About the Series

Several potential topics for discussion and further research were identified and views discussed to validate their relevance and importance.

Discussion topics identified were:

  • What is the business case for having more women in financial services?
  • Are there gender differences in decision-making and leadership styles (i.e., do men and women differ in measurable ways)?
  • Are there gender differences in career ambition and workplace motivation?
  • Are women less attracted to a career in the financial services – what are the barriers to engagement (the pipeline problem)?
  • Do women drop out of the financial sector at higher rates than men?
  • What might underlie these differences (evolution, personality, expectations stereotypes, experiences in the workplace)
  • What are the implications of evoking such explanations? Are there possible negative implications of relying on evolution?
  • Stereotypes about leadership and about gender - and importantly – how they might interact (do we expect certain things from leaders, from men, and from women - but also from male leaders compared to female leaders)
  • How do our stereotypes and expectations impact on ambition, job experience, pay differentials, risk-taking, success etc
  • Examining how performance can be measured (share price, accounting measures, corporate governance, actual measure of diversity and equality) - and what implications this has for gender (do women perform better on some measures than others)
  • What is work-life balance – is it simply about time or is it about experiences, expectations, and identity?
  • Can mentoring and networks impact on diversity?
  • What can women do?
  • What can organizations do?
  • What can the sector do?

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