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Gravity Gradient - Technologies and Opportunities Project

Our vision is to establish a comprehensive technology research programme leading to a step change in gravity research and gravity gradient mapping.

The GG-TOP novel generic technology base will rely on atom interferometry, which as a disruptive quantum technology has the potential to exceed conventional gravity gradient sensors by several orders of magnitude in sensitivity and allow new flexible sensor schemes to suppress terrain, geological and other noise sources.

These improvements will open up new applications in underground mapping with a potentially enormous impact on industry (construction, buried and surface infrastructure maintenance, energy), science (testing our model of nature) and society (traffic congestion, sustainable cities, deciphering history).

GG-TOP will underpin diverse scientific research problems in physics, civil engineering, energy, subsea monitoring and homeland security with spin-offs to archaeology, space research, the geosciences and research into the digital economy.

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This technology is based on magnetic repelling principle .We can generate electricity with very little force with the help of this technology.This will be a radical step in the field of energy generat...

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