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Thu 16 Jun 2016

World Congress and Exhibition on Wind Energy

All Day

OMICS International Conferences deliver new ideas, convictions, strategies, and tactics that directly affect how you do business. No other event will offer a more impressive roster of keynote...

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Tue 18 Feb 2014

Localised Energy Systems Competition - Brokering Event

09:30 until 16:00

£11million for R&D into localised energy systems The transition to a low-carbon economy will involve major changes to the way we supply and use energy over coming years. There will be a complex mix...

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Wed 05 Feb 2014

Innovation Opportunities in Energy Systems

10:00 until 17:00

Presenting Current Funding and Future Opportunities in Energy Systems By the Technology Strategy Board, Scottish Enterprise, the Energy Innovation Centre and Power Networks Demonstration Centre....

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Tue 19 Nov 2013

Collaboration Nation Buildings better connected

09:00 until 16:00

Fifteen project teams from the ‘Buildings Better Connected’ competition will present the findings from their recent feasibility studies, showcasing the developments they have made in acquiring new...

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Wed 13 Nov 2013

Low Carbon Networks Fund annual event - Brighton

Nov 13 / 08:30 until Nov 14 / 17:00

The Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference is its third year and will be held in Brighton on Wednesday 13 & Thursday 14 November 2013. This year’s conference is being co-hosted by UK Power Networks...

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Tue 05 Nov 2013

Community Energy Scotland Annual Conference

Nov 05 / 09:00 until Nov 06 / 17:00

We believe that many of the energy issues currently hitting the headlines could be effectively addressed by a greater level of community and local ownership in our energy system. Whether it is...

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Mon 04 Nov 2013

Localised Energy Systems

10:00 until 15:30

Localised energy systems are one of many solutions to solve the need for an affordable resilient and sustainable energy system of the future that balances supply and demand appropriately, however...

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