundamental questions:

  • What are the UK’s digital USP’s? Where do we have a competitive advantage?
  • Aside from Silicon Roundabout, the focus of Cameron’s speech, where in the UK are the other technology hotspots? [Guardian start-up mapping Nov 2010]
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a tech innovation start up in the UK?



I’d be interested in your thoughts and opinions to input into the process.


To kick off here’s a blog on the DCMS site by Clare Reddington of the Pervasive Media Studio highlighting the innovation cluster around Bristol – Silicon Gorge



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Fantastic that you're working with UKTI. Hope this additional thoughts assist.

Working with UKTI they could bring in the S&I team and consider the wider innovation landscape ie the local innovation ecosystem using the Innovation Map template.

THe Guardian mapping is a useful tool but still very limited. You ned to talk to the best people and find out thier views. The IBM.Oracle, Google, etc Also note that you're not just looking at SME as the longterm partnership with big copmaniesi s equlally critical if youare looking at impact on UK GDP.

The last questions is for former sector UKTI colleagues bringing in the investor development team in business group

Finally why don't you open this up to other virtual platforms with some kind of recognition for real inputs ie report names the particiapnts including online ones.
Posted on 26/01/11 14:53.
Thanks Nick,

As you say mapping is fairly limited at present but we're involving representatives from around the country and also NESTA, building on their Creative Clusters work.

Good point around mix of companies - we are looking to involve some larger international businesses, i.e. Facebook and Demand Media, in order to get their perspective. The UKTI inward investment team is the key partner in the project.

And yes, the plan is that this is first step in a process. I want to set some initial context and direction and then open up more widely.

Posted on 27/01/11 12:29 in reply to Nick Stuart.

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