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FIFA 18 News - Here you can find all the information about the game!

Do you want to be up to date on news about FIFA 18? Then you are right here!

FIFA 17 was again a great success for EA Sports. No wonder the successor has already been officially announced. The release of Dragon Mania Legends free food is still a few months away. Nevertheless, the first information about the new virtual football kicks is already underway. We keep you up to date until the release is always up to date!

What can you learn about FIFA 18 in the coming months?

  • Releasedatum - When does the game appear?
  • Platforms - On which consoles can you play FIFA 18?
  • Licenses - What about licensing? Whether FIFA 18 Hack EA Sports backs up the most licenses with FIFA or if competitor Konami has a word with his game Pro Evolution Soccer, you can find out here!
  • New Features - What's New in FIFA 18?
  • Gameplay - What changes in gameplay did EA Sports develop this year?
  • Cover - Every year wild speculation about who is decorating the new cover is speculated. You can find the latest information here.
  • Videomaterial - As soon as there are first gameplay videos or official trailers, you will get here!


After FIFA 17 was released on 29 September last year, FIFA 18 will also be released on 29 September. It does not take FIFA 18 Coin generator free much time until we have the new game of EA Sports in their hands!


FIFA 18 will appear on the PS4, the Xbox One, as well as the predecessor consoles Xbox 360 and PS3 and of course also on the PC. In addition, there will be a version on the Nintendo Switch, which is in view of the features between handheld and full-featured console. For example, the game on the switch is not based on the Frostbite engine. The various modes such as Ultimate Team, Kick Off and Care should be available. There was a gameplay leaked by the E3 and we find that the game on the switch can quite see!



Also in FIFA 18 almost all known leagues will be there. In the meantime there were assumptions that the rights of the Bundesliga in the next offshoot could go to competitor Konami (Pro Evolution Soccer). This has now been disproved, but it could play a role within FIFA 19.

Another positive message for all FIFA fans: Free FIFA 17 Coins After the community wanted the 3rd league for years, they will be introduced to FIFA 18 for the first time! The deal between Publisher EA Sports and the German Football Association (DFB) is already fixed. The DFB Cup will also be integrated into the game.

The first Chinese league is not on the other hand. Although the league is becoming increasingly popular with top international stars such as Hulk, Oscar or Carlos Tevez, the Chinese Super League is not integrated into FIFA 18. "It's not enough time for the licenses," said gameplay producer Sam Riviera vs. "Fox Sports". For the future, however, it is not excluded that the Chinese teams are playable in FIFA.


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