TSB Collaborative R&D competition in formulation

The Technology Strategy Board and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are investing up to £6m in feasibility projects and collaborative research and development to accelerate the development of new ways of designing, improving and manufacturing complex high-value formulated products in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, food, agrochemicals, paints, adhesives, lubricants and formulated process chemicals. 

The official call document is available from the competitions section of the TSB website  

PLEASE NOTE: This competition is now closed.  For information on other formulation-related funding calls please go the 'news' section.  For all calls relating to the broader chemistry-using industries please go the 'Funding calls' sections on the Chemistry Innovation site.

Key information

     • Up to £5m is available for collaborative R&D projects. These must be business-led, include an end user formulating company, last one to three years and will attract up to 50% public funding.
     • Up to £1m is available for feasibility projects. These must be business-led, may be collaborative or led by single companies, should last six to nine months and will attract up to 75% public funding.
     • These totals are inclusive of a £1m contribution from the EPSRC for fundamental research
     • Typical total project size: cR&D £1M; Feasibility £100K

Project Themes

       Radical Formulated Product Design: Methods to accelerate the design and optimisation of new formulated products throughout the chain from R&D to production and the market.

       Formulation for Delivery: Technologies which enable or improve the precisely controlled and targeted use of ingredients or which provide radically new formulation architecture or product microstructure.

       Radical Formulation Process Design: Technologies which can be implemented in a production environment to provide better products, improved quality or a significant economic or environmental benefit.

       Formulation for Stability: New methods for prediction, measurement, characterisation, control and optimisation of the stability of complex products which can bring economic or environmental benefits.

       Formulation for Sustainability: Integrated product and process design which considers ingredient sources, the impact of production processes as well as the end-use of formulated products.

Key dates

     Competition opens                                    29th April 2013

     Briefing and consortium building event        1st May 2013

•     Stage 1 deadline                                      19th June 2013

•     Stage 2 deadline (CR&D only)                    29th August 2013