Demonstrator Programme

As initially announced in the Chancellor of the Exchequer's 2011 Autumn statement, the Technology Strategy Board has allocated £25m to invest in a Future Cities demonstrator.

Over the last few months we have been working with many of you to develop a competition that will produce the biggest impact we can achieve with the available investment. As of 11 June 2012 the competition is now live.

The funding will be awarded to the city or urban area in the UK that submits the best proposal for a large scale 'future cities demonstrator', showing how the city's multiple systems will be integrated and how challenges in the city will be addressed.

In the context of this competition, a city is a contiguous urban area with a population of at least 125,000.

The competition will run in two stages.

The programme invites local governments and local authorities to initially bid for one of twenty £50,000 grants to carry out a feasibility study and to develop their demonstrator project proposal.  The cities that have completed the feasibility study will then be invited to submit a proposal for the large scale demonstrator - and one successful city will be awarded £24m funding to implement their proposal.

The project will demonstrate, at scale and in use, the additional value that can be created by integrating a city's systems.  The project will enable businesses to test - in practice - new solutions for connecting and integrating individual city systems, and will allow cities to explore new approaches to delivering a good local economy and excellent quality of life, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and increasing resilience to environmental change.

We are looking for proposals that:

  • show the integration of multiple systems in novel ways;
  • tackle specific challenges in the city;
  • have the potential for a large impact on the economy, quality of life and environment of the city;
  • combine recent or current investment in city infrastructure with the demonstrator funding to create a more effective test environment;
  • provide a platform that allows innovative companies, particularly SMEs, to test their ideas;
  • have the potential for further development and use beyond the initial two years of funding.

Project proposals must be submitted by the city or local authority.
For registration, application form and guidance for applicants, please visit

We have created some FAQs to try and answer your question here. These will be updated as new questions arise, so please submit your queries in the forum.

Shortlisted Feasibility Studies

Thirty councils have been selected to carry out feasibility studies for the Future Cities Demonstrator Programme over the coming months.

The thirty councils will receive £50,000 each from the government's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board ( to complete feasibility studies showing how they could integrate their transport, communications and other infrastructure to improve the local economy, increase quality of life and reduce impact on the environment.

The cities that have completed the feasibility studies will also be able to submit a proposal for a large-scale 'future cities demonstrator', showing how the city's multiple systems will be integrated and how challenges in the city will be addressed - and one successful city will be awarded £24m funding to implement their proposal.


The Future Cities Special Interest Group will be working with the selected councils to facilitate introductions.

Click here to view a list of the selected councils and the key point of contact for each council. Please note this information is available to members of the Future Cities Special Interest Group only. 

Lead Local Authority areas

Belfast City Council
Birmingham City Council
Brighton City Council
Bristol City Council
Cambridge City Council
Cardiff City Council
Coventry City Council
Derby City Council
Dundee City Council
Glasgow City Council
Greater London Authority
Enfield Borough Council
Ipswich Borough Council
Leeds City Council
Leicester City Council
London Borough of Camden
Manchester City Council
Milton Keynes Council
Newcastle City Council
Nottingham City Council
Peterborough City Council
Plymouth City Council
Salford City Council
Sheffield City Council
Southampton City Council
Southend-on-Sea City Council
Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Sunderland City Council
Swindom City Council
Warrington Borough Council