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CIKTN keynote speaker at Beyond Digital Health Manchester 2011

Gus Desbarats, outgoing CIKTN Experience-Led Innovation Champion and Chairman of The Alloy, will be asking 'What are the grand challenges in healthcare which ICT may address?' at the inaugural Beyond Digital Health Manchester 2011 event.  Held on 13th and 14th December, the aim of this free-to-attend conference and exhibition is to strengthen the links between ICT and life sciences. Click here to see the full programme and to register.



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Experience led innovation?
What does it mean? Check under "what we do?"
"How best to exploit creative processes and innovation throughout the economy?"
"Putting people at the heart of innovation to accelerate progress and wealth creation in the UK economy"
I would expect this group to be buzzing with innovative input and _connecting with both funding and manufacturing industries.

Check Radio 4 extra
"Back to the drawing board" episode 5
Brilliant program 15 mins, maybe the day of the lone inventor has arrived, you must hear what they said about VCs, not very complimentary? A Welsh inventors club entered 12 ideas in a competition in Geneva and came away with 11 gold medals.
It was very positive and so obviously true to me, and apparently to James Dyson who spoke on the program with a few other enlightened souls,
The cost to the UK of ignoring inventors must run into billions. A top class idea like Facebook or Google should show rapid progress over say 5 years, from finding a Japanese manufacturer James Dyson grew quickly into a successful entrepreneur. But how can the UK "exploit the creative processes and innovation throughout the economy" if these creative processes are never even considered.

In spite of this, my ideas in oil & gas are being taken seriously at two Scottish Universities, the new year should bring some progress with a submittal to ITF, with a third one in England for rail innovation.
Posted on 16/12/11 00:30.

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