Welcome to the Regulatory Evidence Network

This network exists to provide evidence to support new and better approaches to environmental governance and regulatory reform – underpinning ‘Better Regulation'.

What is Better Regulation?

Better Regulation is about taking regulatory approaches which maximise environmental outcomes whilst minimising the cost to business, stimulating innovation, and supporting the development of a sustainable economy.
Better Regulation involves the use of a range of alternatives to traditional, command and control regulation, such as the use of earned recognition, voluntary approaches, fiscal incentives and trading schemes, working with business at sector and company level, and encouraging changes in corporate behaviour through the provision of good quality advice and guidance.

Which approach works best, and in what circumstances?

Regulators and policy makers need the evidence to answer this question. Researchers in a range of disciplines – especially the economic and social sciences – can help provide the answers.

Through this Network and the associated Regulatory Evidence Portal we aim to provide a ‘one stop shop' which provides access to the evidence which underpins Better Regulation, and brings together the experts working in this area.

What does the network cover?

We work in a number of priority areas, linked to the environmental policy development cycle illustrated in the picture above. For each part of the cycle, we are working on syntheses of the available evidence, and looking for the answers to some key questions:

We also have: 

  • A Publications Library containing better regulation materials produced by network members
  • A Links page, which allows you to keep up to date with the latest developments in a range of key organisations
  • A Resource Base with links to other key sources of research information and evidence

Who is this network aimed at?

Anyone with an interest in Better Regulation. By becoming a member of this network you will get the opportunity to interact with a range of fellow members from diverse range of backgrounds, reference your thinking and debate points of interest in a supportive and innovative environment.

Research Capability Map

We have produced a map of the better regulation research landscape. It identifies where expertise lies for the different stages of the policy cycle, and helps to highlight where gaps exist.


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