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Contrary to his habits, Electronic Arts did not invite the press to a presentation of FIFA 19 before the E3 2018. Indeed, it was necessary to wait until the EA PLAY 2018 to put the hands on the game, which still has the advantage of escaping multiple slides dear to the developers of EA Canada. With games limited to four minutes and madmen FIFA 19 Free coins generator hack who were crammed into the queue, it was not easy to grasp all the finesse introduced in this new version. If the requirement seems to be de rigueur in FIFA 19 - whether passes, defense, or controls - we hope that the studio will not backtrack with the final version of the game.

Graphically, this opus obviously benefits from the Frostbite engine that seems to enjoy football as much as the shooters. The players are shouting realism, and we will not forget to highlight the songs that will immediately recognize lovers of the ball. Finally, there is, of course, the Champions League EA Canada will serve us in all sauces, including via the mode "Adventure" with Alex Hunter. We let you watch all this quietly recalling that FIFA 19 will be released on September 28th.



The Gamescom 2018, which is currently being held in Cologne, is the opportunity to discover a new trailer of FIFA 19 generously offered by Electronic Arts. After celebrating the arrival of the Champions League at E3 2018, the American publisher this time draws our attention to the mode "The Adventure" that will track the destiny of Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter, and Danny Williams. Now part of the squad of Real Madrid, Alex will do everything to lift the Cup with Big Ears, a sweet dream that PSG players have fondled for centuries. As for her half-sister Kim, she will take part in the World Cup with the American selection, while the wish of Danny Williams will be to win on the team of Manchester United. Of course, Hack FIFA 19 German fur android und ios

For the record, FIFA 19 will land on September 28 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.



In addition to some gameplay tweaks, the FIFA 19 developers have also redesigned the "Kickoff" mode. This is indeed what indicates Electronic Arts in the official statement that he kindly sent us, stating that fans of FUT will also be entitled to some news. Before leaving you with the countless details provided by the US publisher, remember that FIFA 19 will land on September 28 on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.



In addition to the classic Kickoff, which remains a normal match without a visual addition or modified rule, five types of matches are proposed: UEFA Champions League, Special Rules, Series, Round-trip and Cup Finals. Each type of match brings a plus to the classic Kickoff mode so that each meeting is interesting and brings a novelty.


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UEFA Champions League - The most prestigious club competition in the world arrives in kick-off mode as in the rest of FIFA 19. From the group stage to the final, you can set up a Champions League match including specific visuals and rules to live this competition in a realistic way and at the heart of the event.

Special rules - You who have always dreamed of playing a match in FIFA with new rules - or without - these Special Rules are for you. You can now set up a match and set your own rules like No rules, Survival, Distance, First to ... and Heads and ends.

Survival - Whenever a user scores a goal, a random player on his team is removed (except the goalkeeper) to "penalize" him. Up to four players can be withdrawn since the automatic rule applies when a team has less than eight players.

Without rules - Chaos reigns on this type of match since basically everything is possible. There is no offside, no mistakes and no cards.


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Distance - Any goal scored from inside the area counts for one unit, but those scored off the surface count double.

First to ... - This type of match allows you to set a win condition where the winner is the first to score (goal in gold) a set number of goals. The match will go until the end of regulation time, or even the extra time or penalties if you have specified.

Heads and Flies - In this type of match, only goals scored by the lead or volleying count. Free kicks and penalties also count, but any scored goal that is not volleyed will not count.

Series - Play classic games in a series of three to five games to determine the overall winner.

Round trip - This is a two-leg match where you play at home and away to determine the overall winner. The latter is designated on the accumulation of the two scores. The team with the most goals on both sets is required. If both teams are tied after both games, the one with the most away goals is required. If the two teams are still tied, it will be necessary to play an extension, or even a penalty shoot-out.

Cup Finals - Play one of the real finals of cups like the final of the Champions League, Europa League or FA Cup, among others. Shirts, crests, balloons and official presentations (for some competitions) further reinforce realism.


You can now keep your stats and your Kickoff balance for a detailed analysis of all your matches played in this mode. Use these stats to analyze and refine your game plan, set your pre-game tactic, and prepare for each game. This advanced system retains all the gameplay information available in Kickoff mode, for both you and your opponent. With all this detailed information, FIFA 19 allows you to apprehend each match of the Kickoff mode as if you were preparing a real meeting by exploiting your statistics to define your tactics and your strategy.

You can view your stats or compare them to any opponents you face in Kickoff mode.

Stats kept

  • victories
  • defeats
  • Draws
  • wins
  • Marked goals
  • Goals conceded
  • Goal difference
  • Kind of goals: Inside surface, Outside the surface, Penaltys, Free kicks
  • Areas of goals scored (shots converted into goal)
  • of shots shot (comparison between the number of shots and shots on target)
  • Total shots shot
  • shots
  • Average possession
  • of average possession per area
  • pass success
  • Tracking success (for face-to-face comparison)
  • Results of previous matches
  • Record wins in home and away matches
  • Record of three wins
  • Record of five wins
  • Record wins in the cup final
  • Fastest goal
  • Biggest win (best goal difference on a match)

Account Link - Take your stats Kick-off everywhere


Create your own Kickoff ID to keep stats on our servers so you can track your progress no matter where you play FIFA 19 on the console of your choice (IDs can not be used on multiple platforms different). Once connected through your main profile, link your new Kick Name to your online ID and continue your Kickoff experience on any console.





Make yourself a place in the FUT community and compete against players from around the world and at a similar level with Rivals Division. In this brand new mode designed for FUT 19, you will compete against the other members of your Division to win several weekly awards of your choice to improve your team.


A new way to play online

When you play for the first time at Division Rivals, you will play a series of placement matches to position yourself relative to other players. A Technical Score will be awarded based on your performance in these games and will determine your Division. The result of each match you play in your Division during the week has an influence on your Technical Score. If the latter is high, you will be able to access a higher division.


Earn weekly rewards

Each week in Rivals Division mode is a competition and at the end of each week you can win rewards. Your weekly score determines your rank in the division. A high rank gives you a wider choice of rewards at the end of each competition.


Qualification for the Weekend League

Each Rivals Division win brings you closer to the next division, but it also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. The FUT Champions qualifying system, completely redesigned, earns you valuable points to qualify for the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can use them to participate in the current Weekend League, or keep them for use in future qualification. So you can choose the weekend you want to participate. The requalification for the Weekend League also works differently. Each Weekend League earns points that can be used to participate in other Weekend Leagues.

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