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Sky Impresses Again With Their Customer Service Stats - Ofcom Report

According to, 7 wave of uk customer services quality research conducted by regulator for the UK communications industries - Ofcom

Included in the report - The report looked at the customer service of BT, Sky, TalkTalk,

and Virgin Media, in regards to landline, broadband, and pay TV.

Another section looked at mobile providers.

Read full report (PDF) here.

Overall, fewer customers needed to contact their provider in 2015, but for slightly higher proportion of those customers who contacted sky the motive was to make a complaint. In terms of the customer service advisor themselves, Sky was the only provider to score above average across the board;

Sky and BT both saw better performance compared with last year.

When looking at just broadband,  At 80%, it's got the highest

satisfaction rating for the customer service of any of the four

providers since 2009.

In fact, it was the broadband provider least likely to solve acomplaint in less than an hour. BT was the top dog in that ranking, however, with 59% of complaints resolved within 60 minutes. Out of all the broadband complaints we made last year, the most common issue by far was - you guessed it - connection speeds beingtoo slow.

For support regarding landlines, Sky impressed once again, with 79% of customers reporting themselves satisfied with their customer service. 72% were satisfied with Virgin Media's; 69% with BT's; and 56% with TalkTalk's.

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