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Outputs from our Energy Systems Catapult Workshops are now availalbe here.

Future energy systems – innovation opportunities for business through integrating future demand and energy supply with the evolving energy systems of the UK and globally


About this group

 A cross sector space to develop ideas and innovation opportunities in built environment, transport, digital, and enabling technologies that will help pave the way for utilisation of and interaction with the energy system of the future.


What is in it for me to join?

·         Hear about and contribute to developing Technology strategy Board themes and investments in areas relating to energy systems

·         Meet like minded innovators across a wide range of sectors where energy related  innovation is becoming more and more critical

·         Be signposted to other investments in this area e.g. Ofgem, Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), DECC

·         Hear about supporting events and activities in the energy systems space to find new partners and develop relationships

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Latest news

Integrated supply chains for energy systems competition open for application

Interested in bringing your innovation into the energy systems sector? Looking to develop new...

Update from Localised Energy Systems Briefing and Brokering Events

Many thanks again to everybody who attended our briefing and brokering events for the...

Final Reminder: Localised Energy Systems Event, 18 February 2014, London


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Future energy systems

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Upcoming events

Tue 19 Nov 2013

Collaboration Nation Buildings better connected

09:00 until 16:00

Fifteen project teams from the ‘Buildings Better Connected’ competition will present the findings...

From Future energy systems

Tue 05 Nov 2013

Community Energy Scotland Annual Conference

Nov 05 / 09:00 until Nov 06 / 17:00

We believe that many of the energy issues currently hitting the headlines could be effectively...

From Future energy systems

Wed 05 Feb 2014

Innovation Opportunities in Energy Systems

10:00 until 17:00

Presenting Current Funding and Future Opportunities in Energy Systems By the Technology Strategy...

From Future energy systems

A little about Future energy systems

Energy systems is a growing area for innovation across sectors including energy, transport, digital, and built environment communities. This is the place where you can meet like minded people who want to innovate in this space.