Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Focused Working Group


The Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Focused Working Group will strive to promote and stimulate discussions around the challenges of EOR and how we can overcome them.  The group will also look at EOR implementations in the field and will showcase relevant EOR events and Calls for Proposals.  We would kindly ask for your participation and comments on articles which have been posted.


If you would like to start a discussion topic or have an article which you would like us to post, please get in touch via email.

EOR Operations

Enhanced Oil Recovery using Carbon Dioxide
in the European Energy System

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

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EOR Implementation: 2

The UAE is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol which calls for commitment to reduce greenhouse...

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A little about Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

This group will facilitate discussions, news, and events regarding challenges in EOR, overcoming these challenges, EOR implementations and Calls for Proposals.