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Interview With the Director of FIMA Digital Regarding SEO

This week we caught up with the director of FIMA Digital, Marc, who works as an SEO consultant on the south coast of the UK. We spoke to him about the current state of SEO, and how businesses can make sure that they are working with a bona-fide SEO Company that will work to help get them effective online results.

Hi Marc, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed today. First off, could you introduce yourself, who you are, and what you do?

Thanks! I run an SEO agency and digital marketing firm in Southampton. I’ve been working in the online world for nearly 15 years. I started off working for web design agencies; firstly as a web designer, then Web Design moving onto being a project manager. More recently I was living and working in Switzerland for an American company called Garmin – I was their online marketing manager for Europe.

4 years ago I decided to go it alone and move back to the UK. I set-up my own business helping companies improve their online visibility. That’s how the FIMA Digital company was born SEO is my true passion when it comes to online and digital so it seemed only natural that I offer these services out to potential clients.

What advice would you give to a company who are thinking about employing an SEO company to help them with their search engine rankings?

There are many proclaiming to be search engine optimisation specialists in the online world, and in truth it’s quite easy to pass yourself as an SEO expert. However, the proof is in results at the end of day. However, you are not going to get any results until you actually start working with an SEO company so you need to do your background checks.

For example, when new clients approach me I always send them a list of our most recent projects to show them proof of what we can do. Thankfully I have some fantastic customers who are more than happy to provide testimonials and recommendations for any new pitches that I need to make.

Another thing, it’s not a case of “if we build it they will come”. Businesses looking to work with an SEO consultant need to have a degree of patience and understanding that SEO isn’t always an immediate gain. The only company in the World that can truly dictate where you appear on Google, is Google themselves.

As an SEO agency we must exercise best and safe practices, keep up to date with the latest search engine algorithms, and work to the Google terms of service. Of course, it’s not just that – an effective SEO should be able to understand their client’s business inside and out, know the competition, be creative, and be able to identify the best and most relevant opportunities to support the SEO strategy.

What hints and tips would you give to a local business trying to establish themselves in the search engine rankings? What’s working for you and your clients now?

I have actually put some hints together on the FIMA Digital website blog detailing just this, but can summarise some of them here.

Firstly, on-page SEO. In 2017, the content on your site is 50% of the SEO strategy, whilst 50% of the work occurs off the website. Business owners can really improve their chances of ranking well by simply putting themselves into the mind-set of the potential customer and thinking what search terms they might be using. If you know those, then make sure that you satisfy those terms in your website’s content. I have so many clients come to me wanting to rank their website for a specific keyword, yet it’s not even referenced on their website properly.

If people need inspiration then use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool – this will suggest keywords for your business, as well as related terms too so is a great place to get a head start.

When it comes to off-page factors a website will need relevant and authoritative links back to it in order to rank well. I always explain that the way back-linking works is to imagine them like votes. However, not all votes are equal. Today’s SEO climate means you need to carefully earn the back-links to your website. If a local business can get links from their clients or business partners then this is typically a great first step as the niche relevancy should be there.

Another very important factor are the Google Places for Local Listings. These are the results which will appear when a local search term is entered into Google. You can tell them apart from the standard natural search engine listings because they are in a block on the first page, and include a business’s website address, links to customer reviews, and full address and telephone details.

Appearing near the top of these results also requires some external SEO factors. These include items such as business directory citations from the popular Yellow Pages style websites, how optimised your Google Plus business page is, how customers have reviewed you on the web, and how optimised the content itself is on the actual Google Local Listing page.

What’s been the most satisfying SEO project that you’ve completed whilst running FIMA Digital?

I don’t want to give any names out, as I keep most of the clients I work for close to my chest. Recently I’ve been working on a website for personal injury claims firm based in the UK. Personal injury has to be one of the most competitive markets in the search engines – purely due to the amount of money a solicitor or lawyer can get from a valid lead.

Over the last month I managed to get the most competitive keyword in a particular personal injury field ranked at number one in Google – and this is competing against all the big legal firms who have some massive marketing budgets.

My client is now reaping the rewards of the SEO campaign with some excellent leads and has seen their monthly average income increase by 60% over the last 30 days alone.

What current SEO strategies are you working with to give your client’s good online visibility in the search engines?

One of my favourite SEO tactics at the moment is ranking YouTube videos in Google. Google owns YouTube and seems to give video content favourable ranking position in listings. What I like to do is create a video with my clients which targets some of their main business keywords. I then treat that video just like any other SEO project, so optimise it with relevant back-links, embed it on authority niche websites, and so on.

What I tend to then see is that it’s possible to rank the client’s YouTube video up behind their official website in the rankings. This means that I can then get the client both the first and second position on Google, as their video will appear in the second place. Of course, this then means they will start to dominate the first page of search results which converts to more potential customers for their business.

