The Energy Community personnel of The Knowledge Transfer Network are:

The Management Team


Chris Bagley - Head of Energy

Nee Joo Teh - Energy Systems Lead

Jenni McDonnell - Knowledge Transfer Manager

Ray Chegwin - Knowledge Transfer Manager

Gabriela Salejova - Knowledge Transfer Manager


The Steering Group

The Steering Group advises the management team, and comprises independent representatives of organisations from large and small industrial companies as well as Government, academia and NGO bodies. Its members are:

The Steering Group Chairman - Chris J Murray, CEO Xoserve

  • Dave Clarke, E.ON UK

  • Sarah Bee,  EDF Energy

  • Graham Howse, BP Alternative Energy

  • Ric Parker, Rolls Royce

  • Mike Stannard, BAC2

  • Amanda Lyne, Burgundy Gold

  • Neil Kermode, EMEC

  • Graeme Childe, DECC

  • Andy McDonald, Scottish Enterprise

  • Ron Loveland, WAG

  • Lee Kenny, HSE

  • Ignacio Marti, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

  • Christos Kolliatsas, Mott MacDonald

  • Mike Colechin, ETI

  • Christian Inglis, Technology Strategy Board



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Contact us

Main Contacts

Chris Bagley, Head of Energy 


Mobile: 07964 562997


Nee-Joo Teh, Energy Systems Lead 


Mobile: 07964 563613


Jenni McDonnell, Thermal energy and Carbon Abatement Lead


Mobile: 07786 967197


Gabriela Salejova, Solar Energy Systems Lead


Mobile: 07964 562928


Ray Chegwin, Nuclear Lead


Mobile: 07896 846982 


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