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The European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) is an ad-hoc high-level group drawn from the technology, finance, service, policy and innovation sectors.


With the support of senior European officials it has met periodically since the 2010 Ambient Assisted Living Forum in Odense and brings together experts through a series of conferences, master classes and meetings - latterly at AAL 2012 in Eindhoven.


It has drilled into the drivers and barriers for the mainstream market uptake of independent living services, including:


Ø  Bringing effective actors together to plan how change can occur

Ø  Accelerating uptake of ICT & Ageing Solutions

Ø  Impact indicators and methodologies as a means to achieve goals

Ø  Generic Business drivers and barriers

Ø  Health and care market reforms

Ø  Persistence of knowledge (including real impact from research)

Ø  Bankers and the flow of capital to Asian markets