The video doesn’t always have to be anything amazing, sometimes just a slide show approach with some audio added will do the trick. Here’s an example embedded below (or watch it direct on YouTube) of a video I put together for FIMA Digital. It now ranks high up on page one when people in Southampton search for SEO. It complements the position of my actual website very well.

Lastly, what are you predictions for the SEO industry over next two years?

That’s always such a difficult question to answer, because the search engine landscape is constantly evolving. I do honestly believe that it’s going to be a tough time for a lot of SEO consultants because many of them will probably continue to use out-dated strategies and methods which just don’t work anymore. For companies like FIMA Digital that’s probably a good thing though because it should mean more business for us.

For more information about FIMA Digital and how they can help your business in Southampton with SEO services, please visit:

FIMA Digital Now Working with Dorset Plumbing on Web Copywriting

We have a new client we are working with this month; Dorset Plumbing. They are one of the largest plumbing companies in Bournemouth, Dorset, and Hampshire. Over the coming weeks we will be helping them with their digital marketing efforts, including a large amount of copywriting for web.

They have been long-established as a reputable plumbing company in Bournemouth, and now are branching out into Southampton offering services such as boiler repairs, general plumbing jobs, and new boiler installations.

You can visit their website using the links below with examples of the new content that we have been writing for them.

Plumber Bournemouth (Gas Safe Registered) - Dorset Plumbing
Call 01202 668822 for Bournemouth plumbers & Poole, Christchurch and Dorset. Boilers, bathrooms, drains, leaks, gas safety checks and emergencies.

Boiler Installation Southampton: New Boiler Replacement
Get a new boiler in Southampton from Gas Safety registered heating engineers. Beat any quote by £100. Contact for a new boiler installation or replacement.

If you are interested in our copywriting services for web, then please get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services for local tradesmen, including plumbers, roofers, and construction companies.

FIMA Digital Marketing Agency

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Tel: 02381 980095

FIMA Digital Now Offer PPC Management Services in Southampton

FIMA Digital are proud to announce the launch of our PPC management services in the Southampton area. If you would like to talk to a specialist and honest PPC agency in the city, then we can offer a free initial consultation and review of your account or campaign.

For more information, please visit the following page on our website which details what we can do for you, how we do it, and the results you might expect to receive:

We work across a wide range of paid advertising platforms, but with a focus primarily on the Google Adwords platform. Our services concerning Google AdWords in Southampton can also be seen on our website via this link.

Over the last few months we have done some amazing work for local clients both in Southampton and Hampshire. For example, below you can see some data from a client who runs a seasonal AdWords campaign in the property sector.

As you can see from the results, the FIMA Digital Google AdWords campaign is the one that’s active, with the greyed-out one being the campaign that the client ran the previous year without FIMA Digital’s support and consultancy.

Please contact myself or FIMA Digital if you need any support with paid advertising at the moment. With an outstanding reputation and attention to detail, they can turn your paid advertising and PPC on its head; from perhaps not being profitable, to delivering solid results and ROI. 

FIMA Digital Launches PPC Management Services in Hampshire to Combat Low Visibility Online

Southampton, Hampshire, UK– The internet has grown exponentially since its inception in 1990. The number of websites has now exploded to well over one billion, leaving internet users with the major challenge of attracting visitors to their single website. With so much clutter online it is a daunting task to make one’s website stand out amongst the masses. FIMA Digital aims to make this easier for business owners by launching management services for PPC in Hampshire to help companies garner a better online presence through directed internet marketing.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of online advertising that is only effective when those ads result in enough online purchases to outweigh the cost of the clicks. It is difficult to maintain the proper balance between spending and guaranteeing successful results. Google Adwords is one program that places ads to attract more customers to specific websites. However it can be intimidating for an inexperienced individual to use without assistance.

As a PPC agency in Hampshire, FIMA Digital uses Google Adwords along with other agencies to create a customized hybrid plan for their clients and ensure a positive return on investment. The owner started the company with the aim to provide transparency and results-driven strategies for clients seeking to increase their web presence.

Companies have different online marketing needs, whether they be seasonal, continuous, or somewhere in between. FIMA Digital understands this and is willing to assist any specific marketing objectives a company may have in order to optimize resources. They offer free consultations in which clients may describe their distinct PPC marketing needs and explore their options. More can be learned about FIMA Digital’s offerings on their website and the PPC management in Hampshire case study.

FIMA Digital knows that this world, especially the business world, is ever-changing so they do not lock customers into rigid long-term contracts. This Hampshire-based PPC agency is small yet extremely dedicated to working with each individual client.

The vast expanse of the ever-growing digital world can be difficult to navigate. FIMA Digital is there for when Hampshire companies need a helping hand with their PPC online marketing and other search engine optimization tactics. This PPC agency takes away the stress of having to manage an online marketing scheme alone. The massive chaotic void of the internet just might become a little less complicated for Hampshire businesses. 

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