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How will your content move in the future digital marketplace?

Unlocking the ways people will experience content in the future will depend upon a revolution in how content is accessed, managed and delivered through networks. New services, content offerings and business models will rely on new approaches to how we manage, track, store, move and manipulate data. They will be built not just on next generation network infrastructures, with fixed, mobile and wireless networks working seamlessly together, but on new technologies to categorise and track content through advanced metadata and content aware applications. These issues have been highlighted as key priorities in the Technology Strategy Board’s Creative Industries Technology Strategy report. This report also identifies the role the importance of cross-platform convergence that will also impact on network development. This Beacon Project will examine how networks, systems and other “back-end” services will develop and change to enable new content experiences.

“Future network technologies and the layers of information, metadata and services that will be built on top of them are going to open great opportunities for the creative industries and the content industries in particular.” - Steve Wright, Head of Strategic Research, BT



How will customers experience your content in the future?

Convergence is already upon us. Content is converging; films become video games, TV shows are online and interactive experiences, completely new types of content, such as augmented reality gaming, are emerging. Technology is also converging: newspapers can be read on the web and mobile devices while music can be listened to on an iPod, games console or via streaming. This Beacon Project will create a vision of how people will experience content five years and beyond, helping creative businesses position themselves to take advantage of new markets. A strong theme running throughout the project will be the importance of metadata to businesses as they develop content and the opportunities it offers to users to interact with the devices and add value to content. The Project will also reflect another of the Technology Strategy Board’s priorities for the creative industries, improving cross-platform convergence and driving new multi-platform content.

“Pervasive networks and the possibility of creating hybrid and completely new types of media experiences will be a driver for the next wave of digital media content and innovation.” - Clare Reddington, Director, iShed and the Pervasive Media Studio.


Creative Industries KTN worked with TheAlloy to deliver this Beacon Project.


University of the Arts, London




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How will your content move in the future digital marketplace? How will customers experience your content in the future?