Medica 2019: No obligation lateral flow project evaluations

Are you attending Medica 2019? If you are, Abingdon Health would very much like the opportunity to meet with you.

Free, no obligation evaluation of your LFIA project

Abingdon Health will provide discreet, no obligation evaluations of qualitative, semi- or fully-quantitative LFIA projects in order to discuss various assay design opportunities:

  • Conjugation and reagent optimisation for stability, reproducibility and performance
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the performance of an existing assay
  • Extending the life-cycle of an assay with addition of reader and or data solution
  • Improving assay reproducibility by utilising more automated manufacturing methods
  • Taking advantage of the scale-up to large batch sizes to deliver economic benefits and increase market share

Meet with us at Medica (Hall 1 / F11-4)

If you feel your project would benefit from our lateral flow expertise, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting at Medica 2019.


Rapid free light chain test granted registration in Brazil

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce Seralite® – FLC Serum has been granted registration by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA)
Seralite® – FLC is a rapid lateral flow test for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and lambda (λ) immunoglobulin free light chains (FLCs) in serum. The format of this rapid test enables a free light chain service to be offered in all clinical laboratories. This enables the provision of FLC results in ~10 minutes rather than days or weeks. With this simple to use, compact, rapid test, clinicians are able to monitor patients in “real time” supporting faster decision making.
This is a key registration for Seralite® – FLC and underpins the regional strategy for Latin America. In conjunction with Seralite® – FLC Serum, Seralite® – FLC LFD Controls and the ADxLR5® Reader System have also been granted registration. Latin America has a population of 606 million people and with a market size of more than US$2.4bn is a key emerging IVD market.

New version of successful NALFIA rapid test launched

Following the success of Abingdon Health’s nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassay (NALFIA), PCRD, with customers working in a variety industry sectors, Abingdon Health has added an alternative version of this easy-to-use rapid test to its portfolio.
PCRD FLEX, which is supplied as a standalone dipstick opposed to a dipstick in a housed-cassette like PCRD, offers the same time and cost-saving benefits as PCRD. Used as a complement to a variety of DNA amplification methods, PCRD FLEX detects nucleic acid in a matter of minutes and can be used as an alternative to DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, which negates the need to invest in expensive laboratory equipment.

The Same Flexible User Benefits

PCRD FLEX has been added to Abingdon Health’s product portfolio in order to allow Abingdon Health to cater for customers who require NALFIA tests in either a housed cassette or in a dipstick format.
PCRD and PCRD FLEX have been engineered with safety, sensitivity and simplicity in mind. Owing to the utilisation of lateral flow technology there is no requirement to rely on intercalating dye and UV light when assessing the success of a DNA amplification sequence, the reagents used sequentially capture and allow the visualisation of double-stranded amplification products containing selected binding partners and the tests are supplied with all the necessary equipment needed for the rapid detection of nucleic acid.
In addition, the compact nature of the PCRD range means there is a space-saving benefit which is useful for smaller laboratories or laboratories with a large variety of equipment.
The user benefits of PCRD FLEX makes it an ideal tool for organisations working with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) or Helicase dependent amplification (HDA) for meat specification testing, food and drink authenticity or disease detection.

Learn More About PCRD FLEX

Both PCRD and PCRD FLEX are available for purchase directly from Abingdon Health by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1904 406082. Alternatively, purchases can be made online through Abingdon Health’s e-commerce website
Download our brochure to learn more about PCRD and PCRD FLEX.

Dual capability colorimetric and time-resolved fluorescence reader in development

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce it has been awarded a grant by Innovate UK to develop a dual capability colorimetric and time-resolved fluorescence reader.
Abingdon’s Innovate UK grant funded innovation will build on Abingdon’s existing ADxLR5® lateral flow reader to develop a dual capability reader which will allow for multiplexing of colorimetric and fluorescence labels in a single test, maximising the individual benefits of each label for particular analytes. The reader will incorporate the use of time-resolved fluorescence (TRFL) technology to overcome background auto-fluorescence which can limit assay sensitivity in classical fluorescence.
Fiona Smith, Sales and Marketing Director of Abingdon Health, commented...

Abingdon Health launches AppDx Smartphone reader technology

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce the launch of AppDx, a customisable Smartphone lateral flow reader suitable for integration with existing lateral flow assays or assays requiring development.
AppDx combines flexible and connective mobile phone technology to provide a rapid analytical testing solution in any testing location enabling rapid decision making.
There is an increasing demand from GPs, clinicians, veterinarians, farmers and food safety professionals to receive real-time data from user-friendly devices. The AppDx App is able to meet this demand by using images of lateral flow device test lines taken with a Smartphone camera and translating the image into numerical data. The intuitive software is suitable for both Apple and Android phones removing the need for separate development for different mobile technologies.

The full press release can be viewed at

CASE STUDIES: Development of qualitative and quantitative LFIA

Over the past few weeks, Abingdon Health has written some case studies on how they approach the development of both qualitative and quantitative lateral flow immunoassays (LFIA). 

The following case studies were launched as part of Abingdon Health's Complete Integrated Solutions campaign, whereby Abingdon Health offers insight into the benefits of using one partner for lateral flow assay development and manufacture. 

