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Research Map

The College of Policing has produced a research map of projects that it has identified as...

Agenda Announced for H2020 - Big Data Brokerage Event

Event Details Solutions for Information and Communication Technologies – Horizon2020...

SmartWater making headlines

SmartWater technology has been making the headlines recently, this article highlights two...

FoSci Community Reports

FoSci SIG Taking R&D to Market Ref Report October 2013 cover

FoSci SIG Forensic Biology 2013 Final cover

FoSci SIG Digital Forensics 2013 Final cover

FoSci SIG Models and Algorithms in Forensics 2013 Final cover

Taking Forensic Science R&D to Market

 - October 2013

Forensic Biology: UK Needs, Capabilities and Opportunities

 - June 2013

Digital Forensics Capability Review

 - June 2013

Models & Algorithms in Forensic Science Recommendations for Innovation

 - June 2013

Fingerprinting the UK Landscape Cover



Fingerprinting - the UK Landscape

 - April 2015

  Phenotyping - Making the technology operational

Fire and Explosives Investigation 2015






CPS's Core Foundation Principles


Crown Prosecution Service's must read guidance for all forensic science providers and innovators: Core Foundation Principles for Forensic Science Providers




A little about the FoSci SIG

Given the interdisciplinary nature and societal importance of forensic science, the FoSci SIG was set up with the primary purpose of enabling closer networking and better communication between all forensic science stakeholders for improved R&D.

New Forensic Research Repository

The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, in collaboration with HEA, Staffordshire University and Jorum, has created an online repository of undergraduate and post graduate research.
The repository takes the form of a searchable database hosted on Jorum's site. The database is open access and Higher Education Institutions can register with Jorum, at no cost, to upload appropriate theses to the database.
The database aims to make the outcomes of student research projects accessible to caseworkers and forensic science providers, as well as those involved in longer R&D projects.

Upcoming events

Mon 30 Nov 2015

Evaluation of Forensic Science Evidence

All Day

This Chartered Society of Forensic Science event is aimed at those involved in collision/accident...

From Forensic Science

Tue 01 Dec 2015

NUCFS open seminar

17:00 until 19:00

The next open seminar in the series by Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science will...

From Forensic Science

Wed 02 Dec 2015

Genetics and Crime - contested boundaries, benefits and risks

12:00 until 18:00

This seminar is the first in the ESRC Research 'Seminar series on genetics, technology, security...

From Forensic Science

Mon 14 Dec 2015

EU IAI Webinar Series

13:00 until 15:00

The second EU IAI webinar will take place on the 14th December 2015 at 1pm GMT. This webinar will...

From Forensic Science

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