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Fabula will create interactive books for tablet devices. Aimed at 4 to 9 year olds they will utilise new ways of interaction and exploration to enliven the child’s reading experience.

Each Fabula title will have at it’s core a fantastic story - rich, engaging and imaginative. Each story will be accompanied by bespoke illustration, embellishing the tale, bringing characters to life.

Controlled by an intuitive simple interface that allows the reader to focus on the content, it will include functional reading elements in addition to elements that facilitate communication into the social ecosystem. They include: Page turn, Auto-page turn, ‘Read it too me’/’Read it myself’ modes and others.

Once a illustrated story is in place within the Fabula interface it can be enhanced further with animation and interactive elements. These additions will include playful elements and rewarding content driven learning interaction, such as: ‘Point to it’, ‘Turn off the light’, ‘Hide and seek’, ‘Springy things’, and more.

Fabula will work closely with content contributors during all phases to create the compelling content for releases.

Fabula will use characters drawn from content to inform ongoing branding and marketing, recognising the potential of characters in forming a strong focus of the brand and content.

Fabula will compete primarily on the quality and originality of its stories, characters and illustrations, the ‘Fabula Story’. The app controls and interface, the ‘Fabula Experience’ will form a secondary competitive factor. The final selling point of the Fabula package will be the enhanced learning and enjoyment provided by ‘Fabula Additions’, the bespoke interactive elements. As well as adding value to the readers’ experience they will add to the ‘wow factor’ of the product and brand, driving PR.

The long term aim of Fabula is to deliver consistently creative and imaginative stories, mixed with innovative interactive content. Key to this ambition is the desire to empower authors and illustrators (the ‘Content Creators’) through an easy path to content publishing. We will offer them a collaborative platform where they can easily develop Fabula stories, at low barriers to entry and with attractive and immediate revenue streams. This ambition of creating a Fabula Publishing Platform will be possible only through the creation of a strong and stable brand, built on quality of ideas and content, people and technology.