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Sky TV v/s Virgin Media TV - Who's The Winner

SKY and Virgin Media both claim to be the UK's best broadband, TV and phone bundle provider.

It's an extremely close competition, but in this guide we'll look at some of the differences between the home media giants that we think everyone should be aware of before choosing.

Virgin Media and Sky are two of the main contenders for quality broadband, TV and phone. Both media empires offer a wide variety of choice, so how on earth do you choose?

From broadband speeds to home phone options and TV services, we look at which provider offers the best products and value for money, giving you all the information you need about Sky and Virgin Media.


Sky is a triple-play provider, offering broadband, TV and home phone services. As with Virgin Media, you can take these services alone or together as part of a Sky bundle.

Sky has more TV channels than any other provider, and supplies its TV services via a satellite dish attached to your property. Its broadband – including fibre – reaches a greater proportion of UK households than Virgin Media.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a quad-play provider: it offers broadband, TV, home phone and mobile services to its customers. You can choose to take these services individually, or as part of a collection.

Virgin Media operates its own broadband network and is responsible for both the rollout and maintenance of its purely fibre optic lines. As a result, its fixed-line services aren’t as widely available as Sky’s.

The competition between Sky and Virgin Media does have one serious upside: money off for new customers.

Find latest tv offers from each below, which could be worth keeping in mind as you read on.

Sky have a reputation for running a good deal - and they've pulled the stops out for Black Friday week. They've one for people interested in their TV deals, and one for those more tempted by their broadband: click on the blue buttons to take advantage of them:Meanwhile, here's what Virgin are offering to try to tempt new customers:

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Sky TV vs Virgin Media TV_ Which is best

Virgin Media has some great benefits. Its broadband speeds are the fastest in the country and its customer satisfaction levels are consistently high across the board. Sky’s TV service is easily the best in the UK. The huge range of standard definition and high definition channels is a great draw for TV lovers, but it isn't cheap

In Ofcom's latest customer service report, satisfaction levels for Virgin Media customer service was rated at 78% in comparison to the industry average 80%. Whereas ,Satisfaction ratings for Sky’s TV service was rated 81%. Its landline service came in at 79% while it achieved 75% for sky broadband customer service.

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