Letter of Support from Dr Paul Timmers

Dr Paul Timmers



During the last three years the activities of the Knowledge Tree Group at LSE have brought together a range of people from Industry, Policy Makers, Finance, Stakeholders and User Groups to look at how best to ensure impact from investments in innovation for ageing well.


Initially the group was concerned about the lack of evidence of real impact following millions of Euros being spent on R&D. Through successive meetings with involvement of EU officials at LSE, in Italy and in Denmark, the original scope has been extended to include the promotion of cross-border cooperation.

I am grateful for the efforts by LSE to stimulate these gatherings and to bring together stakeholders from across the innovation chain in ageing well to progress in our understanding of how to make innovation deliver and expand. This is especially relevant in the context of the evolving European innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

In particular we need to ensure that we can motivate those with investment resources, such that the promises of innovation in this field come true.

I therefore encourage the discussions at the upcoming meeting to explore possible avenues to mobilize all relevant stakeholders to move the agenda forward. The outcome will be of great interest for all in the field, including for Member States in coming times.

I wish the meeting every success.

European Commision Dr Paul Timmers
European Commission
ICT addressing Societal Challenges - Directorate H