Making a profit , Building alliances and Impact – Where next?

A Special European Conference
July 11th, 2011

London School of Economics
in collaboration with the BIS, KTN, TSB, and the EU

All the details and presentations are in the Document Library.

General Documents for the event were: Programme


- Wolff’s Law
Heinz Wolff, Brunel University 

- ICT and Ageing Well - AAL JP Perspective 
Karina Marcus, AAL

Telehealth implementation issues
Charles Lowe, Trustee Citizens Online, & TAHI Assistive Living Group 

- eAccesibility ecosystem & eCENTAC initiatives
Jose A. Valverde, CENTAC, Spain

Building alliances – impact assessment and what next?
Maggie Ellis, LSE & Knowledge Tree Group 

Making a profit , Building alliances and Impact – Where next?
Sofia Moreno Perez, AETIC, Spain

Organising Committee
·      Mike Biddle, Technology Strategy Board and & Assisted Living Joint Programme
·      Daniel Dearing, Electronics Technology Network
·      Maggie Ellis, London School of Economics
·      Richard Foggie, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
·      Rebecca Limer, LSE Enterprise
·      Peter Seraga, Chairman Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme

Advisory Committee
·      Peter Walters, Tuvnl and UK’s ICT National Contact Point