A little more about Forsite Diagnostics Ltd trading as Abingdon Health...

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Abingdon Health is a UK based company focused on developing and manufacturing rapid lateral flow immunoassays for the medical, veterinary, plant health and food and beverage testing markets. 
We have developed and commercialised our own rapid tests for haematology oncology specifically in the area of B-cell dyscrasias. Seralite®  Free Light Chain product range is used as an aid in the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma. The Seralite®-FLC Product range includes Seralite®-FLC ELISA, a high-throughput method for detecting and measuring serum free light chains, and Seralite®-FLC Serum and Seralite®-FLC Urine, both of which use lateral flow technology along with our FDA registered and CE marked lateral flow reader, ADxLR5®
Lateral flow assay and reader development and manufacturing
As well as producing our own rapid diagnostic products, our lateral flow contract services team provide ISO13485 certified and GMP lateral flow assay development and lateral flow manufacturing for customers with validated reagents, or who are looking to transfer existing laboratory-based assays to lateral flow. Accompanying this we offer lateral flow reader OEM  solutions using technology taken from ADxLR5®
Abingdon Health works with customers from all industry sectors and offers an assay and reader complete integrated solutions whereby customers can benefit from working with one partner.