Case studies

Rapid quantification of kappa and lambda free light chains with lateral flow technology

In this case study, we highlight the process in which Abingdon Health launched Seralite®– FLC, a rapid quantitative lateral flow test for haematology oncology. The test quantifies kappa and lambda free light chains in serum and is used as an aid for diagnosing and monitoring patients with suspected multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer.

Read more

Helping to identify a significant problem in the dairy industry with lateral flow technology

Abingdon Health was awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop a multiplexed on-farm rapid test to identify a milk production affecting disease in cattle, mastitis. In this case study, we document the process our assay development specialists will take in bringing this important multiplexed rapid test to market. 

Read more

Helping to fight devastating plant diseases with lateral flow technology

Abingdon Health has had a range of plant disease diagnostic products on the market for many years. In the following case study, Abingdon Health explains how this product, Pocket Diagnostic®, was developed and what path its development took. 

Pocket Diagnostic® detects a number of important pathogens including a number of Phytophthora species such as; P. infestans, which was responsible for the Irish Potato Famine, and is still prevalent today, and P. ramorum, also known as Ramorum Blight or Sudden Oak Death, which has devastated the forestry industry in the UK, Northern Europe and North America for many years. 

Read more


Abingdon Health launch new 'off the shelf' lateral flow a reader

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce the availability of a new ‘off the shelf’ lateral flow reader, the ADxLR5® Developer.

The ADxLR5® Developer analyses the lateral flow assay and provides an on-screen intensity profile of the test lines and control line and displays a picture of the LFD. The data points can be exported to a standard Excel data package for further interpretation and analysis.

The CE marked ADxLR5® Developer is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of lateral flow assay types, e.g. competitive or sandwich assay formats, gold, carbon or coloured latex particles, and can be used across different industry sectors.



International Space Station astronauts tested with Abingdon Health’s diagnostic test

Looking at effects of space travel on immune system as part of planning for trips to Mars

Over many years of space travel, research has been carried out to understand the effects of space travel on the human body, in which time there have been associations made between dysregulation of the immune system and extended periods in space. 
The obvious concern of any effect on the astronaut’s health is the potential for any future space missions to be compromised, in particular, missions to Mars in the case of NASA, or indeed any commercial space travel ambitions that SpaceX and Virgin Galactic may have. 
In a joint study, Louisiana State University and the University of Houston, and working with experts from NASA and the University of Bath, used UK-based company Abingdon Health’s free light chain (FLC) ELISA (Seralite®- FLC ELISA) diagnostic test to help assess the impact of long-duration spaceflight on the function of blood plasma cells and therefore the functionality of the immune system during space travel. 

Abingdon Health confirms the completion of an equity funding round

Abingdon Health is pleased to confirm the completion of an equity funding round led by Chris Hand (Chairman) and Chris Yates (CEO), alongside a number of existing equity investors. The investment will support the ongoing growth of the Group’s lateral flow activities.

To read the full press release please visit

Mastitis (in cows) rapid test development project announced by Abingdon Health and University of Glasgow

Abingdon Health and the University of  Glasgow are pleased to announce they've successfully been awarded a grant by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to develop an on-farm multiplex rapid test for mastitis in cattle.

The project aims to combine the lateral flow assay diagnostics development expertise of Abingdon with the animal health and biomarker knowledge of the University of Glasgow in order to develop an assay with the ability to stratify mastitis by bacterial class, thus offering fast, on-farm decision making about antimicrobial treatment and providing an opportunity to reduce antimicrobial use whilst safeguarding cow health. In addition, there will be public health benefits resulting from reduced antimicrobial use. 

Further details about the project, including quotations by project-leaders from both Abingdon Health and the University of Glasgow, can be found at


Assay Reagents Now Available from Abingdon Health

As the sourcing of suitable reagents is a key element of assay development, Abingdon Health has secured an extensive list of assay reagents which are available exclusively to customers wishing to develop and manufacture LFD’s with Abingdon Health.

When developing an assay you need to find an antibody or antigen that not only performs well for the selected assay, but is reproducible, available in large quantities, and has a guaranteed supply. 

Sourcing suitable reagents for use in the routine manufacturing of lateral flow assays is not always straightforward. With this new list of reagents, Abingdon is able to offer a time-saving solution to customers wanting assay reagents and assay development services from one organisation.

Click here to view the full list of lateral flow assay reagents.

Abingdon Health features in UK Parliamentary Review 2017

Abingdon Health, a developer, and manufacturer of lateral flow rapid diagnostic devices is pleased to announce its entry in the UK Parliamentary Review 2017 has now been published.

While focusing on 12 key government policy areas, the Parliamentary Review, which is distributed to Policymakers in the UK and abroad, allows leading organisations and executives to share personal insight as well as discuss good practice alongside Cabinet and senior ministers

Rapid diagnostic testing is a segment of the healthcare market undergoing tremendous growth driven by a number of factors including diagnostic technology improvements, the emergence of ‘big data’ and an increasingly connected world. Given Abingdon Health's commitment to developing and manufacturing innovative diagnostic products we are pleased to represent, and raise the profile of, our industry with Policymakers and share our insight into best-practice.

Please visit Abindgon's website to read more about our entry in the UK Parliamentary Review 2017


Abingdon Health will be at Next Generation Dx Summit

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Next Generation Dx Summit 2017 in Washington, DC, USA. 

Our team will be on hand to showcase our lateral flow assay and reader contract services. To arrange a meeting with our team please contact us on +44 (0) 1904 406080 or


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