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Introducing Forensic Focus

Forensic Focus is an online portal for digital forensics and ediscovery professionals. The...

Digital evidence

This week's challenge relates to digital forensics. This is a fast moving area in terms of the...

FlyBag - Protecting Aircraft from Explosive devices

A European project has been making the headlines with some dramatic tests of its technology....

FoSci Community Reports

FoSci SIG Taking R&D to Market Ref Report October 2013 cover

FoSci SIG Forensic Biology 2013 Final cover

FoSci SIG Digital Forensics 2013 Final cover

FoSci SIG Models and Algorithms in Forensics 2013 Final cover

Taking Forensic Science R&D to Market

 - October 2013

Forensic Biology: UK Needs, Capabilities and Opportunities

 - June 2013

Digital Forensics Capability Review

 - June 2013

Models & Algorithms in Forensic Science Recommendations for Innovation

 - June 2013

CPS's Core Foundation Principles


Crown Prosecution Service's must read guidance for all forensic science providers and innovators: Core Foundation Principles for Forensic Science Providers




A little about the FoSci SIG

Given the interdisciplinary nature and societal importance of forensic science, the FoSci SIG was set up with the primary purpose of enabling closer networking and better communication between all forensic science stakeholders for improved R&D.

Upcoming events

Sun 06 Sep 2015

EAFS 2015

All Day

The 7th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference will be held in Prague on the 6-11th...

From Forensic Science

Thu 17 Sep 2015

Forensics in Defence & Security

All Day

The UK Defence Academy, part of Cranfield University is running its first symposium on Forensics...

From Forensic Science

Mon 21 Sep 2015

Fire Investigation Conference

All Day

This conference entitled "Where were we? Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How do we get...

From Forensic Science

Tue 29 Sep 2015

Technology without borders: how to assert sovereignty in a connected world

All Day

In an era of continuing technological transformation and highly dynamic global networks, the...

From Forensic Science

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