About ESTnet

Created in 2011, the ESTnet is a specialist technical network for electronic and software technology companies. It helps its members to build a circle of trusted contacts, maximise their connections and open up their market places by facilitating powerful networks and exploiting the depth of our sectoral knowledge and contacts. As a result, the performance, profitability and prosperity of the electronics, software and technology industry will be enhanced.

ESTnet, as an industry-focussed networking organisation, will:

  • Provide strategic insight on the profile, trends and technologies of the industry (e.g. via the quarterly Trends Survey)

  • Create and foster an environment for innovation and growth (e.g. dinners, open doors programme, business and technical seminars)

  • Inspire, nurture and connect the Talent Pool (e.g. HR Forum)

  • Create and foster opportunities for doing better business together

  • Continue being the unified voice of the industry when communicating with Government, policy makers and key influencers.

It is a founding member of the UK Electronics Alliance - an alliance of the most significant UK trade associations. The UKEA has a combined membership of over 1,200 UK companies of which around 1,000 are SMEs and, through its members has a 'reach' of over 13,000 UK companies. For more information about the UKEA visit their website at www.ukelectronicsalliance.org.uk