There is significant energy generation and supply (EG&S) business opportunities in the transition to a secure, affordable low-carbon economy. In the short-term (to 2020), the key technologies and policies are mostly clear. In the medium (2020 – 2035) and longer term (2035 – 2050 and beyond), the pathways are less clear and there is significant opportunity for new technologies and policies to enter into the EG&S landscape.

The Future and Emerging Opportunities group seeks to identify and report on UK and international opportunities in the EG&S area. Our activities focus on reporting on key emerging opportunities, hosting webinars, discussions and networking events and providing a future and emerging opportunities blog - check it out! For more information please see the About Us section.

Reports from Future and Emerging Opportunities

The reports published by the Future and Emerging Opportunities group can be found here. Thus far topics have focused on the commercial opportunities and challenges for the UK, in relation to Low Carbon Heat and Smart Grids. The next report will concentrate on the opportunities and challenges for Energy Storage in a UK context.

Report: Engaging People with Energy Technologies

The report Engaging People with Energy Technologies provides an overview of the current research on public perception and engagement with energy technologies and how this may impact on the energy industry. Readers could learn from five case studies, all addressing how the public is engaged or should be engaged when carrying on energy related projects.

The readers will appreciate why it is important to engage the public at varying technology scales, when a lack of public engagement has been detrimental to emerging energy markets and which means can improve engagement throughout the technology development process.

Report: Low Carbon Heat: Commercial Opportunities and Challenges for the UK

Hot House

This report explores the overall case for low-carbon heat, including future scenarios for low-carbon heat, examines the policy options which have been and are being implemented in order to progress the transition to lower-carbon heating systems, investigates the potential technical and social challenges and opportunities that the low-carbon transition will encounter, and estimates the potential market sizes for low-carbon heat and the market entry point for business.

Report: Smart Grids: Commercial Opportunities and Challenges for the UK

Smart Grids Report

The ‘Smart Grids: Commercial Opportunities and Challenges for the UK' report provides a clear and informative definition of a smart grid, the UK strategic priorities that a smart grid would assist and the opportunities and challenges awaiting companies who engage in this important emerging market. It also looks closely at the public support schemes for companies entering the smart grid market and presents a selection of international case studies.

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A little about Future and Emerging Opportunities

The Future and Emerging Opportunities group is managed by the UK Energy Research Centre, a world-class research centre for interdisciplinary energy systems research. It aims to identify and report on new energy technologies and developments.

Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator

The EG&S KTN is proud to present the Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator, a fully searchable database which will help you to keep up-to-date with the latest funding opportunities in the Low Carbon area, find partners and help with your consortia building. 

As a funding provider, public or private, you can add and manage your own funding opportunities and promote it to the relevant community.

The navigator website is:

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