Adding Value to Renewable Chemicals (Bio-Value)

Bio-Value is a joint interest group of Chemistry Innovation, Biosciences KTN, the National Non-Food Crops Centre, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institution of Chemical Engineers that works with industry, academia, government and other networks to develop the market for renewable chemicals in the UK.

Previously called FROPTOP, Bio-Value covers the gap between renewable, biomass derived ‘platform chemicals’ and existing chemical and biochemical processes. Our aim is to identify the portfolio of products to be derived from biomass-based platform chemicals and also the tools needed to convert these renewable chemicals in a sustainable way.


Early work for the then FROPTOP interest group was focused towards a market study of the UK situation. This analysis of the current research and existing technology providers in the UK for (sustainably) taking renewable platform chemicals to higher value products was published at the end of 2008. The FROPTOP white paper on the UK Expertise for exploitation of biomass-based platform chemicals is available to download (Please click here).

Bio-Value seeks to be a national contact point for the renewable chemicals industry in the UK.

'Drawing up the pathway for development of sustainable chemical feedstocks, identifying key problems and thence identifying expertise to tackle these would really deliver something useful both to industry and academia although this should be within the global context provided by documents, framework and policies in the US, EU etc’ (Dr Alistair Reid, Community of Practice Leader for Renewable Raw Materials, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd).


Membership of Bio-Value provides access to a unique network of technology providers and users developing capability in the use of renewable platform chemicals. This network will be informed and consulted in the development of various initiatives throughout the UK and Europe such as the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Growth Team and SusChem as well as given the opportunity to be involved in networking events.

Consortia Building
The Bio-Value team can help by making connections between institutions and organisations facing and pursuing common challenges and endeavours. Through our combined and extensive database of members from, for example, HEI’s, knowledge providers and end-users, we are a valuable resource for connecting and developing project consortia. Formation of such groups and defining collaborative project activities to leverage funding and actively drive the innovation process are key parts of Bio-Value activities.

The Bio-Value interest group, through its component organisations, has extensive experience in identifying, accessing and successfully leveraging collaborative project funding through the Technology Strategy Board, European Framework Programmes and Research Councils, amongst others.

Chemistry Innovation and Bioscience KTN have been involved with numerous collaborative projects totalling tens of million pounds. Both organisations have extensive experience in project managing new collaborations for UK and EU funding bodies.

Funding for four projects in the area of industrial biocatalysis that address the issue of improving the acceptance of biocatalytic manufacturing routes in industry has already been secured (Funded Projects).

How to join

Membership of Bio-Value is open and free by joining this group - ensure you tick to allow messages so you receive the newsletter (prepared by the NNFCC).


Becky Farnell Chemistry Innovation (+44 (0)1928 511830)
Mario Moustras Royal Society Chemistry
Adrian Higson NNFCC
Sam Turney Institution of Chemical Engineers, (+44 (0)1788 534454)


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